Friday, October 30, 2015

Hypocrisy Has An Ugly Face And It's Jim Ireton

Jim Ireton has once again gone on a rant about contributions to candidate Roger Mazzullo's campaign  from local landlords, inferring that this means he is bought and owned by the real estate folks and landlords. I want to clearly lay it out in this post that Jim Ireton is a hypocrite and a moron.

Let's start first by looking at Jim's own contribution to Jake Day's Campaign.
Now let us simply scroll down.

All these listed are real estate and rental people. Jim Ireton donates money to Jake who gets the same money, but singles out Roger Mazzullo as being bought by the same people. Let us look at the one that shows how clearly full of shit Jim Ireton is on these donations.

The whose who of the people Ireton calls slumlords, all donated to the same campaign. Who is the mystery person bought and sold by the landlords you ask? the evil within lurking in the shadows according to Jim?

Yep That's the best State's Attorney we have ever had in Wicomico County Matt Maciarello. Those are all contributions to his campaign over the years. So if we believe what Jim Ireton says than Matt is bought and sold as well. Everyone knows Matt isn't bought and sold by anybody.  People please stop buying his bs, nobody is bought by a donation


the truth hurts said...

Jt thanks for getting this out there PLEASE keep blasting Ireton you are our last hope...


Paul Adams. said...

Matt is the best prosecutor Salisbury has ever seen its a shame liarton has tied the hands of the Salisbury Police chief because he wants the crime to look low to appease the College parents, who is the Corrupt one, Ireton ? You are.

Anonymous said...

Jim Ireton is a loser.

I would just like to know why Jim Ireton gave that contribution to Jake Day in January, even before Jake announced what he was going to do.

Let it also be known that Jim Ireton has two campaign accounts out there.

Anonymous said...

Funny.... Jake Day had the same mailers sent out, yet he was so great and went straight to council president. Corrupt politics is the only way in this area.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 1104 Ireton shoud be arrested by the same police chief that he is telling to fudge the crime numbers.