Monday, November 30, 2015

Peace On Earth Or At Least On Here

Yea I know I have been slacking giving you constant news and you know what in some ways I feel bad and others I don't. I have nothing left to prove with my site and have figured out I have wasted much of my time in the past 7 years on personal vendettas and not enough time enjoying life. 

I just know that at the end of day I want to say I enjoyed it without a bunch of drama. I have been back and forth over the years from trying to be a full time news site and a place where I let my opinions fly regardless of who likes it. 

I wish I could tell you doing this makes me tons of money but that is not reality, so you have to question after 7 years putting up with all kinds of bs and earning no money for all you put out is worth it. 

Think of this as a confessional post. If I hadn't started out wearing a grinch mask doing news videos making people talk about that crazy dude doing the videos I would have never gotten such a large following. There are many people who have news or blogs that get like 100 people a day, but I have to tell you honestly if I had that small a number I would have quit long time ago since the drama wouldn't be worth it. It isn't a knock against those people, just a realistic observation into the time it takes to do this. 

Notoriety and controversy drive the hits that's fact. If you aren't pissing people off you will fizzle away and die,its just hard when you have your eyes opened that the real most important thing in the end of the day is to enjoy every day you are given. It can't be about pleasing people
or getting as many hits as you can . 

A Happy medium is what I am searching for I guess. I have allowed myself to enjoy and get interested in many other activities this year which have allowed me to feel much happier. 

I have been on every local tv station, had my own show on pac14 , was on Nancy grace , been interviewed many times by Daily Times and am a news partner with WGMD and have my own radio segment on there. The reason I do this is to help people who need it now. Take the contacts and notoriety and help make positive change, that's what I strive for now. 

I don't want put Daily Times, WMDT, WBOC out of business because they are part of this community as well and nobody should be the lone voice for your information , not even me.

I want you the public to enjoy your holiday. I want to give you the opportunity to reach a lot of people by letting you contribute to the site . I have the place to go and the traffic so why not let it see what you have to say, or if your a business advertise let me show public what you can offer them.

I have always kept stuff real and felt like sharing these thoughts with you this morning was best thing. 


Anonymous said...

Trust me buddy, the only place you'll put out of business is Golden Corral

Jonathan Taylor said...

Man I am not a Golden Corral fan now if you had said Chinatown you would be on track

Anonymous said...

Well said Jonathan.

Anonymous said...

Well I love what you write you are informative and you just rock, i personally hope you keep on doing ur things , you are an amazing honest straight forward person and it's refreshing to read a story for facts not what's popular, it's nice how you follow through with every story you post, sincerely your fan michele lucas

Anonymous said...

Oh and ps, 1228 so easy to insult when u bash hiding behind anonymous name,,, funny how u insult a person nothing based on his upstanding character and decent morals, , and for real for real you must enjoy his post because you are not forced to read them??? Michele lucas

Anonymous said...

The part you will never get, is your lack of commitment and constant crying has killed your success ten times over.

Jonathan Taylor said...

Crying maybe but not lack of commitment

Anonymous said...

Wow 144 must not killed it for u since ur still reading or stalking his site , if u personally don't like what he writes si simple GET Off His Page,, wow now there a wild thought??? If u don't like a news site don't follow it ,, lol some people like 47 news sone 16 news so N e daily times some lower eastern shore news there an amazing thing u can do only follow who u like,, unless of course ur just a troll shit starter that loves negativity and drama and hides behind anonymous posting, that's middle school crap,,
michele lucas

Anonymous said...

i always like your site JT!!!! Remember, if they are on your site complaining about everything you write...they are fans!!!!