Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Buy A Brick Program For Crisfield Library

We are not just selling bricks. 

  The Library foundation are selling memories..in memory of ... I want to give my parents or grandparents a really good Christmas gift. I want to leave something with my name on a brick or our families name for our children or grandchildren.

  " I was born and raised in this town" and I gonna leave my mark 
   on the world-brick.

   This brick will be here long after you are gone, most likely your name as well. The foundation of this Library will be for every child and adult to continue their education, their dream, step away from society and dig deep into a book or a warm place to go on a brisk Crisfield day. The Library will be open for hundreds to #exploretheirworld. 

  We have several hundred bricks left, not a lot for the market we are driving to, we are down to the wire and we do not want to leave you and your family name out of this beautiful location.

Contact one of us...

 Billie Chandler Linda Vestal Riggin Patty Anne Gail Anne Sheldon Shawna Kearsley and many more can help you and us to reach our goals.

  Look at our Library Grow!



Anonymous said...

How much are the bricks and who do you contact if interested?

Anonymous said...

They are the only legal bricks for sale in Crisfield