Friday, August 18, 2017

Wicomico County Fair Is Open!!

Ribbon cutting just took place...get out and enjoy

It's Time For April Jackson To Step Down

It is really time for April Jackson to step down from her Council seat. There has been nothing but controversy since she has been in office, from family members being arrested to her insulting mentally challenged people. The latest of her getting into a fight with a lady is honestly enough already. She is embarrassing the constituents she is supposed to represent .

I had hoped when April had decided to run that she would be a great representative for her community considering her family history in the area. I supported her to get the seat and honestly regret it more and more when this crazy behavior comes out. April please resign and get your life together and allow the council to appoint someone who can act in the professional manner the position deserves.

Throwback To Ocean City History

Merlins Video Kingdom Ocean City Skateland

I collect older coins and this is one of my favorites

Confederate Monument Petition Story Continues To Spread Across Country

To say it's been a busy period behind the scenes is an understatement.Since I started the petition to leave the General Winder monument at the Courthouse lawn, I have been interviewed from all across the Country ever since the Charlottesville situation occurred. I did want to say that most have been professional while others obviously wanted a slant to the ideas behind our movement here locally.

I did want to mention one that I need to share now that this situation has quickly escalated nationwide. I have been asked numerous times in regards to my supporting keeping it at it's current location if I had been in contact with David Duke? are you freaking kidding me. The idea is in their minds that if we want it to stay then we must be white supremacist . I have made it clear to so many different news organizations across the Country that I despise the kkk and people like Duke. The support for these monuments and markers has never been about racism to me and most who are active fighting the liberal hordes.

Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson Charged with Assault

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Please help us to spread the word.. Concerned citizens will be assembling to voice our support in keeping all of Confederate Civil War historical markers intact and in place, at the next county council meeting Sept. 5th. In Salisbury, Maryland at 6:00 p.m. We will be met with opposition from SURJ Delmarva a branch of Black Lives Matter, we need as many boots on the ground as possible.. we must stop this liberal aggression by the radical left and their bullying tactics. They brought their requests for removal to the county council last night and demanded that the confederate monument at the courthouse be immediately removed, that night! We will not give into their demands or wavier from our continued fight to preserve our history and historical markers. Please... this is your chance to stand for freedom and for our Veterans who gave their very lives preserving it! Share! Show! Organize and bring your groups! Make your voices heard!!!! SAVE OUR HISTORY!!! WE NEED YOU!

September 5th 6:00p.m.
Government Office Building
Room 301
125 N. Division Street
Route 50 & Division Street
Salisbury, MD 21801
Please share and sign our petition in favor of keeping our historical markers intact.…

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

General Winder Marker Under Surveillance

There are CAMERAS all over that area so anyone who starts thinking about messing with will be videoed and arrested

Governor Larry Hogan Announces Judicial AppointmentFills Vacancy on the Somerset County Circuit Court

ANNAPOLIS, MD - Governor Larry Hogan today announced the appointment of Daniel Powell to the Somerset County Circuit Court. The governor made the appointment after reviewing submissions from the Judicial Nominating Commission for Somerset County.

“After conducting a thorough vetting process, I am confident that Mr. Powell is the most qualified candidate to fill this vacancy,” said Governor Hogan. “His wealth of legal knowledge has prepared him to serve with distinction and to be a strong advocate for justice for the people of Somerset County.”

Daniel Powell is currently serving as the State’s Attorney for Somerset County; he has held this position since 2011. Prior to his current position, he was a prosecutor for most of his career, spent three years in private practice as a civil litigator, and served three years as the County Administrator for the Board of County Commissioners for Somerset County. Mr. Powell received his bachelor’s degree from Salisbury University and his J.D. from the University of Baltimore School of Law.

Will losing Dumsers Hurt Oc Boardwalk?

With the ruling today that the town of oc can tear down the Dumsers building near beginning of Boardwalk you think it will be better or worse

Comment Worthy A Post On Race Relations

There are two sides to what happened in #Charlottesville Yes, the KKK is a hate group, but not everyone who opposes the destruction and desecration of Confederate monuments is a Klan supporter or a "neo-Nazi." The left is pushing this false narrative and hatred. They're destroying and tearing down historic Confederate monuments across the country. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other leftist thugs have been openly attacking police and Trump supporters, but the fake news media will not report this. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are worse than the KKK. Thank God for President Donald J. Trump for exposing the haters on the "alt-left" and their enablers in the fake news media

Are Confederate Monuments Doomed?

Since this topic is of special interest to me as the founder of the petition to keep the General Winder marker at the current location of the courthouse lawn, I wanted to write further about this ongoing battle happening across the country. 

The liberal left is using the outrage at the Charlottesville situation to make the final push Country wide to remove all monuments and memorials. Liberals are taking it upon themselves to knock markers over, and many politicians including our own Gov Hogan are caving into the pressure from the left to remove them or be branded a racist.

I can only speak for myself in the fact that I stated clearly that white supremacist are just as bad as the black lives matter people, and yes President Trump was correct in saying both sides are the problem. I wrote articles for Civil War magazines and the soldiers in that war were the bravest and all fought for varying reasons.

General Lee was one of the most honorable men in our US history and to see his memory being attacked by people that only think honoring him means we want slaves back is truly sad.

The left is always louder and force people into situations like Governor Hogan found himself and that is having to either denounce the monuments or as stated be called racist. 

I want the brave men to be honored for their courage for fighting what they believed in and just see this tide turning against people like me that disagree because we are obviously racist if we want them to be left alone.

I get tired of being told I have "white priveledge " This is what most white people are sick of. We are given no special treatment in modern times and there haven't been slaves in this country since long before anyone still alive would remember.  Why do we have to continue to feel obligated to make black people feel better about something that happened way before our time. Nobody thinks slavery was a great idea, it was disgusting but this is 2017 not 1867. Black people are given more opportunities now because people are afraid of not giving them something out of the same fear as Gov Hogan...being labeled a racist. Now they hold the power with that simple word that means if you are white and want to stand up for yourself then you are obviously racist . This is what we have come to in this Country. 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Somerset county police chase thru fruitland headed into Salisbury.

Somerset county police chase thru fruitland headed into Salisbury.

Jeep liberty high rate of speed started in Somerset .....Somerset just called it off

Suspects Sought In Wicomico Co. Murder August 15, 2017

(Salisbury, MD) — Maryland State Police are searching for the suspect or suspects responsible for the murder of a man in Wicomico County last night.

The victim is identified as Arthur William Smith, 31, of Salisbury, MD.  He was pronounced dead while in route to Peninsula Regional Medical Center.

The preliminary information indicates two or more suspects, were involved.  Investigators from the Maryland State Police Homicide Unit and the Salisbury City Police Department are working to obtain additional information.

Just before 10:00 p.m. last night, police officers from the Salisbury City Police responded to the 800- block of Gettysburg Street in reference to a 911 call reporting a shooting. Upon their arrival, they found the victim, later identified as Smith, lying on the ground in the front yard of a residence suffering from at least gunshot wound.

The Maryland State Police Homicide Unit was called by the Salisbury City Police Department to lead the investigation. Investigators do not know at this time if the victim was the intended target of the suspect.

State Police investigators worked throughout the night and are actively continuing their investigation today. Additional assistance is being provided by the Maryland State Police Forensic Sciences Division and the Salisbury City Police Department. The investigation is still on going.

Anyone with information about this shooting is urged to contact Crime Solvers Of   The Lower Eastern Shore. They offering up to a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.  The Crime Solvers can be contacted at 410-548-1776.  Tipsters can also call the Salisbury Police Department at 410-548-3165.


CAN YOU HELP? Detectives with our Criminal Investigation Division are attempting to locate this driver/vehicle of interest in regards to a burglary case that happened in Pittsville on July 29th. If anyone can help with the identity or location of the driver/vehicle, please contact CID at 410-548-4898.

Salisbury MSP Press Release On 15 Year Old Fatality

Salisbury Barrack

2765 N Salisbury Blvd

Salisbury, MD 21801



Type of Incident: Single Vehicle Collision Involving Pedestrian

Date and Time: 08/14/2017 932 PM

Location: EB RT 50 @ Martin Luther Drive, Wicomico County

Vehicle: 2004 GMC Yukon

Driver: Melanie Beth Peterson, 42 YOA, of Wilmington, Delaware

Pedestrian/Injuries: Juvenile Male, 15 YOA – Pronounced Deceased at PRMC

Charges: None at this time


On August 14, 2017 at approximately 2132 hours, troopers were sent to a single vehicle collision involving a pedestrian located at westbound US Route 50 at Martin Luther Drive, Hebron, Wicomico County, Maryland. When troopers arrived on scene, they made contact with the occupant of the vehicle to check for injuries as EMS was caring for the juvenile pedestrian.

Preliminary investigation revealed the male juvenile ran into the roadway, stumbled and fell prior to being struck.  Alcohol on either party was determined to not be a factor.  The investigation is continuing at this time.  

The juvenile was transported PRMC and later succumbed to his injuries.

Troopers are asking any witnesses to contact the Salisbury Barrack at 410-749-3101 or email at  

Seton Center volunteers donate to Lower Shore Shelter

Seton Center volunteers donate to Lower Shore Shelter

On behalf of 30 volunteers from Seton Center, Catholic Charities in Princess Anne, Julie Williams (left), program secretary, and volunteer Winfield Leatherbury (second from left) present a donation to members of the Somerset Committee for the Homeless, Inc. to support the Lower Shore Shelter. Accepting the donation are Jim Porter, chairman, and Dick Scott, vice chairman, along with committee members Brandi Horner, Tashia Rubart, Charlotte Jones, Genniece Cropper, Rudy Drummond, Charlotte Scharf, Rudy Drummond, Sr. and Kathy Maloney.

Each summer Seton Center holds a volunteer appreciation event at which the organization presents its volunteers with a small memento as a thank you for their service. This year’s volunteer appreciation event was an ice cream social. While the organization was preparing for the event, several volunteers suggested donating the money that it would spend on mementos - $3 per person – to another deserving charity. At the ice cream social, small presentations were made about several local charities and volunteers dropped their ticket into the jar that was set up for whichever organization they wanted to support. Thirty volunteers selected Lower Shore Shelter, donating $120.

“I find it amazing and heartwarming that these people, who give so freely of their time and energy, were so generous to turn down anything for themselves in favor of helping others,” said Williams, who also serves on the committee.

Scheduled to open later this summer, the Lower Shore Shelter is located on Somerset Avenue in Princess Anne and will serve Somerset and the surrounding counties. The shelter is a 16-bed facility that will accommodate individuals and families in need of a safe place to stay.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Jeffrey Gunderson Missing Over 9 Years......

Today I want to focus entirely on one case..Jeffrey Gunderson.

8 years since Jeff went missing.

Jeff has been missing for 8 years and as time continues to advance it becomes more important that ever for his story to be told. 

Jeffrey was just living his life that day 8 years ago, from the police report he had made a pot of coffee and put his cell phone on charge. I have spoken to his girlfriend Lola many times about the case and it breaks her heart everyday not having closure to this case. Lola left that day around noon and Jeffrey was fine just doing his thing, but when she returned several hours later she noticed his vehicle was still in the driveway, the backdoor was open and Jeffrey was no where to be found. The Coffee Pot was still on, his phone was still on charge , his medications and cigarettes lay where he had set them earlier. Jeffrey was never seen again.

Jeffrey was known to cash his Social Security checks in the beginning of the Month and from time to time pay people to cut his grass or do some yard work. 

Someone out there has heard something or knows something that can close this case and give closure to his family and friends. I ask you to please share this post 

Ultimate Blogger Challenge To Joe Albero

I am making a dedicated post to challenge Joe Albero once and for all for one blog to live and the other to die. If Bob Culver wins re-election I will permanently shut down forever, on your end if he loses you shut down forever. That is a fair offer. What say you Albero

The Sun's Geo-affective Nature

Do you recall back to being taught about the Sun, and sunspots? I would speculate that you were sold the sad idea that sunspots were “dead areas” on our star. Well I’m happy to report that the Sun’s “little” spots aren’t indicative of death at all. Sunspots are the polar opposite of what we think of when considering dead things. Death implies a certain lack of activity. And sunspots are dynamically active regions of electromagnetic interactive potential. But before you believe this discussion is only to report that sunspots are more than we were led to understand, let’s move on.

Al Gore is the unofficial spokesman and champion of climate change hysteria. Please note that the term “global warming” is no longer appropriate. But Al Gore is also a whore, toiling to promote the economic modeling opportunity of selling you guilt by blaming mankind for cyclical climate changes. And there is quite a chasm dividing society on the subject of the global climate sciences. Some folks have gone so far as to suggest that the “science is settled”. It’s not. But let’s move on.

Did you know about the predictability of earthquakes? Were you aware of the direct causal relationship between earthquakes and the Sun? It’s a relatively new theory that’s gaining demonstrated momentum with each Earth-facing coronal hole. Scientific theories are difficult to prove; they’re typically only supported. However, theories can gain the necessary traction of support to eventually get proven into the realm of being laws. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not claiming to be able to accurately predict earthquakes, not yet. Nor am I claiming to be of expert status on climatology or solar functions; my comprehension of the former might be greater than the latter, but neither is advanced enough to be an authority. My Science background informs my critical thinking capacity beyond what I may be told to believe. I’m still learning. Are you?

Sunspots and coronal hole streams represent only the tip of the old iceberg when discussing the Sun’s geo-affective nature. Our planet is known to be magnetically tied to the star. So there must be tremendous effect resulting from the cosmic marriage.

And speaking of icebergs, the 91 newly discovered volcanoes situated around the western coast of Antarctica could easily make water from the immense ice inherent to the mysterious continent. You may now be intuitively wondering whether or not the Sun may affect volcanism; it does. So I’m sorry, but I can’t feel responsible guilt for earthquakes nor volcanoes. The Sun did it. And I pronounce the Sun guilty as charged.

Republican Party Will Not Support Bob Culver For Second Term

The word is out that Bob Culver will not be receiving an endorsement for a second term from the Republican Party.

Two candidates are in the pipelines waiting to announce,  both of which currently hold elected positions. Bob has been such a buffoon and disappointment that everyone is leaving his sinking ship...time is running out for you Bob

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville My Thoughts

As the person who started the petition drive to keep the General Winder monument on the Wicomico County Courthouse lawn, the events yesterday surrounding Charlottesville were very troubling.

Violence has no place in these discussions on markers and monuments.  Passions are high and believe me I get it, but that is simply not the way.

The real issue is extremists on both sides that ultimately end up hurting their own cause by these actions. We need rational sensible people to discuss these very important matters .

Please continue to pray for the people and families of all affected by this sad event.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Road Closures Around Area

City road closure/impassable roads update as of 7:18pm:
- West Road from Isabella to Boundary Street
- Bell Island Trail: no passage
- Northwood Drive: traffic is being rerouted
- portions of South Park Drive from Beaglin to Memorial Bridge: traffic is being rerouted
- Rt. 13 and Priscilla Streets
- Hammond St.
- Fitzwater St. from Pemberton to Delaware
- Mitchell Road from Main St. to Parsons Road
- Jersey Road by Salisbury Middle School
High tide happens at 7:30pm
Please don't risk your safety by driving through high water. Report any flooding issues to our Field Operations at (410) 548-3177 and utilize 911 for emergencies.
Our crews are working round the clock to repair and remediate. Please keep an eye out for them while you are traveling.

Delmarva's News Leader? Try Copy and Paste King


I have to say I have laughed so hard recently with reports from high school dropout and general miscreant Joe Albero that his blog is the news leader here on Delmarva. I decided to take yesterday and actually go over and document each post and see how much was actually news from him.

public service announcement
link to zerohedge
link to chicagotribune
link to breibart
link to capitalgazette
link to dailymall
lost dog
department of justice press release
funny picture
link to destatenews
dsp press release
link to the nation
link to destatenews
link to zerohedge
link to simplecapacity
link to newbostonpost
link to wtop
link to dailycaller
link to ice press release
link to american thinker
link to ice press release
link to the daily sheeple
link to the washington times
link to the dailysheeple
link to foxnews
youtube video ed klein
link to foxnews
link to octoday
link to breibart
link to pacaf
link to startribune
link to breibart
a picture of ship
oc press release
link to breibart
link 2 abcnews
link to patriotpost
link to dailymail
link to infowars
link to breibart
link to nytimes
link to mdcoastdispatch
link to breibart
linik to dailysheeple
link to the gatewaypundit
link to newsmax
freethink youtibe video
link to dailymail
tgif post
copy of jamie dykes facebook post regarding running
how make air cond at home youtube video
wicomico heath department press release
a photo for easy solution to north korea problem
salvation army reopening flyer
gov hogan press release
post comparing clintons and trump
a joke
link to dailycaller

That was all that was posted yesterday. I wonder how you are the news leader when 90% of your content is links to other news agencies. They do the work and write the reports and all you do is link to it. It is so sad to see someone so mentally ill that nobody loves him enough to try to get him some help. Joe has been on a serious mental decline the past few years and people can clearly see it each day. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Culver's unnessecary press for term limits

In another spat with the County Council, Culver steps outside of his role as Executive and has the County Council's press release removed from the County Website.  It is not the County Executive's role to determine what Council information is released or not released, that is up to the Council's leadership.  Culver is now worried about people who may be moving here and their opinion?  He should be more worried of the countless local business people who do not trust him and do not want to do business with him.

Bob was quoted in the article - “People are tired of the way things are going,” he said, adding that setting term limits is a way to fix the problems.

Yeah Bob Culver people are tired of your lack of integrity, vision, unprofessional attitude and vulgar language against numerous local officials who may disagree with you on certain issues.  So the point is - people are tired of you Bob Culver.  It's your term that needs to be limited.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club 2017 Responsible Dog Ownership Day

Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club
2017 Responsible Dog Ownership Day
31663 Winterplace Parkway, Salisbury, MD

Saturday, August 19th, 2017
8:00 a.m. to Noon

You and Your Dog On Leash Are Invited! Children are to be accompanied by an adult.

Dog Walk…Blessing of the Dogs…K-9 Demos
8:00-9:15        Registrations for Salisbury MD Kennel Club Charitable Trust “Dog Walk” - Dog and Handler $20.00, additional Dogs $5.00 each (Tax Deductible). Proceeds benefit purchase of oxygen kits to resuscitate pets from smoke inhalation for Fire Departments, Police K-9 Safety Vests, as well as heat sensor units for K-9 Police Vehicles.  
8:45                 “Blessing of the Dogs” by Rev. David Michaud followed by Dog Walk at 9:30
10:15               Fire Department Presentation with “Billie the Dog”
10:30               “Meet the Breeds Parade;”
11:45               Parade of Rescues & Adoptees – Bring your dog on leash to participate! Ribbon & Certificate awarded to each entry 
“CGC” Canine Good Citizen Testing, $10.00 per dog – Until Noon
Demos: Obedience, Freestyle “Dance with your Dog,” Agility     
·       “Ask the Doc” Dr. Heather Brooks, Wicomico Veterinary Hospital will answer any pet health related questions
·       Wicomico Humane Society with adoption information
·       Nail Trimming by Cary Murray
·       Animal Wellness Expert- Dr. Jaclyn Wolinski
·       “Pets on Wheels” – Local therapy dogs that make a difference
·       Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club info, who we are, what we do and classes offered
·       “Pat & Chat” - a chance to ask questions about the breeds and dog ownership
·       And finally a wonderful Raffle Table – Drawing at Noon – Need not be present to win!

Jim Ireton Makes It Official Will Run For Clerk Of The Court

Jim Ireton announced tonight he will be running for the Clerk of The Court job next year after Mark Bowen retires. I am gonna support Jim a thousand percent for this job. Think about it seriously. Jim gets this out of the way job he will out of politics and the entire area will be the better. I fully support Jim and he will have my vote next year.

Comment Worthy A Post On Bob Culver Financial Issues

Mr. Taylor I would like to tell you about something that happened a few months ago that you may have missed. It seems as if Bob Culver wanted to clear up some old debts. A company named Bennett Const. has a judgement against Culver.(see Md court case filing) and he is making some buddies for next years election. So he makes a deal to give them half off tipping fees at the county landfill. The problem is he has to get the county council to go along. The council doesn't buy in and they don't even vote on it but Culver does it anyway. Bennett starts hauling sending dozens of loads a day and an alert Councilman see's the trucks. Now Bennett is mad as hell and doesn't drop the judgement and Culver has given away almost a hundred thousand dollars in free tipping fees.The taxpayer loses.

Body Discovered At Best Western

Person has been there for 2 weeks. Last seen a week ago so they went to check on him and he was decomposing.

Reports of Bob Culver dropping F-Bombs at Muir Boda

Over the course of the past couple of days we have received several messages concerning Wicomico County Executive Bob Culver confronting Salisbury City Council Vice President Muir Boda in the Government Office Building on Tuesday.  Several individuals witnessed or heard the incident and reported that Culver called Boda a "F@$&ing A$$hole"along with some other things that were said with the F-Word clearly audible.  On Wednesday Boda issued an apology to Culver for comments that were made during the City Council work session where the Fire Services Agreement was discussed.

After reviewing the video, Boda, along with other members of the Council expressed frustration about Culver wanting to make changes to the territory so the Unlucky Station Number 13 can have a district.  Boda offered to personally walk the letter down to Culver's office.  Our view is he was not out of line and did not need to apologize.

We contacted Boda and he confirmed the confrontation did happen and stated he holds himself to a high standard in his conduct on the Council in both what he says and does.  When asked if Culver had replied to his apology and apologized to Boda for his remarks, he stated "He has not replied."

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Used Fire Engine With New Stickers Will Be For Sale Soon

A fire engine that will not fight a bunch of idiots

Salisbury says no to 'ridiculous ' fire territory changes

Salisbury City Council members said they do not want to award territory to volunteer firefighters who broke away from the Salisbury Fire Department’s Station 1 and plan to abide by the fire service agreement with Wicomico County. Council President Jack Heath called efforts of County Executive Bob Culver to award an area outside the Salisbury Bypass to the firefighters “ridiculous.”

read more here

Monday, August 7, 2017

Wicomico County 2018 Filings

Republican Club President Shawn Bradley (R) officially filed for Clerk of the Court today.  He joins Democrat James "Bo" McAllister (D) who is currently an Assistant State's Attorney for Wicomico County.  Salisbury City Councilman Jim Ireton (D) will be announcing his candidacy for the same office on Thursday in Downtown Salisbury.

Acting Wicomico County State's Attorney Ella Disharoon (R) has been actively campaigning for the election of the current office she holds, she has not yet filed.  Ella was appointed to her position after Matt Maciarello was appointed by Governor Larry Hogan as a Judge to the Wicomico County Circuit Court.  Former Wicomico County Assistant State's Attorney Jamie Dykes(R) has been campaigning for the State's Attorney job but has yet to file.  This will make for an interesting Republican Primary.

Judge Maciarello and Judge Kathleen Beckstead have both filed to retain their judgeships on the Wicomico County Circuit Court.  They are running as a slate and are not running against each other.

Sue Bromm and Jared Schablein have filed to run for the Democratic Central Committee.  Shawn Bradley and Nate Sansom have both filed for the Republican Central Committee.

Salisbury: Fencing Ordinance Fails Final Passage

The Salisbury City Council held a special session today prior to their regularly scheduled work session for the second reading of the Fencing Ordinance.  This issue drew the ire of residents and a few landlords who showed up to multiple meetings.  Council Vice President Muir Boda chaired the meeting and called for a motion on the ordinance however none of the council members present made a motion which resulted in the ordinance failing as the sixty day time limit from the first reading will expire before the next legislative session.

Video Of Salisbury Tornado

escheitlin84 video

Possible Tornado Damage In Salisbury Maryland

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Conspicuously Controversial Case Of Fluoride

Were you aware that fluoride is the subject of considerable scientific controversy with regard to its “medicinal” applications?
Have you ever heard of an outfit calling themselves the Fluoride Action Network (FAN)?
Did you know that this country is in the diminishing minority of those choosing to subject their citizens to the neurotoxic molecule?
How do you feel about being systematically dosed with the neurotoxin without your consent?

When I was a university student, I recall being intuitively curious about how this tiniest halogen, having the greatest degree of electronegativity, might have any potential health benefit. Electronegativity refers to the relative tendency of a molecule to attract electrons.

The government initiated the widespread introduction of fluoride to the masses in 1945, by mandating its inclusion in municipal drinking water; municipalities began poisoning their populations by fluoridating the water. What else happened in 1945? That was the year that USA dropped atomic atrocities on Japan. Soon thereafter, adding tiny atomic atrocities to drinking water supplies was a calculatedly covert conspiracy. I wonder about the coincidental timing of the commencement of the fluoridation program, as well as the subsequent development of another fluoride delivery vector, toothpaste. By now, I don’t exactly suspect there was much of a coincidental happenstance at all.

Science is no stranger to the concept of controversy. Fabricated data and manipulated interpretation form the bedrock of haphazard science, or fraudulent findings being reported in research papers. Peer-reviews offer some checking and balancing in trying to curb the flow of some of the most egregious fraud being accepted for publication in the reputable science journals. However, bogus research squirts through peer-review, gains scientific acceptance, and becomes “real” with disconcerting frequency. Furthermore, sometimes the data might demonstrate evidence contrary to the desired conclusion, and it gets squelched. This is Science’s corrupt version of a three card monte game; the ace is stuffed away without anyone watching being wise to it. Fluoride is one of those shady aces; it got slipped into the nearest ace hole.

If you would, please take a quick peek at your toothpaste labeling, you’ll notice a dire warning; it won’t take too long to find the alerting words, CONTACT POISON CONTROL.

They are aware that it’s poisonous, yet they keep ramming it down our throats, and letting it leach into our blood due to its tiny molecular structure.

Fluoride has various industrial uses, such as with aluminum smelting, Fluoride has only one biological use: poison. The FAN is working hard to help curb the practice of governments “medicating” nonconsenting citizens. I’m sure the FAN would also love to expose the government’s abuse of the ace hole.

Friday, August 4, 2017

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Wicomico County Clerk of the Court Race is heating up

With one individual having already filed, Assistant State's Attorney James "Bo" McAllister, there are several other individuals who are openly talking about running.  McAllister, a Democrat, is likely to be challenged by Salisbury City Councilman and former Mayor of Salisbury Jim Ireton in the Primary.  Ireton is expected to officially announce in the next week or two.

On the Republican side Wicomico County Republican Club President Shawn Bradley has created a Facebook Page for his potential Clerk of the Court bid.  He can expect a challenge in the Primary as well, as other are quietly mulling a run.

There could also be someone from inside the Clerk's Office who will likely run.  One thing is for sure, this will be an interesting race.

New Aerial Of Refurbished Downtown Salisbury Standpipe