Tuesday, March 31, 2015


On 3-29-15, the Princess Anne Police Department arrested Gary Rodman Press 2 nd, 24, of Princess Anne Maryland for 1 st degree assault.  The arrest stemmed from an assault investigation that occurred at 12110 Queens Grant Drive.  Press 2 nd, was charged with assault 1 st and 2 nd degree, reckless endangerment, and disturbing the peace.  Press 2 ndwas seen by a District Court Commissioner who issued a $50,000.00 bond.  Press 2 nd was released into the custody of the Somerset County Detention Center.

On 3-27-15, the Princess Anne Police Department responded to 12110 Queens Grant Drive in reference to an assault and malicious destruction of property.  Investigation revealed that neighbors became involved in a verbal argument that turned into a physical altercation.  All parties were referred to the District Court Commissioners Office for charges.

On 3-26-15, the Princess Anne Police Department took a report for a hit and run motor vehicle crash that occurred at the Princess Anne Library parking lot on 3-25-15.  Investigation revealed that as the victim was inside the library, the suspect collided into the victim’s vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot.  The incident remains under investigation.

On 3-23-15, the Princess Anne Police Department responded to the Metropolitan Church parking lot located on Beechwood Street in reference to malicious destruction of property.  Investigation revealed that while the victim was in classes at UMES, the suspect(s) damaged the victim’s vehicle while it was parking in the parking lot.  Incident remains under investigation.

What Is It About The Fringe That Makes Them So Annoying? PART 2 In my series on Tea Party vs GOP

One of the biggest problems with the fringe group that I discussed yesterday is their terrible attitudes. They are not pleasant people when politics comes up because they automatically think if you don't agree with them you must have voted for Obama. You know all the names libs, rino's and many other names they come up with to call people who don't agree with them.

We cannot live in a society of Dictators that think it' their way or the highway. The United States is a country founded by immigrants from all walks of life, rich, poor, black, white, catholic, protestant etc etc. No group of people should think they should ram their ideas down everyone's throat and if they don't accept they need to be removed from the picture. The best know you have to be able to work across party lines for the good of everyone, not just the group you are with. Look at each piece of legislation and have an open mind. Being a cave (citizens against virtually everything) person means you are an obstructionist and not a real American.

Real Americans understand and respect other parties and what they need and can work together to make everyone happy, not that group I mentioned yesterday. They have better than though attitudes and think the world should revolve around their thoughts. A group that really thinks a minority district shouldn't exist and if it does a while tea party male 45-60 should be the representative of. That kinda sounds like a plantation owner to me. It's a new world and one we need good Republicans like I mentioned yesterday to represent us but yet be mindful of others and their needs.

I have been doing this a long time and I can tell you the Tea Party people are the most unreasonable people with shitty attitudes you will ever cross paths with. They may not like it but Democrat representatives are much nicer, that's why I vote who the better person is regardless of party. Mike McDermott is bag of hot air that thinks he is important and yet notice he didn't get elected, which is by far the best thing that could have happened.

I volunteered at the Republican headquarters in 2008 and have voted Republican for President since 2003. I voted for Larry Hogan, Carl Anderton, Matt Holloway. I supported Charles Otto, Echkardt, Carozza, all good Republicans who remember they represent everyone. It's the aholes like McDermott, Belcher, Culver, Albero, Palmer,Miller who are an embarrassment to the party.  That is why the Tea Party should split from the Republicans so people don't lump everyone together, some of us the Real Republicans are Americans, while the Tea Party people are more like SS Soldiers.

Delmar Spring Newsletter

Ocean City Spring Clean Up Day

Salisbury University Fraternity Suspended

Theta Kappa chapter of Phi Beta Sigma has been suspended on hazing allegations.  Valerie Randall-Lee, the Dean of Students at SU, says the alleged hazing specifically included "paddling" along with forced exercise like jumping jacks and sit-ups.

This is not surprising considering that's kinda of a known thing that you go through to get in these organizations. It is a black eye for the fraternity and the University however to have this be headline news.

Take Pride In Berlin Week April 11th


Ocean City Shark Tournament Is No More

"After careful consideration, the directors of the Ocean City Shark Tournament have decided to retire and announce the 2014 tournament will be our last. Over the past 34 years, we have worked to develop an event that would be fun, exciting, and educational for both competitors and spectators.  The goal was to provide an environment where shark anglers could compete for substantial prize money with responsible fishing practices.

We greatly appreciate the wonderful support we have received from anglers, spectators, sponsors, and the press over the years.  We have been happy to get to know and work with so many great people and businesses along the way. All have helped to shape the Ocean City Shark Tournament into what it was and kept it going for so long. We’ve had many fun times under our tournament tent and on the docks during the weigh-ins and we know that we will miss those relationships in the future.

Thank you to all!"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bob Culver Fires Employee For Starting Facebook Page Asking Questions About Personnel Manual Changes

Bob Culver being a dictator today fired a Wicomico County Employee for being part of a facebook page made for county employees to raise questions they are concerned about with Bob's proposed Personnel Manual changes. This is pure intimidation on Bob's part to try to quell any pushback from employees. He may be in tough legal waters as well as this may have been a violation of the employees rights


Republican Party Needs To Cleanse Itself Of Tea Party Members

The Republican Party need to continue to purge the Tea Party from its ranks. The Tea Party has given real Republicans a bad name as they are a bunch of intolerant malcontents. Real Republicans of which I am one, are able to see good ideas and things that need to be done, and try to work with others to make it work for all parties. The Tea Party people have one word they are familiar with and that's no. It doesn't matter what it is the answers no, they are unwilling to even discuss the situation if they decide it's a bad idea.

Let me give you a list of good examples of Republicans and then a list of the fringe.

People I consider good examples of Republicans are

Matt Holloway
John Cannon
John Hall
Matt Maciarello
My Friend and One We All Miss Bob Caldwell
Stevie Prettyman
Carl Anderton

People I consider the Fringe

Mike McDermott
John Palmer
Johnny Miller
GA Harrison
Ann Suthkowski
Joe Albero
Bob Culver
Joe Holloway
Julie Brewington
Greg Belcher
Joe Collins

These people above are not Republicans they are obstructionist and have no ability to compromise which is what gives real Republicans a bad name. They need to start their own party so people won't get the two confused.

In this world we have to be able to work with all parties, race and religions and the people in the fringe have no desire to do so. They think they know best and everyone else is wrong. These people disgust me and I will work hard to out these fake Republicans so they quit giving the real ones a bad name.

Jim Mathias Was 100% Correct In His Reasoning For Holding Off On Elected School Board

Jim Mathias was 100% correct in holding off putting the idea of an elected School Board to referendum.

Jim Mathias has always supported the elected school board idea and was a co sponsor back in 2011. The issue is how this entire idea has now been shoved down everyone's throat with very little public input. There was exactly one public hearing in winter Jim's quote from the dispatch says it best

“There was one public hearing held almost simultaneously with when the bill was sent up,” he said. “That gave me a pause. It occurred to me this never had the full engagement from the public. I wanted to make sure the county citizenry supports this and make sure all who are invested in the schools are aware of this.”

There is still ample time to get this done next year and by holding off shoving it forward will allow the community to really discuss the situation. This entire situation again falls squarely back to Bob Culver and his personal war with education. The press to get this done without allowing all of the public to be involved, and not just his whacked out right wing nut job supporters is exactly the reason to hold off as they are the minority.

Easton Police Press Release

March 30, 2015
On March 27, 2015 Antonio Keyser, 41, of Easton, MD was charged on criminal citation with theft under $100. An officer responded to the Kohl's for a shoplifting. The suspect, Keyser, was located behind Easton Plaza Shopping Center and found to be in possession of stolen merchandise from Kohl's. Keyser was released after being issued the citation.
On March 24, 2015 Olga Fuentes, 23, of Easton, MD was charged on a criminal summons with theft less that $1000 and using a false identity to commit theft less than $1000. Fuentes is accused of cashing a check in February 2015 that was not issued to her.
On March 28, 2015 JaVeon Cornish, 19, of Cambridge, MD was charged on a criminal citation with disorderly conduct. Officers responded to the Samuel T. Hemsley Elks Lodge on Glenwood Avenue for a disturbance. As officers were investigating, Cornish was in an adjacent parking lot acting in a disorderly manner. Cornish was taken into custody, issued the citation and released.

Wicomico Bureau Of Investigation Press Release On Armed Robbery Of Dollar General In Pittsville

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Andrea Joyner Obituary


http:// www.bradshawandsonsfuneralhome.com



CASE #​15-MSP-011052​

DATE & TIME: 03/29/2015 0749hrs hours​

LOCATION:​4910 Tulls Corner Road, Marion, MD 21838​

VEHICLE 1: 1998 Red Oldsmobile Intrigue VA registration VAZ5521

OPERATOR 1: Unknown

Vehicle 2: N/A

Operator 2: N/A

On 03/29/2015 at 0749 hours Troopers of the Princess Anne Barrack responded to Tulls Corner Road Marion MD for a vehicle collision. Initial investigation revealed the above vehicle was traveling on Tulls Corner Road when the operator failed to drive within the lane and negligently went off the road striking a homeowner’s mail box and going into a ditch bank were it was unable to continue. The collision was reported at the above time when the homeowner awakened and observed the vehicle in his front yard. It is unknown exactly what time the collision occurred during the overnight hours. No driver was located at the scene. The vehicle is registered to Pedro Garcia Cano a Hispanic male 38 years of age. Attempts were made to locate the owner to investigate the cause of this collision. Anyone with information on this collision is asked to contact the MSP Princess Anne Barrack.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Serious Motor Vehicle Accident in Somerset County Crisfield Highway near the Baptist Church

1 person trapped in a vehicle, possibly 2 ejected from the vehicle. Multiple ambulances responding


Enough Politics This Week Let Bruno Mars Get You Ready For Weekend

2015 National Distracted Driving Campaign

Snow Hill Easter Celebration

Jim Ireton On Don Rush Show

Carl Anderton Press Release On School Board Issue

Downtown Salisbury Easter Egg Hunt Is Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow at 1pm is the Downtown Salisbury Egg Hunt which to me is one of the best events of the year. I have been every year since it started and I will be there tomorrow as well. Be sure to go to http://downtownsbyegghunt.com/ and sign up.

Come join Remedy Church in Downtown Salisbury for the 3rd Annual (FREE) Downtown SBY Egg Hunt! Last year over 800 kids hunted down 20,000 eggs. This year we aiming for 30,000 eggs filled with coupons and special offer from SBY businesses, candy, and prizes. Come enjoy a day in Downtown Salisbury with bounce houses, food, and games...not to mention the Egg Hunt!!!

What Remedy Church and their sponsors do for the Community at this event is amazing. It really is part of a Revitalized Downtown feeling with the Plaza packed with kids and parents. These were some of the pictures from last year to give you an idea of how amazing it is.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Breaking News No Elected School Board For Wicomico County

doesn't make it out of committee

The City of Salisbury has the following openings for City Boards and Commissions:

Vacancies on City Boards and Commissions

The City of Salisbury has the following openings for City Boards and Commissions:

Salisbury Board of Zoning has three (3) openings
Building Board of Adjustments and Appeals has three (3) openings
Central City District Committee has one (1) opening
City Park Committee has one (1) opening
Friends of Poplar Hill Mansion Board of Director has multiple openings
Historic District Committee has two (2) openings
Marina Committee has multiple openings
Mayor’s Council in Support of People with Disabilities has one (1) opening
Recycling Advisory Committee has openings in all four quadrants (SW, SE, NW, NE)
Traffic and Safety Advisory Committee has one (1) opening

If you are interested in applying to fill any of the openings listed above, please send or deliver a letter of interest and/or a resume to the Mayor’s Office located at:

125 N. Division Street
Room 304
Salisbury, MD  21801

Wicomico schools seeking 5.85 percent budget hike

With little or no fanfare, the county’s Board of Education has unveiled a proposed fiscal 2016 budget that increases expenditures by 5.85 percent over the current year, for $10.58 million in additional spending.

If approved with no chances, the school system would spend $191.38 million for the fiscal year.

The school board is asking for $43.11 million from the Wicomico County government, a $2.79 million or 6.73 percent increase over the current year’s allotment.

County education officials are expecting just over $132 million from the state in support of operations and a $12.1 million contribution from the federal government.

Officials don’t like to include the federal number when discussing the budget, because federal monies are directed toward federal initiatives and local educators have almost no discretion on how that money is used.

State funding would increase $4.1 million; federal would rise $2.1 million. The school system also expects it own self-generated revenues to total around $4 million, a $1.57 million increase.

The numbers are by no means final. Several public hearings on the budget are planned; the County Council isn’t expected to announce the county’s appropriation until May 29.

The new budget takes effect July 1.

School board members approved the spending plan on March 10 and the document was submitted to County Executive Bob Culver on March 13.

During the first week of June, schools officials will be reworking the budget, based on recommendations from the executive. That final plan will go before the school board for a final vote.

In an open letter directed to Culver, the County Council and the public, Superintendent John Fredericksen and board President Ron Willey said workforce recruitment and retention made up “the lion’s share” of the requested additional funding.

The pair also pointed out that additional money will be needed to fund negotiated contracts with the system’s four employee bargaining units.

Those negotiations — which the school system regards as confidential — are under way and have to be completed by June.

The figure that seems to generate the most local contention each spring  is the amount the the county gives the Board of Education.

The county’s contribution to school spending was $36.79 million in 2012. It had risen to $40.52 million in 2014, but dropped slightly to $40.38 million this year.

Calculations under the state’s Maintenance of Effort, which use formulas to essentially mandate local contributions to public education, show the count would need to hand over at least $38.07 million for the next year.

Read more here