Wednesday, February 3, 2016

American Pickers In Crisfield/Marion Update

Friends and family, we have finally gotten word that the Lawrence Burgess Early Americana Museum episode of American Pickers that my uncle and I filmed in August is set to air on February 10th on the History Channel. I do not know the exact time. So many of you have contacted me over the past couple months asking when it will air. This date has changed numerous times so if we hear anything different, I will let you know, but as of right now, Feb. 10th is the night! Please spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Great! Love this show!

Anonymous said...

Great we watch you guys all the time. I get a kick of the rusty bikes you love. I love primitives but those are just a bit too rusty for me..
Will try to catch the show and thanks for sending the message to all your fans.