Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Worcester County Politics And Police The Good Ol Boys Are Alive And Well

Where to begin yet again to explain the cesspool that is Worcester County politics and Police. The connection between these two entities in this County are a lesson to all about how corruption can take root and spread for generations.

Pocomoke is the prime example of how things like this happen. It began with Russ Blake being elected back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Russ was there from the start and helped form Pocomoke into the good ol boy system that was common place in these rural areas in the late 60's and 70's.

The system really began to show itself with the election of Mike McDermott, a man known for looking down at people he thinks are inferior human beings, and Beau Oglesby a man who is bought and paid for by the Sheriffs Department. Beau knows the only reason he was elected was because the Sheriffs department gave him their support.

McDermott was member of the Worcester County Sheriffs Department when elected a position he maintains to this day. It should also be noted McDermott whose vehicle is frequently spotted at home is top earning member of the department by salary .

McDermott and Blake formed a tag team duo in Pocomoke, running the City like overlords . When McDermott decided to run for a house seat as a delegate they needed a new stooge to continue to do the bidding of Russ Blake . Enter Bruce Morrison. Morrison is a nice enough guy but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Morrison had been fired from Sysco for theft prior and fit the bill perfectly as someone who would appreciate the opportunity being given him by being selected as Mcdermott's replacement.

The scene unfolds to McDermott holding a delegate seat in Annapolis, working at The Sheriffs Department, Russ Blake still being City Manager and Bruce Morrison sitting as Mayor. This gave them the feeling of being untouchable. Enter Kelvin Sewell a man who didn't realize you don't cross these people.

Kelvin came to the area from Baltimore, hearing from friends on the shore that
This would be a great place to retire and enjoy life. He had no idea of the hornets nest he was stepping into.

Frank Savage was a victim while trying to serve with the Worcester County Drug Task Force which was run by the Worcester County Sheriffs Department. Frank was forced to deal with racism in its most foul form from people who were supposed to be professionals. When Savage decided to complain and file an eeoc complaint against these individuals that's when these connections all came together in a perfect storm.

Oglesby as Worcester County States Attorney loves to ride on raids and pretend to be a police officer, which makes him pals with the very members who are on the task force that Savage complained about. McDermott who was a delegate at the time of the complaint was also one of the people who was neck deep in dropping the investigation into the members of the unit in his position with Sheriffs department.

Russ Blake the old friend of McDermott started increasing pressure on Chief Kelvin Sewell to find a reason to fire Savage. Please remember until the issue arose with Savage every official in Pocomoke had nothing but great things to say about Kelvin. Fast forward to the complaint being filed by Savage and Kelvin becomes a problem. Russ Blake being pressured by McDermott and Oglesby decides Kelvin has got to go and gets lackey Morrison to orchestrate the Coup de grace. Detective Bailey of the Pocomoke police department begins working with Morrison, Blake, Oglesby, McDermott to find some dirt to give them a valid reason to get rid of Kelvin so they can get to their ultimate target of Frank Savage, because you don't complain about good ol boys.

Just remember the moment they got rid of Kelvin and brought in a temp Chief in Earl Starner, he immediately got Savage out. Starner was a big supporter and friend of who else.. Beau Oglsby.