Monday, February 29, 2016

Car Dealers Inspecting Their Own Cars

It is highly disturbing to me that car dealers are inspecting their own cars and giving them the green light. I like what one commenter said in my post about repairs, and that is you should request an independent inspection. Car dealers are modern day hustlers so remember that when making a deal. You will find good dealers you can trust but others are always looking to make as much money from you as possible. Trusting a dealers own inspection is akin to letting a fox guard your hen house. Some common scams employed are

Masking Engine Problems
If a used car has engine problems, putting diesel fuel or diesel oil in the engine can mask the problems temporarily. Diesel oil is thicker than regular oil. Mechanics say they see this all the time

Selling Car With Open Recalls
In most states, it is still legal for a used car dealer to sell a vehicle with an open recall unless the recall is for a serious safety issue. You need to check for yourself and make sure there are no open recalls on the vehicle. Don't rely on the dealer for your safety. It is estimated that 1 in 3 used vehicles has an open recall.

Purchase Add-Ons to "Qualify" for Loan 

This is when a dealer tries to force you to buy an add-on such as an extended warranty, saying it's "required" by the lender due to your credit. Rolling any additional product or service into your loan as a required item is a scam.

Trusting a "Friend" at a Dealership

Do you know someone that works at a dealership? If so, be careful if they promise to take care of you. I've never seen someone get a great deal because they "know" someone at the dealer. They have your trust, and tend to easily take advantage of that.


Anonymous said...

Excellent advice. I hate seeing anyone get ripped off of their hard earned money. The low income seem to get caught up in these traps all too often and it's terrible. Out of desperation sometimes to have transportation they let a smooth talker overrule their common sense. My advice would be if this does happen to you, report it to JT's site and he will post your experience. While I hate the communist bastard Saul Alinsky when it comes to people getting ripped off take a page out of his playbook and remember Rule #5-Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. In this day and age with blogs like this people have a platform for this and when bad reviews come out about a business they will change their practices.

Anonymous said...

Here is what I have a issue with,
Salisbury taxis are DEATH TRAPS I was in one last night and ALL the check engine lights where on and the brakes and steering where squeaking.

Anonymous said...

Just one thing bothers me; whenever someone buys a car in Delaware the dealer insists that the buyer takes the car to a Md inspection station themselves,but they dictate what inspection station the buyer takes the car to.If I'm not mistaken the dealer then tells the buyer that they will repair every problem found by the Md inspection station but at a cost of $100 to the buyer.That price varies according to the Del dealership.One would wonder why they don't hire someone to transport cars and trucks to a Md inspection station when a Md resident makes a purchase.And it's ALWAYS the same inspection stations they send people to depending on where in Md they live.Hmmmm.Now IF any given buyer had another inspection station inspect their car AFTER the first one inspected it and IF the second one found major problems that the first one completely missed then a case can be made to the Inspection Bureau.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these issues regarding used car dealers.The reception to the post SHOULD BE explosive because a lot of people will take the plunge soon.Reading this information BEFORE purchasing a used car will be a huge advantage,because reading it after the purchase may be too late.When I buy a used car I know it's not new or it wouldn't be called used.However,if a car or truck has not been adequately checked out and repaired by the dealership before sale the buyer will have an overwhelming burden.

Anonymous said...

" You will find good dealers you can trust but others are always looking to make as much money from you as possible."

Of COURSE a business person is trying to make as much money as possible. Are not buyers trying to SAVE as much as possible.

The key here is: Make sure the dealer is making his money HONESTLY. Be cautious and and careful. Also, remember, a bargain, seldom is.