Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Update On Robinsons Fire Damages From The Robinsons

So here's the update. The shop was way worse than we originally thought. Looks like 2-3 month realistic on rebuild. I will have a temporary on site location to take care of customers immediately on Thursday and we plan by midweek to Be 100% with full printshop in our industrial park location. And a new store front here on South End.
The great news is that the fire was contained to the mid section of the store so only the PRINT SHOP and the ELECTRICAL ROOM WERE DESTROYED.
Thank you all for your prayers, calls and even dinner!
We love this community and always made it a mission to give to it and to many people struggling. Once we are are done this struggle we will again. We are sound. And we will be back- bigger- better- and more efficient."


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear no injuries. John, looking forward to you guys returning to normal operation. Hope you have good insurance!!!

Anonymous said...

All those nasty comments posted on the Slog were sick and disgusting. Only a monster turns someone's pain and misfortune into "entertainment."