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Lowereasternshorenews.com endorses MJ Caldwell for Circuit Court Judge

Lowereasternshorenews.com endorses M.J. Caldwell for Circuit Court Judge. M.J. has the experience to handle the heavy workload that a Circuit Court Judge has to deal with.

Lowereasternshorenews.com Endorses Johnny Mautz and Chris Adams For State Delegate District 37B

Lowereasternshorenews.com Endorses Charles Otto For State Delegate District 38A

Lowereasternshorenews endorses Charles Otto for State Delegate District 38A. Charles is a great representative for the Eastern Shore in Annapolis. I proudly endorse him for another term as State Delegate in District 38A

This Afternoon I will Be Doing My Final Recommendations For November 4th Elections

This afternoon I am closing the door on the local political races by making my final recommendations for the voters and moving onto the news itself. Be sure to vote November 4th and I will have full coverage of the early voting and election day itself with the results, but I tire of the nonsense, so lets get it out of the way and move on .

Jocori Scarborough Guilty Of Second Degree Rape

Incredible Wicomico County Council Expenditure Reports Showing Massive Reimbursements To Bob Culver

Click on image above to enlarge. The document shows the Council expenses from 2011 forward.

Only 4 Council Members asked for Reimbursements for Expenses. Gail Barktovich, Joe Holloway, Sheree Sample Hughes and Bob Culver.

Gail Barktovich asked for 34 Dollars over the 4 years
Joe Holloway asked for 508.79
Sheree Sample Hughes asked for 555.86

As much has been made regarding expenditures of Rick Pollitt and members of the Board of Education this insane amount of taxpayer reimbursement to one Council member is beyond mind blowing. 

I was not even going to make a post of this because I wanted things to just play out but the fact that Bob's guilty conscience made him go to his buddy to post a rebuttal for fear of what I might post changed my mind. I hadn't even received all the info I had asked for yet from Melissa so I was in no way ready to make the post as I wanted more detail of the costs, but since he has now openly admitted to gouging the taxpayers to cover his travel costs to thousand of dollars It deserves to be posted. 

Mike McDermott Terrible For Victim's Families

Mike McDermott is absolutely one of the worst Police Officers when it comes to thinking of Victims families.

For all you die hard Republicans that are blinded by the R after a name, how about considering Mike McDermott from a human prospective instead of by his rhetoric he spews to you.

Mike McDermott has a terrible holier than thou chip on his shoulder that shows itself when he is not giving his song and dance to the sheep that fall on his every word..

Christine Sheddy a beautiful Mother of three small children who had been murdered and buried behind the bed and breakfast is a perfect example. Mike McDermott in the process of his shoddy Police work decided that he was going to judge Christine as garbage because of her lifestyle choices by telling her mother Lynn Dodenhoff that she was a sponge on society and insinuated that she had run off on a drug and booze binge and had just abandoned her children.

The entire time Mike was saying these things to her Mother, Christine had been murdered and buried away from her family and loved ones. This clearly regardless of how much you love his bs politics speaks of his character.

This is not the only time McDermott caused a victims family pain, thanks to a viewer tip and some investigation on it I also want to bring up the Charles' Phillip's case.

Mike McDermott in his role as Deputy continued to interview Charles after he had asked to speak to an attorney in regards to the murder of William Niblett.When the case made trial and the family had to sit in the courtroom and listen to the horrid details of the case and got the verdict they had hoped for had to then be informed that they had to do it all over again  because of McDermott not stopping an interview when the Defendant asked for an Attorney.

Mike McDermott thinks he is better than you, his entire life looking down at people that he thinks are inferior to him. This is not the kind of person we need in Annapolis representing the decent folk of this area. I want someone that will sit with victims families and not pass judgement on their lifestyle like McDermott does.

That person is Jim Mathias

Somerset County Sheriff's Office reports most recent arrests

Joseph Allen Burdine of Salisbury, arrested 10-7-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Burdine was released on an unsecured bond.

Troy Scott Kale of Deal Island, criminal summons served 10-11-14 for 2nd degree assault. Kale was released on signature pending court actions.

Shontell Lanise Bivens of Princess Anne charged 10-12-14 for driving without a driver’s license. Bivens was released on citation.

Logan Lee Snyder of Princess Anne, arrested 10-16-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Snyder was held on a $1,600.00 bond.

Lee Emanual Bolden of Salisbury, arrested 10-20-14 on a warrant for violation of probation. Bolden was held on a $25,000 bond.

Maurice Turner 3rd of Princess Anne, arrested 10-20-14 on a warrant for failing to appear in court. Turner was held on a $250.00 bond.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tomorrow Morning I Will Have An Explosive Post Of Investigative Reporting That Will Change Things


Salisbury Chamber Of Commerce Meeting November 5th

Breaking News On Troy Durham

Troy Durham the man behind the lawsuit against Sheriff Bobby Jones who was in the news a few months back for some activity involving a check welfare of a lady he was seeing , now finds himself facing possible termination over his activities surrounding that case.

A Disciplinary Board today found him guilty and recommended his termination from the Somerset County Sheriff's Department. He is suspended with pay pending a decision by the Sheriff on what course to take with Troy.

Natural resource police graduation

Officer Gina Tyler graduates the Natural Resources Police Academy Saturday, the 18th after 28 weeks of intense training.  Gina Tyler, a native of Somerset County recently left the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office after serving for three years, pictured from left to right, Deputy Danny Tyler (retired DNR officer) Sgt. Billy Bradford, Officer Gina Tyler, Officer 1st class Troy Brimer (DNR officer) Deputy Tommy Shores (retired DNR) and Deputy Victor Kulynycz  (retired DNR)

Letter To Editor On Wind Turbine Issues

DUKE ENERGY's Shirley Wind Turbines Declared a "HUMAN HEALTH HAZARD"

DENMARK, WI - At the October 14, 2014 Brown County Board of Health meeting, a motion was unanimously approved declaring the Shirley Wind turbines a "Human Health Hazard". The text of the unanimously approved motion reads:

"To declare the Industrial Wind Turbines at Shirley Wind Project in the Town of Glenmore, Brown County, WI. A Human Health Hazard for all people (residents, workers, visitors, and sensitive passersby) who are exposed to Infrasound/Low Frequency Noise and other emissions potentially harmful to human health."

We applaud the integrity of the Brown County Board of Health in the work they have done to carry out their mission to 'promote individual and community health'. They have been deeply involved in trying to resolve the public health crisis that has existed in the Town of Glenmore since Emerging Energies of Wisconsin built the industrial wind project there in 2010. The project has been sold twice since its construction and is now owned by the renewables arm of Duke Energy, with Wisconsin Public Service purchasing the electricity.

Since the erection of the 8 turbines in Glenmore, among the largest in the United States at just under 500 feet tall, three families have vacated the homes they still own and complaints involving over 75 people in the project area have been filed with the Brown County Board of Health (including affidavits representing over 50 people that have been submitted to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin). The root of the complaints and the home abandonments are the conditions created by Shirley Wind, allege the residents.

The declaration of Duke's Shirley Wind turbines as "Human Health Hazards" follow a year long study linking the signature of inaudible low frequency noise (created by the passing of the massive turbine blades past their supporting towers) to the homes that have been abandoned and to the homes where people continue to suffer. The Board of Health was asked to look at the study's raw data, the evidence linking the sound data to the wind turbines, peer-reviewed medical research and the complaints of the people living in the conditions around Duke's Shirley Wind project. They looked at the facts, they listened to the residents, they studied the medical literature, and then made the connection between Shirley Wind's operations and the suffering in Glenmore - declaring the wind turbines a "Human Health Hazard".
The Brown County Board of Health, the Brown County Human Services Committee, and the Brown County Board of Supervisors have all taken action on the wind turbine issue over the past four years. When resolutions have been sent to the State of Wisconsin to conduct the studies that their own PSC-funded testing called for, nothing was done. When emergency relocation aide was requested for those families forced from or suffering in their homes, the request was ignored. When they endorsed the 'Wisconsin Citizens Safe Wind Siting Guidelines' which includes science-based protections from low frequency noise, they were summarily dismissed. Brown County has now recognized this as a public health issue caused by the operation of Duke’s Shirley Wind.

The State of Wisconsin has stripped the right of towns and counties to responsibly site wind turbines in their own communities and have created state-wide siting rules with little protection for families forced to live in wind projects. The State refuses to recognize the health impacts around its existing wind turbine installations and draft better protections for future projects. By ignoring these impacts, they are dooming more communities to the same fate as the Town of Glenmore.

Susie Stiltner Missing

Boy Scouts of America Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast set for Veteran’s Day

Boy Scouts of America Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast set for Veteran’s Day

Salisbury, MD – The 2014 Boy Scouts of America Duty to God and Country Prayer Breakfast will be held on Veteran's Day, Tuesday, November 11 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center in Salisbury. The keynote speaker will be Major General James A. Adkins, Adjutant General of Maryland.

For over 104 years, Scouting's young men have declared on their honor to do their best in their duty to God in the Scout Oath. We are reminded in the twelfth point of the Scout Law; to always be reverent. Sir Baden Powell, founder of Scouting said, "Duty to God is an integral part of the Scouting program. There is no religious side to the Scout movement. The whole of it is based on religion; that is on becoming aware of God and His Service." The event will honor God and the over 10,000 youth on the Delmarva peninsula who pledge their duty to God. The community is invited to celebrate the 12th point of the Scout Law - "A Scout Is Reverent."

Doors open at 6:45 a.m. and the event will begin at 7 a.m. Tickets are $30 per person and are available at http://www.delmarvacouncil.org/event/1605254.

SPD Shoplifting Arrests

City Of Salisbury Continues Inspecting City Services This Week

The City of Salisbury Department of Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance, Salisbury Police Department, Salisbury Fire Department, Department of Public Works, and the Department of Building Permits & Inspections will be performing a saturation of City services in the Areas of Buena Vista Avenue to Washington Street and over to Snow Hill Road during the week of October 20 – 24, 2014.

During this effort, City departments will educate property owners and residents about property maintenance codes, available City services, and provide smoke detectors to those in need. The Department of Public Works will be performing street sweeping, tree trimming, water & sewer cleaning and inspections, sewer flushing, and spraying weeds with the weed busters program. The Salisbury Police Department will have the Princeton Avenue Substation open to the public during this effort.

“This effort continues our work in the areas between College Avenue and Snow Hill Road.” noted Mayor Jim Ireton. “Public Works is cleaning and maintaining streets, Salisbury Fire Department is making residences safer for citizens, the police are engaging in community policing initiatives, and Neighborhood Services is improving the quality of our housing stock. We build on the tremendous effort of the last saturation in Princeton Homes, which made it possible for us to identify street lights that needed fixing, potholes in streets, houses that were vacant and unregistered, and quite a few vehicles that hadn't moved in a long time. We appreciate citizens opening their doors and partnering with us in our efforts to increase the quality of the health and safety of our citizens.”

Any questions can be directed to Susan Phillips, Director, Neighborhood Services & Code Compliance (410) 341-9550.

Worcester County Sheriff's Office Needs Your Help

On August 17, 2014, the below pictured subjects utilized a stolen credit card to make several purchases at the Berlin Wal-Mart. Surveillance video was obtained and showed the suspects using the card and the vehicle that they were operating. 

The Worcester County Bureau of Investigation is attempting to identify the above pictured suspects. Anyone with information regarding their identities is requested to contact the Worcester County Bureau of Investigation (410-632-1111).

Jocori M.Scarborough Trial Begins Today

Jocori Scarborough is accused of raping a female student in Parkside High School . He has pleaded not guilty. His trial begins in today in Wicomico County

Easton Police Press Release

October 20, 2014
On October 19, 2014 officers responded to an accident involving a ambulance at Dover and West Streets. Harvey Greenwald, 74, of New York was driving a mini-van on Dover Street, stopped at the stop sign and then pulled into the path of the ambulance. The ambulance, a Talbot County EMS unit was traveling on West Street just after leaving the hospital. There were no patients on the EMS unit at the time of the accident. There were no apparent injuries, however the EMS workers went to the hospital afterwards to be checked. Both vehicles had to be towed. Greenwald was charged with failing to yield the right of way.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dead Thresher Shark Washed Up On Assateague

Thanks to  OCEARCH facebook page for the answer to species

Lowereasternshorenews To Deliver Some Powerful Posts This Week.. Stay Tuned

Why Does Worcester County States Attorney Beau Oglesby Need A Fully Police Decked Out Chevy Tahoe

example of Beau Oglesby Vehicle

As a Republican in Office Beau Oglesby certainly doesn't seem to care about the taxpayers. Upon his election the first thing Beau had to have was a fully police equipped Chevy Tahoe like the one shown above to drive around in. The Somerset County State's Attorney nor the Wicomico County State's Attorney use a vehicle funded by tax dollars and yet Beau had to have one with all the goodies like a Police vehicle. He is not a law enforcement officer and does not need to waste the taxpayers dollars on this.

Mike McDermott Can't Stand Facts

Mike McDermott faced with the facts regarding his salary increase is trying to play typical slimy word games to wiggle out of being caught doing the very things he complains about. This a quote from Mike McDermott in response to the pay raise.

"The Mayor of Pocomoke City does not possess a vote...not even to break a tie. Therefore, it would have been impossible for me to “vote myself” a salary increase. Only the City Council Members can make that decision. At the time, their decision was unanimous."

Mike do you think we are stupid? or are you hoping that the naive out there don't now how things worked in Pocomoke when you were Mayor?

Russ Blake the City Manager of Pocomoke and yourself have been buddies for a looong time. You claim the salary review board made the recommendation to raise the salaries, but it is up to the Mayor and City Manager to present items to the Council to vote on. That means you had some hand in presenting the recommendation for the raise.

Let us play Devil's advocate here and believe you were so angelic and had nothing to do with it, then Mike why did you accept it???You took that money as quickly as it was put out there. Knowing this was coming out of  taxpayers pockets and the fact you were making above 75 thousand dollars a year playing Deputy you could have very easily refused the increase, but guess what you didn't which makes what was stated by Mcdermottfacts.com  the truth.

And by the way Jim Mathias cut his own pay