Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dr Azar Letter To The Daily Times Said It Perfectly

I'm impressed our Congress is debating raising the national debt limit above $14 trillion, yet our president this past weekend committed $20 billion of foreign aid to Egypt and Tunisia -- in addition to billions contributed by the IMF, of which we are the major benefactor.

Where is the congressional debate and oversight? Recently, we dropped hundreds of millions of dollars worth of missiles in Libya. We daily spend billions to have troops stationed all over the world. This doesn't count the hundreds of billions spent annually to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Let's not forget the billions of dollars given to countries that dislike or even hate us.
Should we really raise the debt limit to continue this folly?

Is it too naive to think we could possibly go a long way toward balancing our budget -- and providing much needed relief to our own people -- by putting a moratorium on foreign aid until we can afford it, and begin pulling our troops back home from all over the world?

It's time these countries begin paying for their own defense. It is not fair they get to spend funds they would normally allocate to their own defense budget on social programs, such as education, health care and retirement, then claim those programs are better than ours (which I don't believe).

Can you imagine how wonderful our health care and education systems would be if we weren't wasting money on other countries? Plus our retirees wouldn't have to worry that their retirement funds are being depleted.

Wouldn't it be great to use our returning troops to help rebuild the tornado-ravaged South or assist all those poor people flooded out in the Mississippi Valley? What about using them to protect our borders? Can they help us build schools and hospitals? What about the poor in Appalachia?

Taxpayers might not be so resentful if their dollars were put to such good use.
I find it amazing we can train our troops in months, yet we haven't been able to train Iraqi and Afghan troops in more than 10 years. Could it be time for them to sink or swim?

This is an oversimplified discourse on a complex problem; however, it is time for our federal elected officials to begin a full-blown public debate and disclosure of facts to the American people.

I suspect most of us will not like what we learn.
» Dr. Alex Azar lives in Salisbury.



Anonymous said...

I believe we need to keep a presence in strategic parts of the world but we can pull back troops and save money. I think Iraq and Afghanistan still need troop presence but nowhere near what it is today. I also think we need a presence in Korea, Taiwan, Japan and a few others. But Europe? The Cold War has been over for a long time! As far as foreign aid, especially to the muslim world, forget it. I've been over there to a few countries and they could care less about Americans, no matter what we do for them (Africa and Asia). That is not a prejudiced statement, just the truth. We should cut back and let them spend their wealth from oil on their own nations. See how that works for them? We feed and send medication to the world and we have people who barely survive in our own nation. Charity starts at home. Been saying this for over ten years! I don't excuse crime, but when some people are stealing to eat in our own country, it is a travesty! Pull back funds and start working on our own infrastructure, creating jobs AT HOME. Stop all aid (tax shelters) to companies who have sent and are sending OUR jobs overseas!! We could create 250,000 customer service jobs alone if we brought back those jobs from India, etc. In the automotive industry, we need to ensure OUR cars are bought (by producing quality, promotion, and taxing foreign cars just like they tax OURS). Just a few thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Secure our borders. Defend our homeland. Help the few countries that help us. The rest of them should be told to kiss my ass.

Anonymous said...

great man, Dr. Azar.
I have the highest repect for the gentleman.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Azar thank you for having the courage to speak up. The sad truth in America is that we vote or the majoority anyway in line with main staream media, In stead of doing our homework we watch television and for some sad reason trust what we hear. There are a lot of diamonds out there,that are actually just glass.

We Americans allow politicians to tell us what we want. Many once voted into office have agendas that are not even close to what they preached on the campaign trail. I woould name a few local politicians bit I do not want to take away from Dr. Azars point on the middle east.

I feel strongly the county council should only be allowed to serve two terms. Any politician in officer more than two terms becomes corrupted by the nature of the politics. I guess any political office should be just like the presidentcy in lenth of term.

In America greed dictates so many decisions. In the middle east religion has been the catalyst of so many wars. History has a tendacy of repeating itself. I agree that if any nation acts against us we need to rise up against them.

Americans need to make an educated vote when striking the next ballot. We need to remember those that do not remain true to thier word.

When I attend local council meetings I only see those that appear to heve been personally effected by a political decision. We all need to follow locally and globally. The sad truth is we have it so great here that we do not speak up untill itis to late. Once the ball starts rolling in the political realm it is hard to stop it. It would be great if midway into a term a proxy vote by those that voted for the person could be held. If the politician did not recieve a majority vote they could be removed on the vote alone. In four years one could do a lot of damage.

Integrity can not be taught.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Azar for PRESIDENT!!!

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree with Dr. Azar and with 11:50P!! We have to get back to basics and common sense in this country or we will find ourselves without a country!!