Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Greatest Time In All My Years Running This Site

I have been at this a long time now from my days as the salisburygrinch to the beginning of lowereasternshorenews. I started way back in the summer of 2008 and I can tell you right this moment I am the happiest I have ever been with my site and the people we have running this area.

When I started Barrie Tilghman was Mayor, and our Council consisted of Gary Comegys, Shanie Shields, Debbie Campbell, Terry Cohen and Louise Smith. 7 years later we have all new people and the leader I believe is the best yet in Jake Day.

I know I piss people off by speaking my mind, but that old saying be Winston Churchill below is very true

I am extremely fortunate to have such an incredible outlet to reach so many people across the area, and with that always comes negativity. I can honestly say as I begin my day today this is the happiest I have felt about this site since I began.

I finally came to a place where I have found other avenues that I enjoy spending my time doing, and it makes doing this much more fun. I spend time on it when I have the time, but it isn't my end all be all of life anymore. I try to be aware to inform the community of whats happening around them, but I don't stay attached to a computer 24/7 anymore. The best part of being established is I can take time away . When I first started I would make 25-30 posts a day spending every waking second focused on this to try to make a point. 7 years later the point has been made, and that allows me to just tell the stories I want to tell.

Jake Day being sworn in truly represents a relief that finally we have good people in this City that have no ulterior motives and just want to move our City into the future. I welcome that with open arms and as just a citizen I am excited for our future for the first time since this site began.


Anonymous said...

6 months from now, I believe you'll be singing a different tune. Nothing will change, and you'll find out that each one only in it for their on agenda.
Don't be surprised by a wolf in sheep's cloth!

Anonymous said...

Me too JT.I am as happy as if I had good sense.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 9:24 in 6 months to a year - nothing is going to change and you will be singing a different tune!

Anonymous said...

I just wish you would do them videos again