Monday, November 2, 2015

Salisbury City Elections - District 3 - Jack Heath

In what is clearly one of the two hotly contested races in this election we believe that Jack Heath is the best choice for District 3. Jack's years of business experience, negotiating with people and the time he spent with Lower Shore Enterprises has afforded him with a wealth of knowledge and experience that are rarely available to local governments.

Certainly, Tim Spies has a broad range of personal experience, he has been a neighborhood advocate for years and has served five and half years on the City Council. Tim also has been involved in a lot of the divisiveness and dysfunction in the past and occasionally has outbursts or simply at the last minute opposes various items for reasons he probably doesn't know.

Kevin Lindsay received the interesting and off-the-wall endorsement from the Delmarva Daily Times, we will just leave it at that as we responded to that the other day. After listening to Kevin at various forums and watching his interviews, many of his answers to questions on the various issues are negative and from the viewpoint that nobody knows what will or will not work. He is forthright that the reason he is running for office is directly related to the death of Rakim Russell and we completely respect that he is running for the right reasons, as are all candidates in District 3. It is our opinion that Kevin would be a roadblock on the council and because he has little understanding of the role of the City Council that he would become frustrated.

Of the three candidates in District 3, we believe that Jack Heath is clearly the right person for District 3 and for the City of Salisbury. It is very hard to find candidates and legislators at the local level of the caliber of Jack. We are very fortunate to have Jack Heath on our City Council and that he is willing to run and continue to serve our community.

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