Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Debbie Campbell and Terry Cohen Want Special Investigator

In what must be the most comical thing to ever come out of these two mouths, they are super upset that the Daily Times had some information they felt was confidential regarding the WWTP and want a special investigator to get to the bottom of it because they were disappointed they didn't have subpoena power.

As much info as this pair, especially the mistress of mosquito's, have given out over the years to her favorite media source she must be out of her damn mind. The first place they could start would be Debbie and her computer.


Anonymous said...

Can we bring this up at a council meeting? I want a special investigation into information leaked to local blogs. We could start with the council's computers and see how many times the name "alberobutzo" pops up. I bet you it's A LOT.

Sorry you stupid bitc[]es, but why do you think you can have it both ways?

Anonymous said...

I remember Mrs. Campbell from many many years ago before she married Bill Campbell! She use to work for the Daily Times doing something.
Sounds like revenge to me.

Anonymous said...

After Salisbury frees itself from the grip of these deeply troubled women then we can begin to rebuild our reputation and do the things needed to attract new businesses.

Anonymous said...

Everything the 2Cs & a T are doing is based on Campbell's greatest revenge hits list. HBAA, PAC14, Asst City Administrator, Daily Times, Poplar Hill Curator. Only she and the Crazy Camden Clan know what's next.