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Susie Stiltner Missing Person


This is the bike Susie was last seen leaving withss2

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Cathy's Pet Salon Getting Raw Deal UPDATE


I have to say I have seen lots of things go down in this area, but the way that people are coming down on Cathy's Pet Salon ranks up there. This video had made it's way around facebook for days and then of course the other blog. I cannot believe people are ostracizing and threatening this business for absolutely nothing except the vendetta of a neighbor with anger issues.

If you watch this video there is absolutely nothing wrong with anything in it. The dog in question is bothering another dog as can be clearly seen. The lady has a wiffle ball bat, not a stick or a pipe or  deadly weapon. It is no different and actually less hurtful then a rolled up newspaper . That is someone else's dog being bothered. We don't see the entire day video of how many times this dog being aggressive or overly playful has bothered this dog. What if she did nothing and the other dog got hurt? then people would be bitching she didn't do anything.

The lady didn't beat the dog for goodness sake give me a break, when he walked away his tail went right back up which clearly shows he is not mistreated. These same people that go on facebook complaining about children not getting disciplined anymore then lose their minds when a dog needed discipline. Cathy's pet salon is a locally owned business that helps our community and to have such nastiness aimed at them is just something I cannot sit idly by and allow to happen. These people love animals and have dedicated their lives to caring for them and to have this non example of a dog getting beaten being used by a neighbor with an agenda honestly sickens me.

Show Cathy's some love, they need your support.

Letter To Editor Regarding Special Needs Student And Education Concerns

I have thought about posting this for quite a while. Many of you know about the struggles that I have had with my son and his success in his school environment. I have withheld many details because I tried to deal directly with with the people and agencies responsible for his education. I have had countless meetings with school and board of education officials. But, the reality is that I am offered many platitudes and assurances that issues will be corrected, but no real action to ever deal with what happened to him has been accomplished. I have contacted the school, the Board of Education, law enforcement agencies, child services, the department of juvenile services, community advocacy agencies, the press and several attorneys. Everyone seems to agree that what has happened to Jed is a travesty, but no one seems to be willing to step up to actually correct the situation. So, I am posting this on social media in the hopes that someone will join me in this cause. The people that have directly harmed my son need to be held accountable. Something needs to be done in this county to ensure that other special needs kids NEVER have to endure what my child has endured. Here is Jed's story. If you feel so moved, please contact me. What has happened to Jed has happened and I will deal with that. I am his Mom, that's my job. But, in the future, I don't want Jed or any other child to ever have to experience what he has experienced this last year. This is the letter I sent to the county Board of Education.  I am leaving all names in this narrative because these people need to be held accountable for their actions. Share, share, share this story. If you know these people personally, ask them why they behaved in such a deplorable manner.  This is his story...

My son Jedidiah Allard, is a third grade student at Delmar Elementary School.  Some of you are aware of the situation regarding Jed and some are not.  As of this date, my son is not attending school because Delmar Elementary School is no longer a safe and secure environment for him.  Jed is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and ADHD/ADD.  He has attended Delmar Elementary since kindergarten and has had an IEP and BIP in place since that time.  During his time at Delmar, Jed has excelled academically but he has needed continual work on his social and behavioral issues. 

I am going to provide you with some background on Jed's situation so I can address my immediate and pressing concerns.  During his second grade year there was an incident when Jed was escalated and acting out.  An administrator was called to assist during this episode and the administrator that responded was Mike Bievenour.  During that encounter Mr. Bievenour picked up a hard backed book, threw it at Jed and struck him in the side and chest.  A staff member reported the incident to Social Services and an investigation was completed. The police decided not to charge Mr. Bievenour for the incident because it did not "rise to the level of abuse". Immediately after the investigation was closed, Mr. Bievenour was placed back at Delmar Elementary.  This man's presence in the school has been a major trigger for Jed since this incident.  Jed asked only for an apology from Mr. Bievenour so he could put the incident behind him and move on.  This request was made several times last year and even into this year.  That request was never granted. As a result, Jed's anger and resentment over the incident has continued to escalate.  Approximately two months ago, Jed encountered Mr. Bievenour when he was going to one of his "safe rooms" to de-esclate. When Jed saw Mr. Bievenour he kicked him in the shin and tried to hit him with his jacket.  Mr. Bievenour's response to this incident was to contact the school SRO and have Jed charged with assault and battery. This was a turning point for Jed.  The anxiety and fear associated with being at school has significantly and steadily increased since this incident and his behavior has escalated, to include leaving school grounds on two separate occasions, which he had never done before.

As a result of him leaving school grounds, he had another encounter with a school SRO, Deputy Farmer on 4/11/17.  Their first meeting seemed to go well as Deputy Farmer was able to talk with Jed about the dangers of leaving school and about making better choices. Two days after this encounter, Deputy Farmer happened to be in the building when Jed was having a meltdown. Jed's one-on-one called the office for assistance.  Upon hearing the call, Deputy Farmer made the decision to try and talk to Jed again instead of allowing the school to follow the procedures already defined in Jed's IEP and BIP.  In Jed's agitated state, he refused to respond to the officer's requests to talk.  Deputy Farmer then handcuffed Jed and transported him to the hospital under EP protocol.  The following Tuesday, 4/18/17, Jed was once again having a meltdown and once again Deputy Farmer happened to be in the building and once again Deputy Farmer inserted himself into Jed's situation when the one-on-one contacted the office for administrative assistance with Jed instead of allowing the school to follow the procedures already defined in Jed's IEP and BIP.   Again, Jed refused to talk to Deputy Farmer.  As a result, Jed was handcuffed once again and taken this time to the Sheriff's Office and placed in a holding cell. Criminal charges are pending against my son for both of these incidents. That same day, Jed and I met with Michelle Meyers, Judy Nicholson and Ryan Kessler at the Board of Education offices.  During this meeting Jed was able to express the anxiety and fear he feels every time he enters the school.  He was able to communicate his level of resentment and anger over the situation with Mr. Bievenour and how he was not able to put aside those issues because nothing had ever been done by Mr. Bievenour to apologize or even acknowledge that his actions were wrong. 

Whenever Jed enters the school, he feels physical symptoms caused by his anxiety and fear. His ability to cope while at the school has deteriorated to the point of daily outbusrsts.  He and his twin sister have been subjected to repeated comments from students regarding Jed publicly being arrested, cuffed and removed from the school by police. The situations that have led to this point have damaged him to the point that I cannot put him back into an environment that would further compromise his mental well being and might also subject him to additional arrests should an SRO happen to be in the building when Jed has any type of outburst.

So, here is where we are at this point.  I cannot return my son to a place where he has no sense of safety and security.  With these incidences, he now not only has issues with Mr. Bievenour who he continues to encounter daily, he also fears Deputy Farmer. I also cannot place Jed in a position where this deputy might happen to be in the building and arrest Jed again.  This officer does not know my son, does not understand his diagnosis, has no special education training in dealing with autistic children and does not even ask the school administrators or personnel who deal with Jed daily about how the school normally deals with Jed.  Instead, he has two times now, placed himself, without the request of the school into Jed's situation and both times have resulted in Jed's arrest.  Keep in mind that Jed has attended Delmar Elementary for nearly four years and out of all of the outbursts that have occurred during that time the school has felt the need for police intervention ZERO times, never, not once.  Now suddenly in two out of three encounters with this officer Jed has been arrested twice.

In my meeting on Tuesday, I expressed these concerns and asked for assistance in placing Jed somewhere where he could complete the school year.  Ms. Meyers shared this information with Susan Jones and I was told that I would receive a call back by close of business on Tuesday.  I did not receive a call that day or on Wednesday.  Yesterday, an IEP meeting was held and I again reiterated my concerns and stated again that Delmar was not a safe environment and  for Jed and he could not return there.  The personnel in attendance at that meeting told me that they could not make a decision regarding school placement and again directed me back to the Board.  Your names were given to me at the appropriate persons to contact regarding this urgent situation.  I have requested that the school send Jed's work home with his sister so that can be completed at a minimum.  However, this is not an adequate substitute for meeting his educational needs.  In addition, I am extremely concerned that his PARCC testing begins next week and there is no plan in place for getting these tests administered to Jed.  Also, I do not want Jed's non-attendance to constitute a violation of any truancy laws.  I want him in an education setting, but his currently assigned one is not a safe environment and the issue needs to be addressed and resolved.  


Cindy Morris

1950's Downtown Salisbury

Driver Flees Traffic Stop Wanted by State Police In Somerset

Driver Flees Traffic Stop Wanted by State Police

On 7/21/2017 at 2:30 a.m., a trooper from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack conducted a traffic stop in Crisfield, Maryland.  During the traffic stop the driver fled from the trooper on foot.  The suspect has been identified as Keyon Demetricus Honesty who has approximately 7 active arrest warrants for his person.  A search of the area was unsuccessful for Honesty.  The Maryland State Police is asking that anyone with information in regards to Honesty or his whereabouts call the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack at 443-260-3700 or by dialing 911.

1st Degree Assault & Robbery Somerset County- Suspect at large

1st Degree Assault & Robbery Somerset County- Suspect at large

On Friday July 21, 2017 at 5:30 a.m. the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barracks received a 911 call from a victim advising that at approximately 0500 hours he was awakened to the sound of breaking glass.  The complainant advised he looked outside to see a subject he identified as Kenneth Joseph Passwaters breaking the window on his vehicle and rummaging through the glove box.  According to the complainant, he then confronted Passwaters at which time Passwaters proceeded to strike him in the head with a hammer causing minor superficial injuries.  A search of the area was conducted by police with unsuccessful attempts to locate Passwaters.
Passwaters is currently wanted for several outstanding warrants, in addition to the charges arising from this incident which include robbery, Assault 1st/2nd degree, Reckless Endangerment, theft, MDOP, Rogue/ Vagabond.
Anyone with information in regards to Passwaters ‘ location is asked to contact the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack at 443-235-3700 or by dialing 911.

July 29th Wheels On The Waterfront Event

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Who Remembers This



On Wednesday, July 19th, 2017 a Laurel Police officer conducted a traffic stop in the area of County Seat Highway and Fire Tower Road for traffic related offenses. Further examination revealed the discovery of a loaded 9mm handgun under the driver’s seat. As a result of the investigation Dameon Trigger of Bridgeville, a person prohibited from carrying a firearm due to previous violent felony convictions, was arrested without incident.
Trigger was charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Person Prohibited, Carrying a Concealed deadly Weapon, Endangering the Welfare of a Child, Driving While Suspended, Failure to Have Required Insurance, Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Failing to Properly Restrain a Child in a Motor Vehicle. Trigger was committed to Delaware Department of Corrections after failing to post $ 22,000 secure bond.




          STATEWIDE (July 20, 2017) – Severe storms may cause disruption in electrical service to our homes.  State Fire Marshal Brian S. Geraci is cautioning citizens when using alternative light and electrical sources during power outages. “These easy to follow tips will help all Marylanders avoid injury or death during power outages,” said the State Fire Marshal. 
  • Use flashlights during power outages instead of burning candles.  Keep plenty of fresh       batteries on hand at all times.   If you prefer the look of candles, consider flameless battery         operated candles that offer the flickering light without the potential fire hazard.
  • If using candles, make sure they are placed on a stable piece of furniture in sturdy holders         that will not tip over. Candles should fit in the holders securely and the holders should be           made of material that will not burn. 
  • Keep candles away from anything combustible, such as; clothing, books, papers, curtains,         decorations or anything else that can burn. 
  • Do not place candles where they can be knocked over by children or pets.
  • Always extinguish all candles when leaving the room or before going to sleep. 
  • Never use candles, matches or lighters if medical oxygen therapy is used in the home. 
  • Charged solar landscape lighting can be brought indoors for temporary lighting as a safe and     effective alternative to candles.
  • Ensure burners on electric stoves are in the off position during a power outage and remove       any items from the stovetop to prevent unattended heating when the power is turned back on.                                                                                          
  • Fuel burning appliances can produce the deadly, tasteless and odorless gas known as carbon   monoxide.  Install and maintain CO alarms inside your home to provide an early warning of       carbon monoxide exposure.
  • If you are depending on portable generators for electricity during power outages, use extreme   caution when refueling.  Fuel splashed on a hot muffler could ignite, causing severe burns and   serious injuries. 
  • Never attempt to refuel a generator while it is running.  Always allow the unit to cool before         attempting to refuel. 
  • Operate generators outside of the home and outside of garages.  Carbon monoxide gas           produced by operating generators is poisonous and can quickly cause severe injury or death.
  • Ensure placement of the generator does not allow carbon monoxide to enter the home               through windows, doors or other openings. 
      The State Fire Marshal offers one final tip that is just as important. “Make sure your home is equipped with working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.  These early notification devices are some of the most effective fire and life safety tools for preventing injury or death from fire and carbon monoxide poisoning”.




INCIDENT: Suspicious Male / CDS Activity
DATE / TIME: 07/18/17 @ 0724 hours
LOCATION: Old Love Point Park, Stevensville, Maryland
DETAILS: Deputies responded to the Old Love Point Park in reference to a suspicious male who was found in a bathroom that is being renovated. When asked to leave the suspicious male did so, however he left CDS paraphernalia behind. Investigation is ongoing.
DEPUTY: Deputy Carnaggio / Dfc. Burns
CASE: 17-21109
INCIDENT: Emergency Petition
DATE / TIME: 07/18/17 @ 1526 hours
LOCATION: 500 Block of Roundtop Road, Chestertown, MD
DETAILS: Deputies responded to the 500 block of Roundtop Road, Chestertown, Md., in reference to an Emergency Petition Service. Deputies took the subject into custody on a Petition completed by Corsica Mental Health Services in an effort to have him psychiatrically evaluated. Subject was transported to the Chester River Hospital in Chestertown for further evaluation.
INCIDENT: MDOP/Assault 2nd Degree
DATE / TIME: 7/17/17 @1854 hrs.
LOCATION: 2000 Block of Main St. Chester, MD 21619
VICTIM: 45 year old female
DETAILS: Female was at residence and heard a noise outside. Went outside and observed a middle aged male walking away from the residence. Observed several outdoor furniture items outside had been moved and damaged. She confronted the male who became irate. Male then pushed the female, causing a small scratch. Female returned to the residence and called 911. Deputies were able to identify the male who lived in the area. Female was referred to the district court commissioner for charges. Damage valued at $60.00. Charges Pending
DEPUTY: Dep Matteson. Assisted by Dep. Pack
CASE: 17-21064

INCIDENT: Narcotic arrest, PWID
DATE / TIME: 07/19/2017 approximately 1100 hours
LOCATION: Courtyard Inn, Chestertown MD 21620
Arrested: Johnathan David Willey 25 of Chestertown, Md Held No Bail
Dejeune Kiarius Waits 21 of Chestertown, Md Released on PR
DETAILS: Officers were dispatched to the Chester harbor development in reference to a verbal disturbance. Dispatch informed Deputies in route that the suspect had left the Chester Harbor area and was driving a black in color, Nissan passenger vehicle.
A Deputy observed the suspect vehicle driving at a high rate of speed in reverse. The suspect vehicle was observed pulling into the Courtyard Inn located in Chestertown, Queen Anne’s County Md. The driver of the suspect vehicle was described as a tall Caucasian male with an African American female passenger.
Deputies arrived at the Courtyard Inn and located the suspect vehicle. Contact was made with the driver who was identified as Johnathan David Willey. Willey attempted numerous times to get out of the vehicle, saying he needed to go inside the building. Willey then removed a hypodermic needle from his pocket, sprayed the contents of the needle on the ground and attempted to destroy the evidence by breaking the needle. Willey was placed under arrest while being placed into an agency patrol vehicle, began to kick at multiple officers, striking those officers.
The passenger in the vehicle, identified as Dejeune Waits, requested her bag which was located inside the vehicle. Due to what we located on Willey's person, and for officer safety, a search of Wait's bag was conducted for weapons and C.D.S. Once Waits was advised of the search, Waits took a deep breath and looked straight to the ground.
A search of the Waits' bag resulted in the seizure of 17 individual baggies of suspected heroin which was located inside an orange prescription bottle without a label. Two plastic straws containing suspected C.D.S. residue. The total weight is an approximately 3.6 grams of suspected Heroin.
DEPUTY: Dfc. Prince and Deputy Dickey
CASE: 17-21289
INCIDENT: Theft under $1,000
DATE / TIME: 07/19/2017 @ 1947
LOCATION: Batts Neck Road Stevensville, MD 21666
DETAILS: A victim that resides on Batts Neck Road called to report that her generator that was sitting in her front yard overnight was stolen sometime between 7/18 and 7/19 from her front yard. The generator was being used to run an air conditioner at the time of theft. It was valued at $350.00. It was described as being red and black. The victim could not provide any additional descriptive information for the generator.
.DEPUTY: Dfc. Alex Cooper
CASE: 17-21344 

Easton Police Department NATIONAL NIGHT OUT

On Tuesday, August 1st the Easton Police Department, in partnership with The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, The Town of Easton Parks & Recreation, The Talbot County Department of Parks & Recreation, Talbot County Department of Social Services, and Talbot Partnership will be hosting its annual National Night Out event at Moton Park from 5:00-8:00 pm. This is an opportunity for the entire community to come together as one voice against crime in our neighborhoods. This year marks the eleventh year anniversary of the Easton National Night Out event.
National Night Out is a crime/drug prevention event that involves citizens, law enforcement agencies, civic groups, neighborhood organizations and local officials from our community. It is designed to strengthen neighborhood spirit, Police-community relations and send a message to criminals that our neighborhoods are organized and fighting back. Last year, over 37 million people across the United States, US territories, Canada and at US military bases worldwide participate in National Night Out.
Easton's celebration will take place at Moton Park and the George Murphy pool. From 5:00-7:00 pm, there will be free swimming provided by Talbot County Parks and Recreation and free food provided by various donors, to include Mountaire Farms Inc., Target and The Easton Volunteer Fire Department. Other activities include demonstrations by Phillips Wharf, the Talbot County D.A.R.E. Program and much more! Face painting and games will be available as well as a magician, who will be circulating throughout the crowd to provide entertainment. At 7:00 pm, a guest speaker will address attendees and speak about a variety of community issues. At 8:00 pm, the evening concludes with a group walk around the neighborhood to let criminals know we are “taking back the streets”. Those participating in the group walk will be entered into a raffle to win a free season membership to the George Murphy Community Pool.
The success of this event is due in large part to its generous sponsors and donors. In addition to those listed above, the following have helped make this year’s celebration a success: Easton Utilities, The Neighborhood Service Center, Grand Rental Station, Talbot County FOP Lodge 18, The Talbot County Sheriff’s Office, The Maryland State Police, Talbot Mentors, WCEI, Eglseder Wealth Management Group, Easton Vol. Fire Department and the Star Democrat.

Princess Anne Police Department Most Wanted

Honesty, Keyon Demetricus - Bench Warrant
Failing to Appear – Driving on Suspended License
Contact: Princess Anne Police Department

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017 a deputy from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office arrested 45 year old Matthew Franklin Swartz of 1831 Hoopers Island Road, Church Creek, Md. He was wanted by authorities in Chester, Pennsylvania for Failure to Appear in court on. He was incarcerated without Bond awaiting extradition to Pennsylvania.