Thursday, December 19, 2013

Peaky's Friday and Saturday Seafood Specials and Sunday Eastern Shore Feast


Anonymous said...

Here is a email I sent out today and why NOT GO TO the Legacy Go to Peaky's instead.

-----Original Message-----
Subject: What to bring ?????

Please let me know what you want I know Mom has the greens covered.Are we going to do turkey or ham? Do you want me to bring.Spiral Ham or creamed yams and I can make a decent whole berry cranberry sauce. Stuffing? Any other suggestions?

-----The reply-------

How about ..... Turkey Lunch Meat w/ salty gravy, sliced ham lunch meat, over cooked peas, no Seafood Newburg, cold green bean casserole, and the smallest slice of pumpkin pie you've ever seen.

Oh wait, that's what we had for Thanksgiving at the Legacy.


Anonymous said...

6:45-Back on the 15th,were you drunk when you wrote your comment or had you been fighting with your spouse? Something was amiss with your mental process or you acted on impulse before you thought.Get a grip,and not on a bottle of Jack.