Monday, December 16, 2013

Crisfield Computers Owner Writes In On Latest In Sign War In Crisfield

"I just wanted to update everyone on this SIGN ordeal going on. I’ve been quite silent in it all because I was attempting to do what was correct and right, go to City Hall and ask they amend it. I went to the media strong after the Mayor of Crisfield took me off the cities agenda for the regular December meeting. I was able to gather support from the community, the chamber of commerce, the citizens of Delmarva. Few people had a negative response on the issue; most any that had reasons against the sign were family of employees of elected officials and city employees. However we did receive family of the council members that were in support of the ordinance being amended.

Our efforts to show this information were shot down at the city hall meeting. I was invited to the table to sit with the council, however the mayor made it clear, I was just suppose to sit, any time I asked to speak I was told no, now is not the time. I felt it was really disrespectful of them to not allow myself to speak. I also want to clear up a small issue, I have not criticized on the fact the ordinance was enforced. I have spoke to the fact that it was unevenly enforced, in the fact that my store, and myself were threatened with excessive fines, misdemeanor charges and jail time. The cities lawyer state on the record that those were not options Noah could use to penalize me.
It has come to my attention it is the mayors goal to help get the amendment through in the future months, however until then he is actively seeking to fine myself and also get me tied up in court, this is what one local business owner told me he was informed of when he went to the mayor to voice his opinion.
Our issue was that we felt an open sign should be exempt, the community and further stood behind us on the issue. People have continued to voice they want to support the issue, what we ask is that you call City Hall and speak to the council and mayor. They did not want to hear our complaint; I suggest calling Kim Lawson, who has shown interest in running for mayor in the upcoming election. Also Mike Atkins didn’t seem to clearly understand that there was support behind the issue. They can be reached at (410) 968-1333
Guys and gals, I did my best. I will continue to do what I can. Our business community can only thrive if laws in favor of business are heard. We are not here to have a dictatorship; we are here to have a council with voting power. If the council is not presented the issue at hand, they cannot make a good decision. A good decision does not have to be in my favor. I just was not allowed to even present my issue; they based their decision on media, assumptions and information from the Inspector who was not present.
Thanks for your support
- John W. Dize"


Anonymous said...

John, you should move your business to Marion Station or Princess Anne and put up a big blinky sign.

JOHN W DIZE said...

Princess Anne and most cities have the identical ordinance.

I was invited up to Princess Anne, suggesting that I stay out of what they want to call thier "Historic District" and i would most likely be able to get them to amend the law. Thier historic distric would have requirements prohibiting 'new' signage I assume..

We were also invited to Downtown Frederick, which is highly business friendly.

I want to stay in Crisfield, It was my choice to move here but we are leaving it in the cities hands. The Mayor knows that excessive fines will cause me to close.

Patti Harris said...

John you are truly a patient man. I wouldn't be very unhappy with the way things are being done in Crisfield. God Bless you and may they change the ordnance so you can keep you neon "open" sign

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Obamas ruining (running)Crisfield. "I give the orders, I make the rules, I run the town, who cares a rat's behind whay the taxpayer's think"

The way IK see it, John does not need Crisfield, but Crisfield does need John.

Guess the Council has lost their "whatever" and cannot point out to the Mayor that Crisfield and the taxpayers will be the losers.

God be with you John and Good Luck in your future endeavers

Anonymous said...

I understand that there are laws that need to be amended, but only one councilman was in favor of the amendment. I feel that the council and mayor are making a mountain out of a mole hill. For God sake amend the law and get downtown and take care of issues that really need to be taken care of! No it's better to chase one more business out of town, ghost town coming soon! Maybe Crisfield could make a tourist trap when it becomes a Ghost town. Jay Tawes should hang up a blinking open signs, I bet the law will be changed quick!!!

Anonymous said...

John, why don't you use your computer skills to hack into Crisfield's network and change the law? You could claim Anonomous did it.

Sandy said...

In protest we should no longer use our turn signals. No blinking! We must fine all homes with blinking Christmas lights. No more police lights, fire truck or ambulance lights. Shoot the planes out of the sky when they have blinking lights. Really Mayor and Council, not to admit this blinking sign ordinance is dinosaurific is awfully small minded. Think small and the town stays small. Think dead and the town dies!
Thanks a lot for our bleak future!

Anonymous said...

Why does your sign have to blink?

Others have signs that light up. cant you let the public know your open with a lighted sign? I don't get why blinking is so important.

Anonymous said...

And just how tall is that windmill going to be? If it's to tall the FAA just might require a blinking red light on top of it.

Just a suggestion, but Crisfield computers could move up to Puff's or somewhere just out of town.

Anonymous said...

And just how tall is that windmill going to be? If it's to tall the FAA just might require a blinking red light on top of it.

Just a suggestion, but Crisfield computers could move up to Puff's or somewhere just out of town.

Anonymous said...


Don't let your logic ruin the impotent outrage of the locals.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Well since South Carolina is going to chime in under the cloak of cowardace, I might as well answer the question.


Regardless of what DALE ANONYMOUS would like for you to believe, there is evidence all around you that blinking signs attract more attention than static signs.

I live in Las Vegas, but I won't dwell too long on the obvious, we have invested BILLIONS of DOLLARS in the most elaborate blinking signs in the world... did we do that, because they do not draw customers into our venues? Think about it now! Take your time DALE!

NO! Las Vegas does not spend billions of dollars on blinking signs because static signs do he same job, they spend that kind of money, because they know the SCIENCE of blinking signs that DALE ANONYMOUS clearly does not get.

Or does not want to get! And that makes it even more sad.

BLINKING SIGNS attract attention more effectively than static signs.

Las Vegas is not proof enough, should be, but some are trying way too hard NOT to get it.

Examples? Here are a few, police cars have flashing lights, because they know (to the very wattage output) that flashing lights attract more attention than static lights.

Another Example? HERE ARE A FEW...

Barracades have flashing lights, because the static reflective stripes are not as efficient at getting driver's attention as blinking lights.

Red blinking lights on top of every man-made object taller than 100 feet tall so planes do not run into the pole, wire or building.

A constant red light, JUST DID NOT CUT IT!

The flashing light on an Air Traffic Control Tower blinks, rotates actually, but gives a blinking sensation... ask them to stop turning the light so it will stop blinking and see if they think static works as well as blinking. They know what DALE does not know.

Fire Trucks, Ambulances, School Buses, anything that needs to get your attention to let you know IT IS HERE, PAY ATTENTION!

Has a blinking of flashing light.


Why on earth would an OPEN sign be any different? IT IS NOT! A blinking Open sign draws more customers than a static open sign.

Because if you are walking through the parking lot from China Wok to Food Lion, there are no outward signs to even let you know Crisfield Computers exists... but the BLINKING OPEN SIGN catches your eye, makes you look to your left and then think... "Hey... Let me see if they have an Anti-Virus Program."

Does anyone really, I mean really not understand that concept? REALLY? Besides DALE CULLEN, I know he REFUSES to understand the concept, because he is too busy saying or doing whatever he has to in support of his brother in law Noah Bradshaw. THERE'S YER SIGN!

But for the rest.. You really do not understand the benefit of a blinking sign?

There may actually be no hope. I thought there was, I believed there was, but if the residents do not understand the value of a blinking sign... maybe I was wrong.


Do you really imagine there are good things at the bottom of the line on the graph below? Don't you get it? Look at the graph... That is the life of Crisfield.

It's not just a LINE on a graph any more than the blinking OPEN sign is just an OPEN sign... It is the future of Crisfield and it is hemorrhaging.

Somebody better GET IT... SOON!

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Folks, ANONYMOUS (Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't let your logic ruin the impotent outrage of the locals.

December 16, 2013 at 8:34 PM)

Cowering behind the anonymous tag is Dale Cullen, from SOUTH CAROLINA.

He will say anything to support his brother in-law Noah Bradshaw.


Anonymous said...

The fact is there's only a limited number number of people in and around Crisfield.
Do you think tourists travel to shop at a local computer store before they go to tangier ?

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Anony? Can you really be that ignorant?

I have been in the 7th street store many times when tourists staying over in Alan Tyler's Motel came over to the computer store to get mice, even buy digital cameras, cables especially cables, and chargers, they forget to bring with them.

You ignorantly ask, "DO YOU THINK??" NO! I KNOW THEY DO! I HAVE SEEN IT, BEEN THERE... had many conversations with them about the islands.


NO WONDER Crisfield is in such trouble.

"Do you think tourists travel to shop at a local computer store before they go to tangier ?"


BUT you just made the point of how important it is to have the blinking open sign... to catch the attention of tourists who are not familiar with the area and need a little guidance on what is open and what is not.

I have to say it one more time... REALLY? YOU HAVE TO BE PULLING MY LEG! YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO!

Anonymous said...

Dale Cullen, yea a coward, always were! Noah Bradshaw well what can we say about this "panzy" coming back to Crisfield to get a gravy job he evidently doesn't know anything about. HOLY SHIT! Kim Lawson running for mayor, this egotistical "jack ass"---we might as well cut Crisfield off the map and let it float away. What a hysterical joke our town has become. Bily Joe Chandler and John Dize---run for office!

Anonymous said...

You really need to chill out. While I agree with the need for and the allowance of a blinking're going to give yourself a heart attack!

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

My heart is fine Dale, but you seem to imagine this is some kind of game.

To me this is serious, it is my son's livelihood we are fighting for here.

He has invested everything he has and his child's future in Crisfield and ever since he arrived Noah Bradshaw as been on his ass on a monthly and often a weekly basis. DOCUMENTED!

Noah used to go to John's house and measure his grass with a ruler and if it was more than 4 inches tall, he would cite him, while the grass across the street was over three feet tall. DOCUMENTED IN PHOTOGRAPHS.

The neighbor a close friend of Noah Bradshaws used to photograph John and Ashley as they arrived and left their house, when they left for work, he would sneak around the house looking for things to call his buddy Noah Bradshaw on, then Noah would run out and search for things to write John a citation for.

Grass cutter in side yard, neighbor would call Noah. Crab shells in garbage can from dinner the night before, neighbor would call Noah. Trailer parked in yard... even though it was covered and LEGAL, neighbor would call Noah.

I have been there, even parked across the street and watched the INSANITY on my visits.

The neighbor built a wall to separate the properties, but he built it six feet into his own property, so he could ride his lawn mower on John's side of the wall, taking photos of John's property while riding his lawnmower on John side of the wall, but since the wall was six feet INSIDE of his own property line, he was legally on his own property.



So John's history with Noah is known by many and well documented.

Noah is vindictive. He seems to have a personal issue with John, perhaps he resents or is jealous of a 25 year-old coming to town with nothing and building a successful computer store... after all I read somewhere Noah's profession before chasing blinking open signs was computers/I.T.

It is not that Noah Bradshaw is just doing his job enforcing City Law, it is how he goes about doing it and his selective persecution of John W. Dize. CLEAR TO MANY!

Noah told several people to turn off their blinking signs, but when interviewed, those business owners revealed they were not threatened with $500 a day fines and JAIL TIME... The only person threatened with jail time was John W. Dize.


DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

This is not a game DALE... this is a man's life, his future and the future he chose for his three year-old son you petty, spiteful assholes are threatening.

The TOWN IS BEHIND JOHN W. DIZE AND CRISFIELD COMPUTERS... Only one or two BOILS ON THE ASS OF SOCIETY have decided to stand their ground no matter what the cost.

You may think you know my son... but you do not know him at all.

And certainly you do not know anything about me.

My son is the nice guy, but his strength is making tough decisions is huge.

I like being a nice guy, but sometimes people just won't allow it.

It is not a game DALE, you seem to enjoy sitting in South Carolina stirring up bullshit as if you were playing a video game... my son's life and future are on the line here.

It makes you look very small in the eyes of many.

THEN! THEN! You draft FAKE MESSAGES suggesting people have contacted you telling you the would never shop at Crisfield Computers, because of MY comments?

CLEARLY FAKE! Dale you write with a very identifiable style, using the same words over and over again, like me having a "heartattack" which expose you behind anonymity. Man of the same keywords you use all the time appeared in the FAKE SELF-GENERATED messages you posted degrading my son and his business.

To create FAKE posts denouncing my son's business and discrediting his character and then accredit those FAKE comments to Crisfielders as though they said these things (clearly identifiable as your own words.) is a special kind of PATHETIC Dale.

It is not a game Dale!

Noah Bradshaw's reputation in Crisfield is no mystery to anyone, except apparently YOU.

Read the posts above and on other threads on this topic and it becomes clear what people in Crisfield think about Noah Bradshaw... Not my words, THEIRS!


Anonymous said...

It's time that we all stand up to fight this out of control government at all levels. I'm sick and tired of our elected officials constantly making new rules and regulations that take our freedoms away from us. If you own property you should be able to do what you dam well please with it and the likes of Noah Bradshaw are the ones that should be fined and put in jail!

The county is just as bad, they just passed a stupid regulation that they will now be able to fine and jail anyone if you decide to burn some leaves in your yard during a burn ban that THEY have imposed. I guess they think they are the only ones smart enough to know when it's safe to burn leaves. They are real idiots.

Anonymous said...

Mr D, I feel for you but in the real world we don't always get what we want when dealing with antiquated ways. I too have be a victim of the good ol boys in Crisfield who run the show and support their party buddies.

Emotions are clouding your thoughts.
First, we are not in Vegas and not competing with a lot of blinking lights. Secondly, I liked how Miss Hinmann linked herself with a worthy cause that will get her more attention than lights. If I was business person in Crisfield, I would rethink my business plan, then bring attention to my location by a unique eye catching display that complies with code. Sponsor or support a community group connected with kids like the Votech school. Happy Holidays. The bill for my brilliant imagination will be in the mail. NOT this one is on me. Smile dude you can get around this if you will get rid of the emotions then let your anger move you toward better solutions. In this arena keep in mind where there is a will THERE IS A WAY if you try it.

Anonymous said...

Time is money. why waste time and energy on this blinking sign. Think outside the box. Your target audience are the locals my friend. Not just Crisfield. So shoot your energy out in that direction. If you don't you will not make it.

Anonymous said...

A blinking sign cannot help but so much in a dead town like crisfield

Anonymous said...

The city inspector in Crisfield must be blind because everytime I start adding up code violations block by block in this run down looking town,I lose count.Missing siding,roofs about to fall in,peeling paint,jacklegged wiring,broken windows,hanging gutters,inoperative vehicles in the yards(tagged or not,a set of current tags does not make a junked car look less junkier)yards full of crap...etc,etc.And thats just houses.Don't even get me started on commercial properties that are obviously out of code.How can anyone,family or not,defend the inspector? He is not doing his job or I would not see so many trashy looking houses all over town.
Another example,Dollar General is right across from City Hall.They have nuisance weeds growing in clusters right in their store doorway,their parking lot is full of weeds and garbage and only one of their exit doors up front work properly.Their building is infested with mold as evident by numerous discolored and/or missing ceiling tiles.It is a public danger in my opinion....Why is Mr,Bradshaw not citing them and sending repair orders to Dolgen Corp?????? Perhaps they pay "insurance"????

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Locals would rather shop at Walmart.

The blinking sign has shown to produce an increase in traffic.

Locals have told John that they thought he closed and left town after the hurricane destroyed the 7th. Street store.

There is evidence the sign works.

I knew someone was to argue Crisfield is not Vegas. BEST BET IN VEGAS!

It has nothing to do with Vegas, it has to do with the science of blinking lights attract more attention than static lights.

Whether that be in Vegas or Crisfield.

Those who imagine this argument and the drive behind it is about the blinking open sign have missed the bigger picture... it was a SMALL, INSIGNIFICANT thing the residents could get behind and for ONCE take control of their leadership.

AN EFFECTIVE and RESPONSIBLE leadership would have allowed John to speak on this topic, would have accepted the 132 petitions to change the law and then done the easy thing, the wise thing... AMENDED THE LAW TO MAKE THEIR CONSTITUENTS happy.

It is CITY HALL that started this fight in refusing to even HEAR, they had no intentions of even LISTENING to John, which is why they INTENTIONALLY removed him from the agenda, where he would have been given TIMED SPEECH and instead sat him at the table where they knew they could control his speech and DID.

Then they refused to even acknowledge 132 CITIZENS who took the time to sign a petition?


My son knew it was more than a sign, it was a CAUSE for the citizens to take before the council, an EASY FIX, but by refusing to even hear comments or accept the 132 Citizen Petitions... CITY HALL REVEALED ITSELF.

The SIGN DOES GOOD AND NO HARM... the law should be amended. Crisfield needs more things that do more good than harm.


And smart people have to ask themselves WHY? Who does that and WHY?

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Emotions clouding my thoughts?

Somebody in Crisfield needs to get a little emotional and start GIVING A SHIT.

I CARE! That is an emotion. What? No value in that?

I am watching a SUPERB, caring young man, who loves a town, MY HOME TOWN being forced to leave town, because of a handful of megalomaniacs in City Hall.

Emotional? YES! Clouded judgement? NOPE! We know what Crisfield needs and if it does not change it's course soon, there will be no more Crisfield... Oh there will be! There is still a Rhyolite, NV too and people still come to visitm but there's only one job there for the only living resident.

I would argue some kind of COMATOSE STATE is clouding the judgement of way too many Crisfielders... they could use a little more EMOTION!

I have been watching Noah Bradshaw torment the hell out of my son for five years for the most RIDICULOUS of things. I am watching the security cameras at Crisfield Computers at this very moment, when at 10:20 a.m. Yesterday morning, Noah Bradshaw pulled up in front of Crisfield Computers, taking photos of the sign, sitting there taking more photos, sitting there, more photos, over and over more photos... WHAT HIS CAMERA DOES NOT WORK? No! The length of time he sat there taking up THREE PARKING SPACES was CLEARLY to INTIMIDATE my son. THAT WAS HIS GOAL... ALWAYS HAS BEEN!



THAT is the problem... not the blinking open sign.

WAKE UP! GET EMOTIONAL... it may help awaken a few from their coma.

Anonymous said...

I guarantee I can get more then 132 signatures to KEEP the ordinance in place . Guarantee it

NOT DALE said...

I think it's funny that Mr Dize is calling Dale out here. I know Dale but it's ME who is posting, not him. When I said you are going to give yourself a heart attack I meant it - your son is not the only business victim here - and what he has spent and/or lost is nothing like some others have lost. However, your ranting is making others look poorly upon him, Many don' t know it's not him doing the ranting. You are hurting more than helping. And this is written from Crisfield, not South Carolina! I'm no fan of Noah by any means, think he's an idiot. But for goodness sakes you are out of control!

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Well NOT DALE, why is nobody standing up to change anything. You sound like you are part of the OH WELL SOCIETY.

Most know Jon Dize is NOT John W. Dize, I give them more credit than that.


Good God that has to be some kind of disease.

I am pretty much done, my vote is to leave those who enjoy suffering to themselves.

My son thinks differently than I do, he wants to stick it out, but he has his line that he will not cross as well.

He just does not need this crap.

DIZEMAN aka Jon Dize said...

Oh, I don't for a minute believe you are not Dale... unless you are Dale's doppelganger.

Which is not impossible, there are a few of those around.

Anonymous said...

402- you haven't even seen the worst of it. The 40 minute YouTube video, the face book posts. I find it ironic that in an effort to bring business in with a sign he has differed more business through these rants. I hope the rest of Crisfield doesn't hold John W accountable for his fathers ridiculous ranting. I do not like Noah either but for god sakes.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't need this crap ??? You mean the negative attention from the media ?? Or he doesn't need to be involved in bashing city council ??? Or maybe you mean he doesn't need WBOC covering his story ? Because I don't know who in the world called them


Just as a side note to all worried about my loss of business, My loss of business came the day Mr Purnell started this whole issue. I am ready for change, Retail is Crisfield, is what is needed to keep it alive, but Crisfielders & others alike may not understand that whole theroy. I just sit back and watch while everyone else is arguing. My points are valid, my points are proven. There is a reason why you all dont see me chime in, because I keep going about this the correct way in fighting the city. I just think to all the people who talk the talk, but fail to get up and walk the walk. This is not about me, this is about the business community in Crisfield, you think I am the one who will suffer, that is mistaken. When Crisfield Computers closes, which is what it looks like the majority of idiots want, then I will work out of a home office, pulling a larger income and can focus on helping the enviroment through recycling. However, until that time comes, I will at every moment explain my reasons to each and every individual who wants or cares to hear.

Crisfield needs one thing to survive at this point. A way to keep people in town, and/or bring people to the town. My business brings Princess Anne, Pocomoke and Salisbury residents to town. This in effect allows them to possibly shop at other stores here.

Here's what happens when i shut the doors up (or the city forces my doors shut)... You needed a $30 pack of ink, instead you have to go to pocomoke or salisbury now. When doing so you take your grocery, lumber, plumbing, and small goods purchases to walmart or other stores outside the area. This combined with the meal you will enjoy while there will generally result in a average loss of $300, not including that ink. That's $300 that didnt stay here at Food Lion, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Bayside Home Center, Chesapeke Lumber, All the small retail stores here, and eateries like Billie Jo's Pizza Shop, Side Street, Carry Out, China Wok, Circle inn, Water mans inn, and many more.

The death of one, results in a loss for all.

That is why I encourage anyone who wants to, to call City Council, 410-968-1333 and explain your wants. If its relating to the sign, call tell them you want to see it stay, or tell them you want to see it go. It's a democracy, so either way it goes I can't argue with, as long as it was treated fairly.

I'll end the rant that many wont read, but I apologize that It has struck a wide audience with a want to succeed at being a GREAT town.

- John W. Dize

.. and if you want me to shut the hell up, please call my office and leave a message. All i ask is to identify yourself so we can make sure we understand what we need to do. Thanks.