Tuesday, November 17, 2015

City Of Salisbury Swearing In Of New Mayor And City Council Photos Part 2

Senator Mathias Speaking To The Crowd

The New Council Members Being Sworn In

Your New Salisbury City Council

Jake Day being sworn in as Mayor while his beautiful wife Liz and Daughter Lilly look on

Mayor Day Signing The Book

Congratulating Jake Heath As Unanimous Choice As Council President And Laura Mitchell as Vice

packed house at Station 16


Anonymous said...

That lying Sack Of Sh!t Bob Culver was there. He was just there to suck up on some future votes for re-election as County Executive.

Anonymous said...

When Liberal Jim shows up - it's easy to tell that this group is still waaaaay too liberal to actually do something for the good of the people and community - instead of pandering votes for reelection!