Monday, November 2, 2015

Putting together a strong City Council

We believe that a strong City Council with April Jackson in District 1, Muir Boda in District 2, Jack Heath in District 3, Roger Mazzullo in District 4 and Laura Mitchel in District 5 will be a very strong City Council.

With Jake Day leading as Mayor, Jack Heath would be a perfect compliment as City Council President and Muir Boda would be a perfect compliment to Jack as the Vice-President. We believe this would provide a connection between the generations in our city as Heath represents a generation of people who have worked all there life and retired here and want to give back, Jake represents the younger generation of professionals and the future of our city, while Boda represents that middle age, middle class who often work 2 jobs to make ends meet. This would be a well rounded leadership team for the City of Salisbury, one that we could be proud of for generations to come.


the truth hurts. said...

I agree with Everything you stated except i want MitcHELL gone but were stuck with the welfare queen for one more time and time speis i like .

Anonymous said...

"Jake represents the younger generation of professionals"

So are you trying to say that older people are not professional? That's not a very intelligent comment.