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Video And Photos From Today's Press Conference On Station 1

Help Wanted

Can anyone tell me who is driving the car in these photos?

Stay Tuned Later For More Video And Photos

Bullshit Bob Press Release On Station 1 Situation




Salisbury, MD … I am very supportive of all Wicomico County Fire Department Volunteers and appreciate all that they do.  The decision made by the Salisbury Fire Department Volunteers was a personal choice of theirs.  I have been advised that the Salisbury Fire Station #1 is being manned 24/7 with a paid crew so there is no lapse in coverage.  At this point in time the decision to establish another station for the Volunteers will be made by the Fire Chief’s Association. Currently the Fire Service Agreement is being negotiated with the City of Salisbury and I am positive that we will come to a fair and equitable solution for all parties. 

Cambridge Shuttle Service

The City of Cambridge is partnering with the Maryland Department of Tourism and the National Park Service to provide a free shuttle service to the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center on March 11 from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.


Parking is limited, and attendance is expected to be large. The shuttle and family-oriented events are all free to the public.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info.




Brandon Hesson

(410) 221-6074

I Support Jake Day 1 Million Percent

If you think leaving comments negative toward Jake is going to change my mind or others you are an idiot. I personally stand 1 million percent with Jake on this issue. Jake has the best interest of Salisbury in his mind everyday, do I agree with everything he does? hell no and I tell him , but nobody will agree with everyone completely. There are not many people that I have met that have as much integrity as Jake on doing right by people. Don't like Jake? I don't give a damn...

Look at the other moron running the County, don't even begin to compare

Susie Stiltner Missing...

Imagine the person you love more than anyone in life just vanishing without a trace. You never hear their voice again or see their face, hear them tell you they love you. Now imagine 4 years going by and not knowing where this person is. This is the lift that the loved ones of Susie deal with every day of their lives since she went missing. I ask you please if you know anything or heard anything about Susie, call the police or leave me an anonymous comment and I will share it with them..

A Ride Through Salisbury Poverty Area Part 1

Ignore time and date stamp

4PM Question And Answer

Don't forget today at 4pm I will be going live on my facebook page to answer your questions. You can leave them here or ask me live...

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Salisbury Police Guarding Station 1 From Thieves And Traitors

The traitors at Station 1 fire headquarters who tonight turned their back on the City of Salisbury have seen their locks changed and police on hand to stop any theft of equipment ..

I will have so much more on this tomorrow

Worcester County Sheriff Press Release

Worcester County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release



On February 19, 2017 at 1306 hrs, A Worcester County Sheriff’s Office Deputy observed two vehicles off the roadway on Bishopville Road.  The Deputy pulled behind the vehicles to check the welfare of the occupants. 


During a conversation with the driver, Carl Lee Fadely III, 55, of Bishopville Md., and Valerie Ann Mulikin, 58, of Bishopville Md. The Deputy observed suspected Heroin and paraphernalia in the vehicle.


Both occupants were placed under arrest for possession of a controlled dangerous substance and paraphernalia. Both subjects were released pending trial.

Building Collapse In Salisbury

BUILDING COLLAPSE In the area of Naylor Street and Brown Street Station 2 (Salisbury), Station 1 (Salisbury), and Station 16 (Salisbury) has been alerted. Use caution in the area.

Julia Glanz Named New City Administrator.

Salisbury, meet your new City Administrator, Ms. Julia Glanz! Julia has served the City since April of 2015. She is a Salisbury resident, and a graduate of Salisbury University, having received her undergraduate degree in Business Management in 2011 and her Masters in Conflict Analysis and Dispute Resolution in 2013. Before coming to the City, Julia worked for AFSCME representing Maryland State employees. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Salisbury University Alumni Association, and gives her time to volunteer to support veterans with the America’s VetDogs.

Julia has been the Acting City Administrator since December, 2016. On Tuesday night, in closed session, Mayor Day sought the advice and consent of the City Council, per City Charter. Julia's appointment was approved unanimously.

Trump set to lift federal transgender bathroom guidelines

The Trump administration is set to repeal protections put in place by the Obama administration that allow transgender students to use restrooms and other single-gender facilities that match their gender identities. From the Washington Post:

In a letter to the nation’s schools, administration officials plan to say they are withdrawing guidance issued by the Obama administration that found that denying transgender students the right to use the restroom of their choice violates federal prohibitions against sex discrimination, according to a draft of the letter obtained by The Washington Post.

“This interpretation has given rise to significant litigation,” states the two-page draft, which indicates that the Education and Justice departments plan to issue it jointly. The draft says administrators, parents and students have “struggled to understand and apply the statements of policy” in the Obama-era guidance.

Editor's Note: I am so please with the progress President Trump has been making with his campaign promises to Make America Great Again. This is a great step to get rid of this liberal policy.

HEARING ALERT: Road Kill Bill Repeal

HEARING ALERT: Road Kill Bill RepealEmergency Legislation to Repeal Legislative Mandated Scoring System Which Threatens 66 Top Priority Transportation ProjectsNote: Senate Budget and Taxation Committee to Hold Hearing on SB 307 on February 22, 2017, 1:00 PM   
"This disaster of a law will wreak havoc on our state transportation system and usurp important authority away from local governments and away from the executive branch of state government, giving authority instead to lobbyists and special interest groups. I will not stop fighting until this catastrophic bill is repealed.”  - Governor Larry Hogan,  February 7, 2017
After Eight Years Of Neglect, Governor Hogan Has Kept His Campaign Promise To Improve Maryland’s Roads And Bridges
Candidate Larry Hogan: “We’re Going To Focus On Building Roads, And That’s Something This Administration Has Not Done.” (Michael Dresser, “Governor Candidates Are On Separate Tracks,” The Baltimore Sun, 9/17/14) 
  • In The 2017- 2022 CTP The Hogan Administration Has Invested $14.8 Billion In Transportation Projects; 60% ($7.8 Billion) Of Which Toward Roads And Bridges. (Maryland Department Of Transportation, 2/21/17)
  • Currently, Over 1,000 Transportation Projects Totaling Nearly $8 Billion Are Under Construction Across The State - The Most Ever In History. (Maryland Department Of Transportation 2/21/17) 
  • In June 2015, Governor Hogan Announced $1.97 Billion In Funding For 84 Highway And Bridge Projects Across The State. (Press Release, “Governor Larry Hogan Announces $1.97 Billion In Transportation Funding,”Office Of The Governor, 6/25/15)  
Governor Hogan Has Been An Outspoken Critic Of The Road Kill Bill; Disastrous Legislation Does Nothing To Move Maryland Forward
In His Veto Letter, Governor Hogan Criticized The Lack Of Transparency When Passing The Bill; Stated That Authority Would Be Stripped From The Executive Branch And Local Governments. “In a worrying preview of what could happen in future years, this bill was constructed in a secretive and haphazard manner with enormous input from political pressure groups but with no real thought and no meaningful input from the Department of Transportation. The obvious intent of this legislation is to severely limit the decision making of local governments, to strip the Executive Branch of its authority over transportation decisions and to create new mechanisms to divert taxpayer dollars away from highway infrastructure. Vague and imprecise language as well as multiple technical problems associated with the implementation of this bill only further diminish the quality of what was already poorly conceived legislation.”  (Letter From Governor Larry Hogan To Speaker Mike Busch: HB 1013, Office Of The Governor, 4/1/16)
Governor Hogan Announced His Intention To Fight For The Repeal Of The Law At The Maryland Association Of Counties (MACo) Summer Conference
At The 2016 MACo Summer Conference, Governor Hogan Called For The Repeal Of The Transportation Scoring Bill. Governor Hogan: “Let me reassure you that our administration will continue to fight on your behalf and we will push for the repeal of this terrible legislation. We will continue to do everything in our power to ensure that the top priority transportation projects of every single county will continue to move forward. But we cannot do it without each and every one of you standing up and fighting with us so that these desperately needed priority projects can continue to move forward.” (Governor Larry Hogan Remarks At MACo, 8/20/16)
The Road Kill Bill Will Cancel 66 Of 73 Top Priority Projects In Maryland
Governor Hogan: “If this law is not immediately repealed, the vast majority of jurisdictions in our state would immediately lose their priority projects.” (Remarks, “Road Kill Bill Repeal Press Conference,” 12/14/16) 
  • All But 7 Of 73 Major Transportation Projects Across The State Will Be Canceled If The Road Kill Bill Is Not Repealed. (“Chapter 36 Implementation,” Maryland Department Of Transportation, Accessed: 2/20/17)  
  • If Road Kill Bill Is Not Repealed, Only 4 Jurisdictions Would Receive Any Funding For Projects. “Chapter 36 Implementation,” Maryland Department Of Transportation, Accessed: 2/20/17) 
Members Of The General Assembly Have Backed Away From Their Strong Support Of The Law; Realized The Law Is Unworkable And Have Acquiesced To Changing The Law 
Senate President Mike Miller Stated That He’d Be Willing To Make Changes To The Road Kill Bill. “Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said Wednesday that he's open to making changes to a transportation scoring law detested by Gov. Larry Hogan…” (Ian Duncan, “Maryland Senate President Says He’s Open To Changing Transportation Scoring Law, If Governor Asks,” The Baltimore Sun, 1/25/17)  
Senator Guy Guzzone: “If There Are Places That Could Be Tweaked To Address Some Of The Concerns That You Have, We Would Be Willing To Look At That. We Want This To Work.” (Bryan Sears, “Rahn, Md. Lawmakers Butt Heads On Transportation Scoring Bill,” The Daily Record, 11/18/16)  
Senator Richard Manno Suggested That The Members Of The General Assembly Would Be Willing To Work With The Hogan Administration On A Compromise On The Regulation. “Some supporters of the law say they hope it will provide an opportunity to work out a compromise with the governor. ‘We’ve extended an olive branch to the governor and (Transportation) Secretary (Pete) Rahn, seeking their ideas since they’ve expressed discomfort with the legislation,’ said Sen. Roger Manno, D-Montgomery and co-chairman of the joint Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review Committee.” (Bryan Sears, “Hogan, Md. Lawmakers To Collide Over Transportation Law,” The Daily Record, 12/11/16)   
Delegate Sandy Rosenberg Suggested That He Was Open To Repealing The Law. “We don’t end with repeal,’ Rosenberg said. ‘The goal of this group is to see how the Virginia statute could be enacted here with appropriate modifications for Maryland’s situation.’” (Josh Hicks, “Md. Lawmakers Signal Interest In Va. Model For Transportation Funding,” The Washington Post, 11/18/16)  
Misguided Legislators Have Consistently Stated That The Road Kill Bill Is Advisory Only
Speaker Mike Busch: “There’s nothing in this (law) that would make the governor fund or not fund anything. It just asks the administration to prioritize.” (Amanda Yeager, “Hogan Makes Overturn Of Road Project Scoring His ‘Top Priority’,” Capital Gazette, 12/14/16)  
Delegate Brooke Lierman: “Gov. Hogan seems to be creating his own fake news… It’s just a score, and that shows to us, the taxpayers, how we’re spending our money in a transparent way.” (Erin Cox, “Hogan Vows To Fight Maryland ‘Road Kill’ Law,” The Baltimore Sun, 12/14/16)
Delegate Karen Lewis Young: This action lacks merit because there is nothing in the bill that precludes the governor from funding whichever project he pleases.” (Karen Lewis Young, “Critics Of State Transportation Bill Took A Few Wrong Turns,”The Frederick News-Post, 1/13/17)
Delegate Mary Ann Lisanti: “To tell the public that two projects are not going to be funded is inaccurate… you can’t lose something that you don’t have.” (David Anderson, “End To ‘Road-Kill Bill’ Remains Top Priority For Most, But Not All, Harford Legislators In 2017 Session,” The Aegis, 1/18/17)    
In February 2017, MACo Voted To Support Governor Hogan’s Call To Repeal The Road Kill Bill
MACo, The Non-Partisan, Non-Profit Organization That Advocates On Behalf Maryland’s 24 Jurisdictions Voted To Support Governor Hogan’s Call For A Repeal Of The Road Kill Bill. “The Maryland Association of Counties (MACo), a non-profit and non-partisan organization that advocates on behalf of local governments to the Maryland General Assembly, has voted to support Governor Larry Hogan’s call for a full repeal of House Bill 1013, more commonly known as the Road Kill Bill… The vote to support Governor Hogan’s repeal legislation took place on February 1. MACo’s membership consists of county elected officials and representatives from Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City.” (Press Release, “Maryland Association Of Counties Stands With Governor Hogan On Road Kill Bill Repeal,” Office Of The Governor, 2/7/16)    
Road Kill Bill Repeal
Road Kill Bill Repeal Legislation Calls For the Repeal Of this Disastrous Law; Noted That The Regulations Required by the Law Will Result In The Cancellation Of 66 Transportation Projects Across The State. “WHEREAS, The prescriptive regulations and their imminent implementation required by the law passed during the 2016 legislative session make it impossible for projects statewide to be scored and evaluated equally, resulting in the cancellation of 66 projects across the State; now, therefore, SECTION 1. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF MARYLAND, That Chapter 36 of the Acts of the General Assembly of 2016 be repealed.” (“Senate Bill 307,” Maryland General Assembly, 1/20/17)   

Appeals Court Upholds Maryland Ban on Military-Style Weapons

A federal appeals court upheld a Maryland ban on military-style rifles and large-capacity magazines on Tuesday, ruling that such arms are beyond the shelter of the U.S. Constitution. Other courts have upheld restrictions on military-style rifles, but the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals went further, ruling unequivocally that such arms “are not protected by the Second Amendment.” The ruling applies only to states that comprise the Fourth Circuit: North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.
The 9-4 ruling is almost certain to be appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court. The justices turned away previous requests to review lower court rulings on rifle bans, but the Fourth Circuit’s ruling, with its broad language, may prove irresistible.
click here for full story

EDITORS NOTE:This is a pathetic attempt by Liberal Maryland to keep us from our guaranteed 2nd Amendment rights. There is nothing in the Constitution that gives limits as to what an individual can own for their personal protection. 

Illegal Dumping On Byrd Road In Somerset County

Raising Public awarness of anybody dumping their trash on any road will be fine. Byrd Road has been notorious for dumping people's personal trash. Any information on the persons dumping trash down this road please contact the City or County Police officers.
The County dump fees average $60 a year getting caught is a $1000 fine.

Ocean City Police 2016 Review

Temporary Closure Planned for Sports Core Pool in Ocean Pines

Temporary Closure Planned for Sports Core Pool in Ocean Pines

A temporary closure of the Sports Core Pool in Ocean Pines is set to start on Sunday, March 5th at 2pm, due to routine maintenance. The Sports Core Pool is projected to resume normal hours of operation on Wednesday, March 8th. The original scheduled closure for the pool was scheduled until March 9th, but the extended closure is not necessary.

The facility offers a large, year-round heated indoor pool with a slide, large stepped entry, spacious indoor & outdoor sundecks and loungers. The Sports Core Pool hosts fitness classes, swim lessons, and special events for all ages and is perfect for birthday parties.

Peninsula Home Care, Ocean Pines Police Spread Heart-Health Awareness

Peninsula Home Care, Ocean Pines Police Spread Heart-Health Awareness

One local company on Delmarva is celebrating American heart month by raising awareness for heart disease with the help of the Ocean Pines Police Department.

The staff at Peninsula Home Care (PHC), a licensed and certified in home health care, are teaming up with the Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce and the Ocean Pines Police Department to encourage residents to have their hearts checked and commit to heart-healthy lives.

According to the Heart Foundation, heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. It is also one of the most preventable.  Making heart-healthy choices, knowing your family health history and the risk factors for heart disease, having regular check-ups and working with your physician to manage your health are ways folks could combat this often silent killer.

Ocean Pines Police Chief David Massey is helping to make a difference in the Ocean Pines community by sporting his red PHC hat throughout the month of February.

Photo Caption: Suzann Spurgin, RN, Peninsula Home Care (L), Chief David Massey, Ocean Pines Police (Middle) and Ginger Fleming, Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce Executive Director (R)

Millsboro Man Arrested for Burglary of Car Dealership

Millsboro Man Arrested for Burglary of Car Dealership

Jeffrey S. Cannon

Presented by Public Information Officer, Master Corporal Gary Fournier
Frankford – Detectives with the Troop 4 Criminal Investigations Unit have arrested a Millsboro man for burglary and other related crimes after he broke into a used car dealership twice within two weeks.
Jeffrey S. Cannon, 41 of Millsboro, was arrested on Friday February 17, 2017 after detectives were able to link him to two separated burglaries that occurred at The Used Car Factory, located at 34322 DuPont Boulevard.  The first incident occurred on January 23, 2017 when the front door was smashed to gain entry.  Once inside, Cannon is alleged to have removed more than $250.00 cash from a register till along with two diagnostic scan tools valued at $5,000.00 a piece.  A second incident was reported on February 3, 2017 when once again the front door was smash open and upon making entry, two separate desks were ransacked, causing damage to a computer.  Cannon then removed various tools valued at more $9,000.00 from the shop and damaged a car hood that was in for repairs before fleeing the business.
A search warrant was conducted at his residence and detectives were able to recover some of the items that were stolen during both heists.  Cannon was charged with two counts of Burglary 3rd, two counts of Possession of Burglary Tools, three counts of Theft over $1500, three counts of Theft under $1500, and four counts of Criminal Mischief.  He was arraigned at JP2 and committed to Sussex Correctional Institution on $16,400.00 secured bond.
Released: 022117 1405


Salisbury City Police Shoplifting Arrests

Bob Culver Makes 87,000 Blunder

Bob Culver decided to go ahead and allow a half price discount to one waste hauler without County Council approval on the matter. The County Council discussed this in a Sept. 6 meeting but when it was discovered only one business would actually receive the half price discount the bill died and was never voted on.

Marc Kilmer a true conservative voice on the Council busted Bob big time by asking him how it got past him since it was his responsibility to read and sign all legislative bills. Bob Culver claimed he signs " a lot of things" and the error wasn't his fault.

The over 87,000 "error" is just the latest example of blunders in the Culver administration

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Salisbury Sanctuary City??

The Weekend Anti Trump groups next goal is to make Salisbury a sanctuary city...will it never end with these losers

I Have Asked The County Council About The Hiring Of Jennifer Albero

Is there any investigation that can be made into the hiring of Jennifer Albero for a Wicomico County staff position. It is a known fact that Joe Albero owner of sbynews and Bob Culver are friends, and I wonder how many better qualified candidates applied for the job given to Albero's wife Jennifer?

This may be just cronyism but it's worth the question.

State Police Arrest Suspect Involved In Somerset County Homicide

State Police Arrest Suspect Involved In Somerset County Homicide

(PRINCESS ANNE, MD) — Maryland State Police arrest the suspect responsible for the murder of a 26 year old woman in Somerset County last December.
The accused is identified as Rodney Columbus Christopher, also known as “Mookie”, 35, of Princess Anne. He is charged with first degree murder and other related criminal charges. Christopher was arrested in Baltimore at 6:00 a.m. this morning.  He was transported to Somerset County Detention Center where he is currently being held without bond.
The victim, identified as Tawanda L. Blake, 26, of Pocomoke, Md, was pronounced dead shortly after 2:00 a.m. on December 17, 2016 at Peninsula Regional Medical Center. Autopsy results ruled Blake’s death as a homicide by a single gunshot wound.
Early this morning, investigators from the Maryland State Apprehension Team and the United States Marshal’s Service located Christopher in Baltimore City.  Throughout the investigation, police learned he was staying at a relative’s apartment, where he was subsequently apprehended without incident.
Just after 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, December 17, 2016, troopers from the Princess Anne Barrack responded to a shooting at the American Legion in the 31000-block of Perryhawkin Road in Princess Anne.  Blake was found lying in the parking lot.  Emergency medical personnel responded and transported her to the hospital, where she later succumbed to her injuries.
State Police investigators from the Criminal Enforcement Division at the Princess Anne Barrack and the Homicide Unit took the lead in the investigation.  Blake was the only victim hit when several shots were fired on the parking lot.  There were several other people present at the time of the incident.
As investigators continue the investigation, anyone with information about this shooting is urged to contact Maryland State Police at the Princess Anne Barrack at 443-260-3700. Callers may remain confidential.

Rodney Columbus Christopher, aka “Mookie”

End of The Road For Boulevard Motors Building

Demolition is under way on old Boulevard Motors Building on North Salisbury Blvd

Northside Fire And Police Station Plans

SPD SUV Change As Per Previous Post