Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Waiting On Results


Anonymous said...

This is pissing me off ZERO live coverage on tv, thanks Jt.

Anonymous said...

IMO this election shows more than winners and losers, It again proves a Delaware blogger has no influence when it comes to politics in Salisbury Maryland, For the past 11 years SBYNews has proven that no change can be made by vilifying Salisbury, residents, leaders, police, firemen, etc. Apparently the people who comment, agreeing with the SBYNews way of trashing, either are not eligible city voters, or they were too busy making fools out of themselves on their computers, to get out and vote.

11 years of rantings by SBYNews has never brought out the voters, nor has SBYNews been able to claim one of their supported candidates won due to SBYNews influence.. IMO SBYNews has only caused problems for Salisbury and its people. I truly hope that SBYNews will finally wakeup to the fact Salisbury does not want Albero’s “Disney World”, and he finds another place to build it. The city has suffered the “Albero Rape” for much too long, all over a law suit with the Zoo the Alberos lost.