Friday, November 20, 2015

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Do You Want Any Delaware Coverage?
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Anonymous said...

I wish there was the option hell no

Anonymous said...

Don't be like the ASSHOLES on WBOC who cover up crime in Salisbury.
No to DelaSCARE news .

the truth hurts said...

I want local news and local crime to Warn SU Students parents about crime in Salisbury. The X mayor jim liarton has put the college students at risk because of $$$ i hope jake day does Not head the X mayors ways ,time will tell.

Anonymous said...

I realize you are only one guy, and this is Lowershorenews. However, I would like to see you do national stories/investigations occasionally to compliment your commentary. For example: maybe post a video documentary (folks could view when convenient) explaining the sexual/brutal perversions of Islam. Warnings/parental controls could be applied for safety perhaps, if you deem necessary. Most Americans have never heard of Bacha Bazi (nether had I) until I heard U.S. Military personnel talking about it. This could serve both to educate and inform more people of issues facing the Nation as a whole. Because you and I both know the MSM won’t touch that subject matter, they have their own agenda.

ExSPD192 said...

WBOC pretty much covers it. Like the other guy said, ignoring the issues right here in SBY.

Anonymous said...

But why do we in Salisbury hear sirens day and night and constantly hear about homes & cars broken into (from the victims mostly) and hardly ever hear about it on local news? I agree with previous comments.Speaking for myself only,Kent County doesn't mean squat.I understand the need to cover the news in areas far away from Salisbury because there are viewers there,but our local issues should be covered first,and then theirs.No offense intended Dover and everywhere else 50+ miles away from us.