Tuesday, January 26, 2016

No Class In Ireton Announcement

When Jim Ireton decided he wasn't going to run for Mayor again knowing he couldn't beat Jake Day, he told the City voters in District 4 he would work for them now on the other side of the table as a councilman for District 4. Fast Forward to election night where mere moments after winning he drops the bombshell he was going to look into a possible Congress run. Jim Ireton deceived the very voters he asked to support him, because he knew when he filed that Congress was his ultimate goal.

Jim promised to work for the neighborhoods in District 4, the very District I live in and when he announced today he was going to run for congress he slapped anyone that supported him in the face with this decision. You can like Jim or not, he is not going to be able to dedicate his full attention to the very job voters wanted him to do, that is a no class move. Jim had abandoned the seat before in the past after voters gave him the chance, and again he uses voters in an election to keep his name relevant.

Jim has zero chance of winning and he will maintain his seat regardless, but I hope voters have finally learned that Jim Ireton doesn't give two shits about the seat he holds, Jim is about one thing ...Jim

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