Friday, October 31, 2014

Jaycees Treat Street An Amazing Event

 Well over 500 children came Downtown tonight for the Jaycees Treat Street event, and it was an amazing time. I also have to say how wonderful it was organized. The line started at Echelon and wrapped all the way around the corner to WMDT which I have a video I will post showing..great time

Jaycees Treat Street Video


Letter To Editor Supporting MJ Caldwell

"Why are people voting for Jimmy Sarbanes?"

Dear Wicomico County Voters,

I have always prided myself on being an active member of the electorate. When the primary season ramped up last spring, I wasn't TOO interested only because so many of the races were "uncontested" and I am an independent, so according to MD state law I can't vote anyway (don't even get me started on "closed" primaries!).

There was one however that I thought I should pay more attention to (especially considering how many signs are in people's yards!) and that is the race for Circuit Court Judge.

I didn't know much about either man, although I recognized both names - well, every MD citizen recognizes the last name Sarbanes - so I decided I would do a little research. I was anxious for the primary results and pleased when I found out I would have the opportunity to vote in the general election.

My question to you....why are people voting for Jimmy Sarbanes?

I know his last name carries a lot of clout around here, but his last name is certainly not the most pressing concern to citizens of Wicomico County.

I ask only because I have been overwhelmingly impressed by MJ Caldwell "on paper" and in person......and not so much with Jimmy.

When researching MJ and talking to his former clients, I found out that he is apparently incredibly qualified. Most people I spoke with threw around the words: "very smart", "hard working", "kind",and "personable" quite casually. I had the pleasure of speaking with MJ when he stopped by my door Saturday (he said he and his son were knocking on doors to speak to people directly - something I appreciate!). I was very excited because I had been wanting to learn more about him for months! After speaking with him for TWENTY MINUTES, I was incredibly impressed and had more or less decided to vote for him. His resume is impeccable compared to Jimmy's and he seemed to genuinely WANT to be a judge, something that most successful attorneys don't often strive to be (based off of oftentimes considerably lower income).

I knew about Jimmy's clerkships 15 years ago (that seems to be his only qualification for being appointed in the first place and he talks about them in the dozen different mailers he has sent to my house), but I am not understanding how that would qualify someone to be a judge. I am aware that it helps understand the perspective, but honestly...is that better than trying over 1,000 (which Caldwell claims to have done) cases in court? I don't buy it, and honestly I don't know who would.

I reserved judgement all the way to the end though. Jimmy was in fact at the polls when I went up to vote this week. I figured this was my opportunity to hear his side of things. I purposefully went out of my way to speak with him and after being confronted by a few older people with Sarbanes information (I don't know who they were), I spoke with Jimmy directly. I was VERY disappointed by the lack of substance. He provided me no reason to cast my vote for him, and honestly almost seemed uninterested in engaging me in conversation. He just "tahnked me for voting". While this was polite, I couldn't believe his seeming apathy.

I walked 10 more feet and unsurprisingly, there was MJ Caldwell, busting his tail, this time at the polls instead of in my neighborhood. He recognized me (which is impressive considering he probably knocked on doors all day), cordially thanked me for voting and I gave him the head nod, he had won me over.......if he only receives one vote this election, it's mine. Because he earned it, and that's how I like it.

Good luck MJ, you deserve the position, and I hope my vote puts you over the top.


I Will Be On WGMD At 4:15

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Politics Is Ugly Business

This has been the most contentious political season I have seen. I don't really care what the haters think about who I do and don't support, because those things never bother me.

Republican supporters want to come after me 24/7 because I refuse to support people who I have personal issues with and I can assure you that will never change.

I will be happy when election day is here and we can get this over with so I can go back to just doing the news like I enjoy. I despise politics and remember what I said when this is over things are going to change on my site.

Letter To The Editor From Lynn Dodenhoff On Mike McDermott

This is a subject that I can certainly speak on, so if I may have a few moments of reflection....What can I say about Mike McDermott? I suppose I should start on a positive note. Mike McDermott did sponsor a Bill that ultimately passed into law "The Sheddy-Bennett Act". I do appreciate his part in the process but lets not forget that this was a joint effort. Lets not forget prosecutors from Wicomico, Worcester and Somerset counties were present to show their support. Myself and Whitney Bennett's mother testified in front of the house and senate. Reliving our daughters murders and cover ups to elected officials that had the power to make a difference in the lives of future survivors of violent crime. This was a common sense law and I was happy to play a part in its passage. Knowing that my daughter did not die in vain is a comfort. However, there is another side, an ugly side, if you will...

My first encounter with Mike McDermott was over the phone concerning my daughters disappearance. I can hear his voice like it was yesterday...Detective McDermott asked me what I needed. I explained that I wanted to be kept in the loop concerning my daughters case. Within moments Detective McDermott informed me that my daughter was a sponge on society because of her lack of work history. He said that she had run off on a drunken drug binge and abandoned her children. He even went so far as to get a warrant for her arrest for child abandonment. Who talks to a mother of a missing person like that? Mike McDermott does. If there is any doubt that this conversation happened, I am here to tell you that it did. Has McDermott ever apologized? No. Do I expect one? No. Do I want one? Not anymore, it really isn't important to me because I have forgiven his words. But make no mistake, I will never forget them.
If this behavior is something you agree with then by all means vote McDermott.

All I can do is share my experience with you.

In closing...I met Jim Mathias once. In those few minutes of introduction Mr. Mathias made me feel as though I mattered and apologized to me for all that my family had gone through with the loss of my daughter. This speaks volumes when character is an issue, and character is indeed an issue! I suppose I have rambled on enough I just thought it important that I speak up about a wolf in sheeps clothing.

Mike McDermott Another Example Of Poor Decision Making

In an effort to show you some poor decisions that Mike McDermott has made to show why he should not be making decisions in Annapolis, I want to share a a story from a Mother who had dealings with him as a Deputy.

The Lady had a Daughter by a Deputy Buddy of McDermott, but due to Marital problems they divorced and the Daughter had nothing to do with her Father. The new Husband of the Lady legally adopted her Daughter and was the only Father the Girl wanted.

Well it seems that one day according to the Mother, at Stephen Decatur High School McDermott shows up goes to the girls classroom and tells her her Father needs to see her. The girl thinking the man she considered her Father was in trouble gathered her stuff up and started to follow Deputy McDermott out of the School.

The birth Father had tried to come get her before which had prompted the girls Mother to alert the School that he had no legal rights according to the Courts to be there. That day Ms McHenry happened to be in the Office and saw McDermott escorting her out of the School and knowing of the issues immediately stopped McDermott from leaving the School with her.

The Mother was called and was mortified to find that McDermott without finding out all the information about the circumstances had decided to help his buddy out at the Sheriff's Department by coming to the School to get her .

Ask yourself is this the kind of person you want as a State Senator? one that can't even use good judgement to find out all the particulars before doing something like that?

There Is Only One Politician That Must Not Be Elected And That Is Mike McDermott

I realize that many people who are conservative are always looking to support the one who they feel will vote more like them, and if biblical speeches with a silver tongue telling the people that show up to support him what they want to hear is your thing, than Mike McDermott fits the bill. However if you want the better human being and the one who hasn't embarrassed the Eastern Shore while serving as a Delegate then Jim Mathias is the correct choice.

Mike represents all that is wrong with Republicans, no ability to work effectively with the opposite party, just slam their fists down and preach intolerance to any ideas that he can't grasp. Things were terrible while he was Mayor in Pocomoke and only improved once he left Office. Multiple occasions he has embarrassed himself and the shore with his antics. He has also been extremely rude and disrespectful to families with missing loved ones. He wants to freely admit being friends with an anti cop blogger and supported him for Mayor. What does that tell you about his good judgment? it isn't there.

The majority of Republicans want to overlook the fact that McDermott is not this great champion he tries to portray himself as. In my opinion McDermott is as slimy as an algae covered water snake. A facade is all you get with Mike. He talks a great game about saving taxpayers money and yet is making close to a 100 grand a year while running around campaigning for this race. I asked Mike if he would willingly show his time sheets so people could see he was working to deserve the salary they are paying him and he refused.

Let Mike continue to give you his speeches with bravado and all the things he knows you want to hear, Jimmy Jones did the same in Jonestown and look where that got him. I would rather support a good man like Jim Mathias who may be a Democrat but one who is able to cross party lines than a silver tongue serpent Jimmy Jones wannabe.

WGMD Debate Will Be On First

Unsure how long it will run so may not make Air

Taxpayers Pay Bob Culver To Cut Ribbons and Be In Parades NEW STORIES WILL BE BELOW

Bob Culver Republican For County Executive and biggest waster of Taxpayer dollars on the County Council.  Over the past 4 years Bob has asked for over  5,565.50 in reimbursements for travel expenses. The only other Council members that have asked for any reimbursements are Gail Barktovich who asked for 34 Dollars over the 4 years,Joe Holloway asked for 508.79 and Sheree Sample Hughes asked for 555.86.

Bob has taxpayers reimbursing him for cutting ribbons and attending Christmas parades. Bob says and I quote from his press release regarding the expenses. "The bulk of the travel expenses I have submitted reflect the weekly trips to Annapolis to represent our County". and " There have many times when I have been the only Council member or one of the few Council members present."

The details of his expenses show that is a lie, and I have went through many photos of these events he asked for mileage to see who else was present and when you scroll below this ridiculous list of taxpayer reimbursements to the conservative save the taxpayer dollar Bob Culver you will see all the other Council members who were able to be part of these events without asking for the taxpayers to pay them for it.


Sheree Sample Hughes, Gail Barktovich, Bob Caldwell and Joe Holloway at 2011 Salisbury Festival. Guess what no request from any of them to be here

Sheree Sample Hughes, Stevie Prettyman, John Hall and Gail Bartovich at 2012 Pork in the Park, again no other member in this photo asked for the taxpayers to refund them to be there.

Don't Forget I Will Be On WGMD This Afternoon At 4:15


I want you all to just remember as your planning to vote this week that a vote for Bob Culver is a vote for Joe Albero. If you want your complaints to the County to be on idiots website then by all means vote Culver. If you want Albero to have access to all the County records then by all means vote Culver.

Bob Culver is the main supporter and supplier of information to his best bud, the one who is more animal than human.

On three different occasions that I know of Bob Culver has taken communications and shared them with Albero.

1. 4 years ago when running for County Council I approached Bob with the price of an ad on my site as I do all candidates running for Council. He immediately forwards that to Albero to make a post on.

2. When discussions were ongoing about the Bennett Middle project I sent a letter to the County Council which was promptly forwarded to Albero.

3. I send in a foia for expense reports of Council members and the moment Bob is notified his guilty conscience has him again run to ...his BFF Albero.

Do you want a County Executive who will forward your emails to Albero for fodder? because that is Bob Culver

You want to be party loyal because Bob is a republican and yet is getting reimbursed for being in parades and cutting ribbons and even for traveling 5 miles. What kind of "conservative" asks taxpayers to pay his gas back for that crap?

You want to complain about Rick Pollitt using money for food or whatever, and yet that is part of his job perk of being County Executive. It is his choice what to do with that, Rick has never been anything than Rick, he hasn't played I'm conservative blah blah blah like Bob and get busted for doing what he complains about.
Character needs to be way more important to Republicans than just being blind party sheep and voting because there is an R behind his name. Take a look at the word

those words are not part of Bob Culver's bio regardless of his party. Rick Pollitt I trust completely because he has character and I would rather have a good man with Character that isn't the same party as me making decisions than someone lacking it but has the proper letter after their names.

Lowereasternshorenews.com Proudly Endorses Laura Mitchell and Matt Holloway For County Council At Large

Lowereasternshorenews.com proudly endorses Laura Mitchell and Matt Holloway for Wicomico County Council at large.

Addie Eckardt For State Senator District 37

What a terrific representative for the Shore , Addie is amazing.

Lowereasternshorenews.com Endorses Josh Hastings For County Council

Lowereasternshorenews.com endorses Josh Hastings for Wicomico County Council. Josh brings to the table fresh ideas and a younger perspective to the future of our County.

Lowereasternshorenews.com Endorses Johnny Mautz and Chris Adams For State Delegate District 37B

Lowereasternshorenews endorses Carl Anderton Jr For Maryland House of Delegates 38b

Carl brings new energy to this important job representing the Eastern Shore, it's time for change . I do want to make full disclosure however since some have called me out on it that yes Carl is related to my Wife, but that isn't why I endorse him

Lowereasternshorenews.com endorses Mary Beth Carozza For State Delegate District 38C

Lowereasternshorenews.com endorses Mary Beth Carozza For State Delegate. Mary Beth will do an amazing job representing the Citizens in her District and I fully endorse her for this job. 

Lowereasternshorenews.com Endorses Charles Otto For State Delegate District 38A

Lowereasternshorenews endorses Charles Otto for State Delegate District 38A. Charles is a great representative for the Eastern Shore in Annapolis. I proudly endorse him for another term as State Delegate in District 38A

Last Day Of Early Voting

Last day to early vote, I am going to go through these local races starting today with my recommendations

It's Not The Party It's The People

If there is one thing that it seems hard for people to understand, it is the fact that the character of the person is far more important to me than their party affiliation. I'm going to put this out there as I always do.

I agree almost 100% with Republican beliefs. I am opposed to gun control, gay marriage and the Government regulating everything. I also am opposed to abortions unless in the case of incest or rape. The problem I have with Republicans is it seems the majority of active political ones are assholes. I find them to be the most disagreeable people when you try to have a conversation. Democrats are friendlier its a fact. This isn't 100% but a good 85% accurate.

Put a Republican in a room like a Greg Belcher or Mike McDermott and tell them you support anything they are opposed to and they will become like pissy little School children and call you names like RINO. You could sit down with Jake Day, Josh Hastings, Rick Pollitt and tell them you are opposed to what they are trying to do and they can be civil and still share a good talk with you. Look what happened when Stevie Prettyman did the right thing and voted for new Bennett, the Republicans started name calling.

There are a few Democrats that can be unfriendly as well, but on the whole they are nicer people. I refuse to support or vote for someone I think is an asshole it's that simple. They could get elected and promise me 500 bricks of gold I still wouldn't vote for them. It speaks to their ability to be reasonable which is the #1 thing you must be to work in politics. You must be able to listen to all sides even if you disagree.

There are some really good Republican examples locally of what I respect. Matt Maciarello, Matt Holloway, Charles Otto. Party Sheep that will just blindly vote for the D or The R are the real problem in this Country. A persons Character is the #1 thing I look at before I cast my vote, even if I disagree with a majority of what they do. I would rather vote for a good person who I disagree with than a total asshole who believes the same things I do.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


John Alan Stull
John Alan Stull
(October 29, 2014) – The Ocean City Police Department has charged a Pittsville contractor with theft and other related charges this week, after he failed to complete at least two construction jobs. The contractor, who has been identified as John Alan Stull, 49, took deposits totaling thousands of dollars from victims and then failed to complete the jobs.
Ocean City police officers were contacted on October 25 by an individual who stated that she contracted Stull to complete work on her home in September 2014.  The victim reported that Stull was contracted to replace the roof of her private home and was paid $1,900 as a deposit. Stull never began the work and could not be reached by the victim. Charges against Stull are pending in this case.
During the investigation, detectives determined that Stull had previously been charged with similar theft crimes. On July 18, 2014, Ocean City detectives began an investigation after a victim reported that Stull had been paid over $10,000 to replace the stairs of a local condo building. After more than two months had passed, Stull never started the job and the victims attempts to contact him were unsuccessful. In this case, Stull was charged with theft and other related charges. Stull failed to appear in court in this case and is currently wanted. 
The Ocean City Police Department Criminal Investigation Division is asking citizens that feel they may have been victimized by Stull to contact Dfc. David Whitmer at 410-520-5390 or dwhitmer@oceancitymd.gov.