Monday, August 6, 2012

John Dearing and WBOC Continue To Ignore Lower Shore

Well John Dearing continues his running of WBOC into the ground with his total disregard of any stories from below the Delaware line. The good people of Crisfield contacted the station about the incredible community effort in coming together to help pay for murder victim Aaaron Culbertson's funeral and while the reporters wanted to cover it, Dearing said nope not something we are interested in.

The people in Crisfield are well aware that unless it's something negative WBOC doesn't care, missing people and anything below the Delaware line know what that's like as well. Don't you have some Wolverine's basketball to cover Dearing?


Anonymous said...

WBOC has become a very pathetic reporting source for anything south of Delaware. They should do the southern community a service and relocate their current station in Salisbury to anywhere north of the Delaware line. The southern area folks used to really depend on WBOC for up to date factual reporting concerning local events in the southern area. Believe it or not, this is now a topic of concern topic at quite a few local meeting places as well as local restaurants. WBOC has failed us. Thank God for WMDT.

Anonymous said...

It was disappointing for sure.

torie said...

Many nights we've watched WBOC16 News and wondered if they even realized that Maryland exsisted. This again just proved our point. They had no problem reporting Aarons murder,but not the positive outcome that came of such a horrific act. I think for my news sources I'll stick with the newspapers or internet. Maybe when their ratings drop they'll realize that they really do need the public. What would it have hurt to give a 10sec spot on a town that put days,hearts and their time in showing there are still some good people out there and not every story has a totally sad ending? I bet here soon you'll watch a crab race down a board,because that is so much more important then a town reaching deep not only in their pocket,but also their hearts! Way to go WBOC in showing YOUR community support!

Anonymous said...

their money is in dover. why not go where the money is? thats business. in fact, thats good business.
anyways, if you dont like it, do what i do and dont watch anything.

Ashlie Marshall said...

I personally feel we need to do something about this. Maybe petition, get local businesses to pull sponserships/fundings. We pulled together as a community to raise money and show our support to the Culbertson family, we can just as easily pull together as a community and show our support for our community & MarVa.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly right...WBOC doesn't talk anything below the line that's why I stopped watching that network..

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of WBOC but in all seriousness rasing money is not exactly the kind of news I want to watch.
How much more does this family need anyway, I saw where they raised 4 grand locally so what is the problem?

Anonymous said...

but if you own a bar in Wenona you can get coverage on the FRONT PAGE of the Daily times...


Ashlie Marshall said...

@5:07pm - they need love and support. Their son/father/brother/cousin/friend was murdered. How very inconsiderate to not have any compassion for this grieving family. He left behind 3 children. That's the most horrible thing a child could ever experience at such a young age. It's unnerving.

We as a community just wanted to get the word out through some other form besides Facebook and flyers. We thought our local newspaper and news program would be willing to help.

I mean really, they did a story on a stolen soda machine in Lincoln, DE tonight. I think that space could have been occupied differently.

Anonymous said...

John Dearing is a total prick.

Anonymous said...

I got so sick of hearing about sussex county that I solved the problem.........I watch WMDT 47 an said bye bye to WBOC!

Anonymous said...

I can't watch WBOC news, it's all regurgitated press releases and pre-packaged news stories from other sources. About 1% is actual work that a reporter went out and researched. Everything is fluff and hype. Glad to see they've toned down the 19 weather updates during a 1/2 hour news broadcast, but still not enough local news.

Barb Gregory said...

Dear WBOC supporter/advertising client,
I would like to bring to your attention that the type of WBOC prefers to attract are those who like sensationalism. WBOC chooses to report on the violence, danger, destruction and sadness in their reporting area. They choose to ignore community service reports, neighborly acts, neighborhood involvement, and other acts of kindness to others.

On Sunday, Aaron Culbertson, of Crisfield, was murdered by a fellow he grew up with. WBOC was quick to report that Aaron had been stabbed to death and that the suspect, Johnny Hill was in custody. It further reported that it was the first homicide in Crisfield since 2005. That’s it. No follow up!

Not only did they not do a follow up report, but they refused to report, even after being notified by at least three independent citizens that-
1. A relative had posted a plea for help from the community on behalf of Aaron’s family, who not only faced the sudden
loss of their family member, but also faced the daunting task of paying for his funeral expenses;

2. The plea was picked up by several people in Crisfield- a couple of businesses and an individual who didn’t even know
Aaron- these folks organized a Facebook page to centralize help from the community, established several fundraising
events which were held within 12-48 hours later and raised over $2500 and;

3. Mobilized the entire community to make donations from pocket change to $100 or more from individuals, businesses
and organizations alike.

4. This mobilization resulted in over $4000 donated to Aaron’s funeral expenses by the time of his funeral on Friday and
Is continuing to generate support so that the most recent update from Bradshaw’s Funeral Home is that Aaron’s funeral
Expenses have been 98% paid for!!!!!

5. And it isn’t stopping there! You can go into many of the businesses and find that collection containers are still on the
Counters collecting donations; There is an ongoing fundraising collection with donors receiving entries in to a raffle for
Services at the First Impression Hair & Nail Salon, a Fundraising Dinner is scheduled at the Moonlight Pizzaria on Sunday
August 12, 2012 at 6 pm. And a local family is holding a bake sale and lemonade sale around August 17th, while people
keep dropping off donations to the Cutting Edge Hair Affair, The Pizza Shoppe and Bradshaw’s Funeral Home daily.

But WBOC feels that reporting such a mobilization of such a poor community for the purpose of helping out one of their own on such a large scale of around $8000-9000, approximately, is not worthy of their attention!


Do you want your business known as being connected with such irresponsible, one-sided reporting? One who focuses on drawing the audiences who prefer violence to community interest? I sure hope not. There are many of YOUR customers who don’t want to associate with such audiences…

Thank you for your attention to this matter,
Barbara Gregory

joe k. said...

this little tidbit is interesting also... couple years ago, right after Dennis Ketterer was let go, I ran into him in Annapolis. I asked him why he was let go. He told me that basically the then $400,000 Chopper 16 budget was more important than keeping him on. Didn't help much that Brian Keane said he would step up to the plate and run the weather department, which he did and pretty well. Where is Brian now with Dan Satterfield on board? things at WBOC are pretty pathetic from the GM on down... burns me up when they say that Chopper 16 serves anybody. It serves WBOC and NOBODY else.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore channels give crisfields temperature/weather all the time. Wboc rarely. When asked why wboc said no one calls from crisfield to report weather. Really

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you are complaing about wboc, even if they aired anything on the southern counties it not even close to be accurate! I don't waste my time watching wboc, if I want accurate information I just come to the lowereasternshorenews! If you want to affect wboc start writing the truth on their Facebook wall so all their readers can see how much Wboc actual tells the real story. Forget it about anything with the government, they are total biais when it comes to them!

Anonymous said...

Dearing's crazy if he thinks the public is not interested in follow up stories concerning a murder. By follow up I mean stories such as the outpouring of love by the community and any on going follow ups concerning hearings and the trial. So often we hear of the murder and then a short blip when a trial occurs. The public is interested in the story from the beginning until the end and all that occurs in between. Dearing is wrong and out of touch.

Boss said...

Dearing is a selfish person it seems like to me. But I believe in karma what goes around comes around. For not even putting 5 or 10 secs of your time to say some about my cousin Aaron Culberson. It's selfish and childish. And WBOC if your reading this your losing alot of viewers because of Dearing.