Monday, November 2, 2015

Letter To Editor In Support Of Roger Mazzullo

A letter to the editor:


I have specific recollection of the Daily Times endorsement of Jim Ireton for Mayor of Salisbury in 2012. It did so with some reservation. It supported Mr. Ireton, but asked that he make efforts to place his personal objectives and motives aside, and to be inclusive, rather than divisive. To paraphrase: no more drama. In light of the following, it comes to some surprise that the Daily Times now endorses Mr. Ireton for City Council in 2015. Can it make a serious argument that its concerns in 2012 have been adequately addressed?


A simple review of the Daily Times own archives reveal that this Administration has and continues to be overwhelmed with drama. Those who question its policies are called out personally and publicly. Those who are aggrieved are forced into litigation. Those who speak out are told to be silent. Examples are well documented to any reader of the Daily Times. 


I ask that your readers consider voting for change, and to elect Roger Mazzullo to represent District 4 on the Salisbury City Council on Tuesday, November 3.  In order for Salisbury to continue growing in a positive direction, we need a council who functions  with civility, professionalism and cohesiveness.  Roger has every skill to make a great addition to the team.


Very Truly Yours

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