Thursday, October 15, 2015

Jim Ireton Menace To Civilized Society

It is beyond time for Jim Ireton to fade out of sight. Jim has been Mayor since 2009 and has continued to show he is either unwilling or unable to act like an adult. He has targeted people with his childish behavior year after year, and just when you think he could not be worse he takes it to the next level. Jim should not be in public service at all, he does not have the emotional ability to handle it. Take a look at a true leader in Jake Day. Jake can sit and talk to everyone even if he knows they disagree with him, and that earns him respect across the board. Ireton singles out people or groups and puts on his clown show thinking that will change peoples minds.

Ireton still lives in a world where if you take a 250 dollar donation from a landlord it must mean you are bought and sold. I mean why do landlords have any right to talk about Salisbury and be heard? I mean since 70% of the City is rentals that's just absurd. There are bad landlords out there, but instead of targeting individual issues, Jim thinks they all need to be booted out. He has no vision of what the current world is like and still wants Salisbury to go back to the leave it to beaver days of single family homes, white picket fences and pies on window sills. You cannot go back and must be able to work with the real world and what it is now.

Jim puts on a show like Ringling brothers when he is in a pissy mood, Watch him in his press conferences and wait for the dramatic pauses and the threats. Instead of sitting down and continuing to negotiate on the fire service issues, Jim lays down an ultimatum that scared the crap out of many who lived just out of Salisbury City limits. Jake Day? he was sitting down with Culver and Strausberg  trying to iron out something everyone could deal with.

Jim has had 6 years as Mayor and with a month left to go as Mayor he decides to try to hurriedly force the Council to pass a sweeping rental rate legislation, when he knows the next Mayor Jake Day does not support. That my friends is disrespectful. In typical Jim fashion I left a polite nothing nasty comment on facebook about doing that with so little time left, and he bans me from facebook. That my friends is not the qualities of a leader. Criticize me and off with your head,

I can tell you right now and the other candidates know it, if Ireton gets elected for District 4 it will be a nightmare. He has already stated he won't stop pushing his fight against the landlords, so what do you think is going to happen when Jake doesn't do what Jim wants him to do? you know the answer Jim will call a press conference and criticize Jake and continue to make Salisbury look like a comedy club. Jim has already started a war with Laura Mitchell which means you can expect that situation to escalate if he wins as well.

The best thing Jim has are really good friends. Many of them I call friends myself. It's hard sometimes to go after Jim because I know his friends are loyal and I don't fault them for that I respect it. I think however many clearly see now that Jim while a good guy just isn't cut out for politics. Jim knew he could not win against Jake because people really do laugh at his antics now. It is imperative if you support Jake and his vision for Salisbury to not vote for Jim, you must vote for Roger Mazzullo. Roger can work with people and get things done in a professional manner, which in the end of the day benefits the City and ourselves.


Anonymous said...

As I remember in last election the choice was Ireton or Albero. Ireton won by a landslide No way on God's green earth will you ever convince me Albero would have been the better choice. Day will be the new Mayor and I pray to high heavens folks will NOT vote Ireton for Council member of District 4.

Anonymous said...

JT, say what you want about Jim, but thanks to him, Joe Albero did not get elected Mayor of Salisbury. Can you imagine what would have happened if that thing had been allowed to get his paws on the levers of power?

Anonymous said...

"70% of the City is rentals..'

It's more like 90%. I did a study using the right and accurate sources available. Your number is in the right direction, but Jim and others don't want people to know that it is so high.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are finally on the right side of the fence. Jim Ireton isn't cut out for a leadership position. Why do you think after all these years Jim is still a basic school teacher. There are many that have less time of service and are younger than him who have been more successful and made Principal or above. Jim Ireton is an ultimate loser.

The only reason Jim Ireton was elected Mayor of Salisbury is because we had enough of Barry Tilghman and we knew Gary Comegys would be more of the same.

Anonymous said...

While I do agree with the above two posters, honestly, if anyone other than Albero had run against Jim last time I believe the outcome would have been different. People are tired of the drama that is really nothing but Debbie Campbell 2.0 as far as I'm concerned. Jim had his issues with the way she did things (rightfully so) but turned around and acted the exact same way. Enough is enough. We need representatives that can work together, not kick sand and throw toys when they don't get their way. I wish I lived in District 4 so I could vote for Roger Mazzullo. Hopefully those that can, will and stop the madness.

bloggerhater1 said...

From an observer's point of view, it seems that you and Jim are cut from the same cloth. Is that a good thing or bad thing? Odd, when it's you, you believe it's a good attribute; yet, turn the table and it's a different story. We can take many of the rants we have seen here as example. Or the on again/off again comment submission. I find Jim's attitude unbearable, because when someone is wrong, they either won't admit it or don't see it.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ireton was at the NAACP Salisbury Mayor and City Council Forum last night. He tried his best to relate to the black folks so he could get their votes. He said his mommy was a single mother and his daddy was incarcerated. Incarcerated? LMFAO.

He is a racist and most of us knows he is.

Anonymous said...

At least, Jim is real!