Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More Rt 13 Construction

Route 13 has been quite the place for road construction in the past 6 months with North Salisbury being the place these days. I thought they tried to pick less busy times of the year to do this construction but they seemed to have picked up steam in the summer. I would guess the longer daylight hours enable them to get it done faster, but wow it causes a headache with people trying to switch out of the unpaved lanes.


Balanced Libra said...

The State has specific requirements for the composition, temperature and consistency of the asphalt, which can only be met during certain times of the year (usually the summer months). There are state inspectors at every "state" job checking these factors. If the mix is not exact, it will not be used.

Anonymous said...

This is just another case of Spending money without need.....Did this road need paving..."NO" but this is yours and mine stupidity money spend ......notice its not a local contractor?

Balanced Libra said...

Rt. 13 Salisbury is being paved by a local contractor.