Thursday, October 29, 2015

Disturbing Daily Times Endorsement in District 3

In what is a bizarre endorsement for Kevin Lindsay in District 3, the Daily Times' editorial had several glaring inaccuracies and false assumptions about the other two candidates.

Our intention is not to take anything away from Kevin Lindsay because we believe he is running for the right reasons and is doing great work at Goodwill helping people. He should no doubt be applauded for that work.

Jack Heath has a wealth of real world experience and serving as the CEO of Lower Shore Enterprises was a job that was all about helping those who need it the most. Jack understands the struggles people go through and recognizes that helping people gain meaningful and good paying jobs is the ultimate key to addressing the poverty issue.

Likewise, Tim Spies has lifetime of a variety of experiences. He has served one term on the council (not two as the DT stated). 

It is no secret that the propeietor of this website has little love for Mr. Spies, that withstanding even we recognize that the Daily Times essentially based this endorsement on race and essentially dismissed Spies and Heath as two out of touch white guys. In reality the Daily Times editorial board exposed how out of touch they are and resorting to endorsing someone because they are a minority.

In District 2, one of the Minority-Majoroty Districts, they endorsed Muir Boda over the three other candidates, two of which were minorities. Boda was fairly and properly endorsed because he is the most committed and most qualified candidate. His endorsement was not based on race and neither should the District 3 race.

In our opinion, Jack Heath is the right individual to represent District 3. Not because of his race but because he has the knowledge and experience to guide the city as not only the District 3 representative but the next City Coucil President.


Anonymous said...

im fgonna vote for the black guy

Anonymous said...

I believe you are correct. Their endorsement was based on race only. The guy has no clue what is going on in this city and that was obvious with the city council forums.

He got in the race because of Rakeem. Well guess what, your butty Rakeem was hanging around the wrong people.

Anonymous said...

JT you are so right. After THAT endorsement I can never believe anything the Daily Times writes.

Anonymous said...

Tim Spies for District 3

Anonymous said...

The whole entire endorsement thing was a hokes......Daily times already knew who the were going to endorse from the start......this is to darn funny......Daily Times should not be allowed to endorse anyone else ever!

Anonymous said...

Time for a for Mr. Lindsay!!!!