Monday, November 2, 2015

Salisbury City Elections - District 2 - Muir Boda

With four people vying for one seat in District 2, Muir Boda stands a part from the crowd as the three other candidates clearly have shown they are not quite ready for a seat on the council.

Dr. Keyvan Aarabi is knowledgeable about many issues, more so from a global perspective but he truly cares about the community as whole, however he tends toward the negative and almost hopeless view of the world. Though well educated, he tends to talk down to people and really turns people off. He does not quite have the understanding of the role of the City Council.

Marvin Ames is very charismatic and a great guy however many of his proposals are misguided and he has done very little work to earn the support of voters in District 2. In one forum Marvin consistently tossed out the idea of getting grants for this or that from various levels of government including the County Council. Though well intentioned, he does not quite have the understanding of the City Council's basic functions.

Justin Gregoli - does this guy exist? He did at least turn his campaign financials in on time.

Muir Boda has been involved for many years in Salisbury by not just running for office in the past but serving on various boards, committees and regularly attending council meetings. His donor list includes Delegates, members of the County Council, former City Council members and various individuals across party lines. When watching his social media pages and seeing the top notch ground game that saw Congressman Harris, Delegates Mary Beth Carozza & Carl Anderton, County Councilman Marc Kilmer and our State's Attorney Matt Maciarello knocking on doors with and for Boda.

More than the A-List support he has garnered, he clearly has a vision for Salisbury and would most certainly be a strongly aligned ally of the new Mayor Jake Day. We also believe with his long term involvement in the City of Salisbury and Wicomico County politics, that he has a clear understanding of the needs of the city and the role of the City Council. There is no doubt he will be ready on day one.

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Albero says the same about muur boda.