Saturday, February 13, 2016

18 Year Old French Student Believed Behind Hoax Bomb Threats

Vincent Lauton.

A TEENAGER with alleged links to school bomb threats across the world including Australia, is being quizzed by anti-terror police in France. 

Vincent Lauton, 18, is facing questions from detectives in Paris over multiple bomb threats that were made in Europe, Asia, the US and Australia.

His hoax threats allegedly carried the message of ‘You Will Die’ that led to many schools being evacuated as a security measure to keep students safe.

Lauton is known to be a hacker, and has described as a “sophisticated computer operative”


DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

He may not be a Hoaxter!

He may be a system response analyst.

He may be getting paid to test emergency response systems in various countries to see what their response protocols and timing structures are.

They may not be hoaxes at all, but more like DRY RUNS.

The more one responds to cries of falling skies only to find out the sky is not falling, the slower the response time to check out what has proven to be secure skies in the past.

Identifying this guy as a Hoaxter in my mind would not be cause for relaxation, but instead... a reason to be more vigilant.

I'd be more concerned now than in finding out it was just a bored local who needed attention.

I'm pragmatic, so that's how I would view things.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

5:59-You AND I need to catch up on technology.Things like this can originate anywhere on Earth and be directed at any school or business anywhere on earth.

Anonymous said...

5:59 according to Wor Co Sheriff's office they haven't connected him to the local threats. Maybe they eventually can.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Guess my comment got blocked.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Jon Dize, Do you think they are planning to attack our schools?

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Response to February 14, 2016 at 12:46 PM:

Until it is known what group if any were behind this, there's no way to know, but...

There are several groups who test our infrastructure, Nuclear, Power, IT Technologies on a daily basis to see what our vulnerabilities are.

They even turned the lights off at the White House not long ago, something you are not likely to read or hear about on CNN or Fox.

Very often both domestic and foreign covert Ops will misdirect emergency services to a priority location over and over again to see what kind of response and what level of resources a community has to respond to such events.

These misdirected events are not unlike "Sleight of Hand" where magicians lead you to believe the ball is in the left hand, when in fact it never left the right hand.

When I see several similar calls to action that draw resources to a location on the EAST side of town, I wonder what is happening on the WEST side of town and what kind of emergency resources are available to handle an event should it take place on the WEST side while everyone is running to the EAST side to handle that emergency event?

But, regarding LOCAL EASTERN SHORE SCHOOLS... Hard for me to imagine this suspect is associated with the LOCAL Threat Events, but this is a time in our nation's history where such abstract and unbelievable coincidences are not impossible to believe to believe as they used to be when I was growing up.

Unless some link of association is discovered, I have to believe the local EASTERN SHORE threats are the work of some LOCAL BORED SOUL or a criminal element using the distraction/misdirection technique to have everyone run to one side of town, while they commit crimes in the less protected side of town.