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Staying On Loomis Hit This Morning

I have been staying with the armored truck heist from the morning and following it throughout the day..stay tuned

Easton Police Department Press Release

Bank robbery In Progress Near WiHi Schools Lockdown

State Employees Credit Union robbery in progress schools rushing kids in possible lock down

4 armed black males

Msp helicopter searching area

Loomis armored car was target

4 guys in gray hoodies still at large.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Friday, January 19, 2018

Days Inn Manager Statement On Post Regarding Calls For Service

I want to thank the general manager for contacting me about this post and giving a response.
I think my response is suited. Here's what I'll say the best value has had a prostitution sting, a child got shot and killed while the owners were there and knew a party was going on, the best western has had overdose, even the holiday inn express in Delmar has had a prostitution sting. Here are some stats. Traffic 9 calls which means someone was stopped and pulled off 13 into our property, trespassing 13 which is us calling for people refusing to pay, intoxicated pedestrian which happens everywhere 2, extra patrols 19 which is rather us asking for them or spd doing them, 12 suspicious person. That right there is 50 calls for nothing of actual criminal activity. I didn't go through the rest but sure there are more. My company operates on the up and up which most don't. We can't stop an element 100 percent of the time because we don't know who people are. We by law can't discriminate who we rent too. All we can do is have security procedures in place and call police when needed. Let me remind you and your readers something this is Salisbury and I know people want to act like it's an all American city but it's not 2009. We don't allow long term residency like that here like some hotels but hotels like us get homeless people who don't have homes and scared to go to shelters or they are too proud too go, we get families who have no heat because they can't afford it but make too much money to get help from the very government that says they have a heart, we get single mothers who busts their asses and can't save money for homes because of renters high prices and they don't want to pay less to be in urban areas Salisbury likes to try and hide instead of help, we get hardworking people who leave another state to come work without their families they love. Yes we get an element who doesn't but majority of our people are here for reasons not of criminal activity but because places like Marriott are too expensive so while I don't ever agree or support an element I'm proud to be a part of this hotel as we service the community that the community doesn't serve. I support our police and thank them for their work they have done to keep my property safe. But when you say the company you mean me. I say hotels like us are needed and are an asset to this community and as long as the hotel does it's job and calls the police when needed instead of letting things go then how can we be spoke of negative? What give you that right to form that opinion? When probably over half of calls don't end up with any criminal activity. Do stories about the dope problem, do stories about the young kids shooting each other up in our community and how somebody needs to step in and help that stuff.

The point is when a hotel like sleep inn or microtel are at 70 they are 8nside enclosed hotels we aren't in their comp set look at our prices compared to our competitors quality is usually 5 dollars higher, best western is right around our rate. We are an economy brand hotel we have limited services so our prices have to be lower at this time of year but once April comes locals leave and tourists come. Trust me if I had a hotel where I could get all business people and stuff like that I would but this is what we have to work with and we do the best we can. We know an element can get in easy at a hotel like us but there are more hotels like us in our area than the Marriott. One of the readers compared us to the thriftt travel inn. Lol I have been in the hotel business in Salisbury for 18 years I started at the Chesapeake inn I know the history of the thrift travel they were promoting prostitution even profiting if we have any suspicions about anything like that I ask for assistance.

Power Outage In Ocean City

Power will be out in the area of 120th-123rd Streets for approximately 4 hours. @DelmarvaConnect is on the scene working to fix it.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) takes on redistricting — again

Governor Larry Hogan (R) said Thursday that he has signed on to an amicus brief in a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that will decide whether partisan gerrymandering is unconstitutional...
“I fully and proudly stand with the people of Maryland in supporting this case and supporting redistricting reforms at every level all across the country,” Hogan said in announcing that he would join the amicus brief filed by former governor Gray Davis, a Democrat.
Hogan encouraged other current and former governors from both parties to join him to “protect our citizens’ most basic right, the right to free and fair elections.”
The governor also plans to resubmit legislation this year to create a non-partisan redistricting commission to draw congressional and legislative boundaries. The legislation has failed to move out of the General Assembly the past two years.

More Filings For Local Offices

Great News For Somerset County 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Q&A

Don't Forget 4pm Live Q And A On Facebook Fan Page

Days Inn In Salisbury MD Crime Capital With 109 Calls In 6 Months

This place needs to be closed down asap. This is similar to what the Thrift Travel Inn was doing prior to it being closed. Please do not stay at this place if you are a legitimate traveler, it is a crime infested hell hole that needs to be looked into by our Government Officials. Let me show you an example of a good hotel the Hampton Inn. 25 calls 6 months

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Salisbury Receives Half-Million in State Revitalization Funds for Amphitheater

Contact: Mayor’s Office

Salisbury Receives Half-Million in State Revitalization Funds for Amphitheater

Salisbury, MD – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that Governor Larry Hogan’s 2019 proposed budget, which was announced today, includes $500,000 in revitalization funds for the City of Salisbury to construct its new Riverwalk Amphitheater.

First imagined in the City’s “Envision Salisbury” 20-year master plan, the amphitheater project’s priority increased with the news of the National Folk Festival’s 3-year residency in the Salisbury.

“If we’re trying to grow Salisbury economically, it is our responsibility to create a place where people want to be,” said the Mayor.  “For the National Folk Festival and beyond, the Riverwalk Amphitheater will be a space for community to gather and appreciate art and performance together."

Today’s news of the $500,000 allotment demonstrates a continuing commitment from the State of Maryland and Governor Larry Hogan to play an active role in the revitalization of Salisbury’s metro core.  In Governor Larry Hogan’s 2018 budget, Salisbury received $1 million in revitalization funds for its Main Street overhaul.

Mayor Day said, “Governor Hogan has had Salisbury’s back at every opportunity.  I am tremendously grateful to him for recognizing, as I do, and as our community does, that revitalization is happening in Downtown Salisbury.

Delmarva Veteran Builders was hired by the City to be the Construction Manager for the project, and will be responsible for design and construction.  Construction is expected to begin in March, with completion by July 31, 2018, ahead of the National Folk Festival, September 7th through the 9th.


Maryland Receives Federal Approval of New School Improvement Plan

BALTIMORE (January 17, 2018) --The U.S. Department of Education has approved Maryland’s plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the federal law requiring state action on school improvement.

The U.S. Department of Education’s announcement can be found here:

Maryland’s complete ESSA plan will be available here:

Sharptowm Fire Department Press Release

Just before 4pm on Jan 16th, Sharptown was alerted to assist Stations 9, 5, 12 with a chicken house fire on E. Hurleys Neck Rd. Engine Tanker 1402 and Rescue Engine 14 responded. Crews were on scene for approximately 2.5 hours.

Mayor Announces Significant Improvements in Nutrient Levels with New Wastewater Plant

Mayor Announces Significant Improvements in Nutrient Levels with New Wastewater Plant
Salisbury, MD – Mayor Jake Day is pleased to announce that the City’s new wastewater treatment plant, which went online at the end of November, has already brought the City into compliance with the new MDE standards for nutrient levels in effluent, bringing the levels of Nitrogen and Phosphorous well under the permit levels for each.
Based upon permitted levels established in 2010, the City had a target of 8mg/L of Total Nitrogen in its effluent, and 2mg/L of Total Phosphorous. New permit ENR (Enhanced Nutrient Removal) levels which went into effect on January 1st, 2018, bring those concentrations even lower, with Total Nitrogen down to 4mg/L, and Total Phosphorous at 0.3mg/L.
For the month of December, the new plant brought the average monthly Total Nitrogen concentrations down to 3.97mg/L of effluent, and average monthly Total Phosphorous down to 0.05mg/L – a significant improvement over the year-to-date averages of 24.595mg/L and 0.575mg/L respectively.
“We’re talking about a plant which, technically, isn’t fully online just yet,” said the Mayor. “Substantial completion is scheduled for this coming April, with final acceptance on May 30th.
“When the remaining parts of the system are fully operational, we expect even better results than we’re already seeing – and what we’re already seeing is tremendous.”
The 52-million-dollar contract was funded through MDE Bay Restoration Funds and ENR Grants, Biological Nutrient Removal grants, and a Water Quality State Revolving Fund Loan with a 0% interest rate.
Mayor Day thanked City leaders who preceded him for their diligence and steadfastness in ensuring that taxpayers received the plant they paid for, in spite of numerous setbacks.
The plant, which is currently running at approximately half-capacity, is expected to be at full power within the next two months, with biosolid processing, new filters, UV disinfection system, and completion of two process trains including anoxic tanks and secondary clarifiers still remaining to be completed.

Governor Hogan Press Conference On Maryland Budget

Wicomico County Sheriff Press Release

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 12 January 2018
Location: 30000 block of Zion Road, Salisbury, MD
Suspect: Ana Cecilia-Perez, 32, Salisbury, MD
Narrative: On 12 January 2018 at 9:00 PM, a deputy investigated a reported domestic altercation that reportedly occurred at a residence in the 30000 block of Zion Road in Salisbury. Upon arrival, the deputy met with a male victim who stated that he and his girlfriend, Ana Cecilia-Perez became embroiled in an argument during which Cecilia-Perez began striking him in the face with a wooden spoon. During the investigation, the deputy observed signs of injury to the victim that corroborated his account.
The deputy placed Cecilia-Perez under arrest and transported her to the Central Booking Unit where she was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner released Cecilia-Perez on $10,000.00 unsecured bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

Incident: Assault
Date of Incident: 13 January 2018
Location: 6000 block of Forest Grove Road, Parsonsburg, MD
Suspect: Henry Lamont Landrum, 49, Parsonsburg, MD
Narrative: On 13 January 2018 at 4:25 PM, a deputy responded to a residence in the 6000 block of Forest Grove Road for a reported altercation between Henry Landrum and a juvenile co-habitant. The deputy learned that Landrum and this juvenile were involved in a physical altercation that culminated with Landrum pushing the juvenile down. During the ensuing investigation, the deputy observed signs of injury to the juvenile victim that corroborated the account of the assault.
The deputy placed Landrum under arrest and transported him to the Central Booking Unit where he was processed and taken in front of the District Court Commissioner. Following an initial appearance, the Commissioner detained Landrum in the Detention Center in lieu of $20,000.00 bond.
Charges: Assault 2nd Degree

What Happened At Mojo's and Market Street?

It was supposed to be a great night to celebrate my best friend’s birthday. Instead, it turned into a night of unjustifiably being denied service at TWO Salisbury, MD bars due to a disrespectful employee of Market Street Inn— one who claimed that two of my friends had “fake IDs”. The employee gave us two choices, either to: (1) leave or (2) wait for a cop to come and verify that the IDs were legal before serving us. We chose option 2. 🙂 Because we were confident in the fact that these were Mississippi state issued licenses. When the cops arrived, they were very respectful and were able to confirm immediately through their dispatchers that the IDs were in fact state-issued and real. The employee was still not interested in serving us, even though the initial agreement was that a cop clears us first. Due to feeling humiliated, we chose to leave Market Street Inn at this point.
When we asked the employee to return our IDs so we can leave, he was hesitant to return them, taking down my friends’ home addresses first. He even went as far as refusing to give us our IDs until he could grab his “fake IDs for dummies-esque” booklet, trying to discredit and undermine the officers standing in front of us. (*please see video featuring the officers who cleared us of the IDs for proof of our calm and joking demeanor during his phase of denial and pathetic pride, even given how humiliating this was.) When he finally returned the IDs, they were more visibly damaged than before, where he very clearly tried to destroy them more and pull off the laminate on the IDs to give them a “fake effect”. We let it slide and we chose to go to a second location, Mojo’s, which we unfortunately did not know was an affiliate restaurant of Market Street Inn.
The employee didn’t stop there, he then decided to call the affiliated Mojo’s staff and tell them to refuse us service as well, forming a nice little united front against some of the only POCs at Market Street that night. When I requested reasoning for the denial, they stated that our IDs were fake, regardless of the fact that two Maryland officers cleared the IDs through their system. Claiming that one can put a real number on a fake ID (????) which doesn’t make any sense, of course, because how are we going to fabricate entire identities that are supported by credit cards, student IDs, college degrees, and social media accounts with MANY mutual friends that he could’ve called to verify. Of course, keep in mind that Maryland is one of those states that still allows businesses to deny you service without reason. Mind you, we were not disrespectful, we did not call this man out of his name, we did not yell or threaten him or do anything to make him feel as though he shouldn’t serve us. We stayed fairly calm given the predicament: he was wrong and didn’t so much as apologize or even grant us service despite our initial agreement to get cleared by an officer, thus wasting our time and humiliating us in front of our town for no reason. So, that posed the REAL question... why go back on our initial agreement, why deny us service and why the personal vendetta by contacting ANOTHER location? We did some research to look into this man’s personal and political views (see photos directly from his page about “Blue Lives Matter” and welfare). Keep in mind three things: (1) he still refused service to the rest of us with unquestionable IDs, (2) we are all women of color, (3) their last names are Mohamed- a common middle eastern last name
See the video where I’m speaking to a Mojos waitress that was told to deny us service by the Market Street manager. She personally didn’t agree with her affiliate location denying us service. Why? Because even she realized there was no real reason to... We’ve asked some common friends and other members of Matthew’s community and they had some interesting things to say about his questionable judgement towards non-white and non-conservative people.
Watch my videos with cops confirming our IDs validity, look at his public Facebook posts and form your own opinions.
And then, let’s ask this employee of Market Street Inn collectively. What’s the REAL reason for the bullying?

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Crisfield Bikini Bandit Sentenced



Brandon Le Shaun Fontaine 31 of Salisbury
Diamond Cleon Chaney 26 of Salisbury
Felix Villegas 26 of Salisbury

On January 14, 2018 at approximately 7:15PM the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office assisted the Salisbury Police Department with a separate robbery investigation. During the course of this
investigation three robbery suspects were identified as Brandon Fontaine, Diamond Chaney and Felix Villegas.

Detectives from the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, Salisbury Police Department and the Maryland State Police conducted an extensive and coordinated investigation which resulted with Fontaine, Chaney  and Villegas  being arrested and charged with the armed robbery of the Vintage Beer and Wine which occurred on January 9, 2018. All three subjects were transferred to the custody of the Wicomico County Detention Center.

If you have any further information about this case please contact Detective J. Hall at (410) 548-4891.

CHARGES: Armed Robbery, Robbery, Assault 1st and 2nd degree, Theft (two counts), and firearm related charges.

Releasing Authority: Sgt. Kelly Matthews
Date: January 16, 2018

Ocean City Events Meeting

The Motor Event Task Force will convene at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center on Wednesday, January 17, Room 215, from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.
There will be no opportunity for public comment.

The Task Force is comprised of residents, business owners, local organization members, non-resident representatives, event representatives and city staff.

Task Force recommendations will be presented to the Mayor and Council at an open meeting upon completion.

Personal Reflections Of 10 Years Running This Site : Simply The Best Bob Caldwell

As I reflect back on ten years of running this site, I wanted to take some posts throughout the year and reflect on some of the important people and events that made a big impact on my life.

First up is one man that I thought the world of and was a mentor and friend to me. Bob Caldwell. Bob was an amazing man and one that I was so thankful to have met. Bob and I rang the Salvation Army bell together one year before he passed away and we spent the entire 4 hour shift just talking politics and he shared with me his vast knowledge of the subject. Bob was also the first person who told me about now Judge Matt Maciarello. Bob was a republican and was working to find a candidate to cleanse the Wicomico County States Attorney's Office from the cloud of Davis Ruark. Bob told me about what an amazing person Matt was, and it was from that conversation that I got to know Matt and become friends with him.

The courage he displayed in his multi year fight with cancer was legendary. The superman attire which was his favorite, suited him perfectly. It is hard to believe Bob has been gone since 2011. I miss his friendship everyday and it is meeting people like him that have made all the drama with running this site worth it.

Bob Culver Working To Replace Entire County Council

One term Bob Culver has gotten in his mind that the best way to make it easier for him to screw up the County more is to go after the Council people who keep him in check.

Joe Holloway, Mark Kilmer,Matt Holloway,John Cannon,Larry Dodd,Ernie Davis.

Bob has been actively seeking in their respective districts anyone that will challenge them for their seat in hopes of having a rubber stamp Council.

Hilarious part is he won't be around so he is wasting his time. The Wicomico County Republican Club needs to stand up to this attack on fellow Republicans

Fire Marshal Notice Of Investigation


Date:    January 14, 2018
Time:   5:41 p.m.
Location / Address:  7290 Division Street, Willards, Wicomico Co.
Type of Incident:  Fire
Description of Structure / Property:   8’ x 10’ wood framed residential outbuilding
Owner / Occupants:   Nicolaus Grant (Owner)
Injuries or Deaths:  None
Estimated $ Loss: Structure:  $500                      Contents: $500
Smoke Alarm Status:  n/a
Fire Alarm / Sprinkler Status:  n/a
Arrests(s):   None
Primary Responding Fire Department:  Willards
# of Alarms: 1      # Of Firefighters:  15
Time to Control:   20 minutes
Discovered By:  Passerby
Area of Origin:   Under Investigation
Preliminary Cause:  Under Investigation

Additional Information:   Anyone with information is asked to contact the Salisbury Office of the Maryland State Fire Marshal at (410) 713-3780.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Watch The Weather Tomorrow

We are monitoring the Weather forecast for tomorrow evening into Wednesday. The latest briefing is still showing that snow will start to fall late into Tuesday night. The snow will continue into Wednesday. The amounts vary a little but we expect the totals to be around a dusting to 2-3 inches for the lower shore. If you have travel plans to Baltimore or points west, the total amounts will increase. We don't think this will impact our area like the previous storm but would advise you to watch your commute on Wednesday morning. Any significant change in the forecast will be posted as soon as we get it. As always be safe in your travels.

Delmarva's Most Wanted

Ronald Michael Abrams

White Male, 5’08”, 150 lbs.
DOB 03/06/1971     47 years of age
Brown hair, Brown eyes
Abrams’ last known address was Salisbury MD
Abrams is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in December 2017 on the charges of Burglary 4th, Theft less $1000, & Theft Scheme

Shalonda Wynette Batson

Black Female, 5’04”, 150 lbs.
DOB 11/28/1977     40 years of age
Black hair, Brown eyes
Batson’s last known address was Parsonsburg MD
Batson is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in December 2017 on the charges of Theft under $300

Wood Mike Queens Belfort

Black Male, 5’08”, 135 lbs.
DOB 03/07/1997   20 years of age
Brown hair, Brown eyes
Belfort’s last known address was Salisbury MD
Belfort is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in June 2016 on the charges of Theft less $1000 and Conspiracy

Justin Nigell Goslee

Black Male, 5’06”, 170 lbs.
DOB 12/07/1991     26 years of age
Black hair, Brown eyes
Goslee’s last known address was Salisbury MD
Goslee is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on District Court Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in April on the charges of Escape 2nd

John Calvin Hopkins Jr.

White Male, 6’00”, 225 lbs.
DOB 11/16/1964       53 years of age
Brown hair,   Brown eyes
Hopkins’ last known address was Silver Spring MD and Millsboro DE
Hopkins is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a Circuit Court Bench Warrant issued in September for Violation of Probation on the charges of Theft under $1000

Thomas Nathan Redding

White Male, 6’02”, 250 lbs.
DOB 09/21/1983     34 years of age
Brown hair, Brown eyes
Redding’s last known address was Rehoboth Beach DE
Redding is wanted by the Sheriff’s Office on a District Court Arrest Bench Warrant issued for Failure to Appear in December 2017 for a Violation of Probation hearing on the charges of Theft $10,000-100,000 and Motor Vehicle Theft
If you know the whereabouts of any of these individuals, call Crime Solvers. If you call in your tip, and it leads to an arrest, you will get a cash reward.


Phone: (410) 548-1776

I'm starting Feel Grinchy

If there is one thing that begins to make me feel grinchy its when political season rolls around. In the past few weeks as we roll into the calendar year.and I have had more interactions with filing individuals I start to see the same ol bs that has been around for years. I'm not gonna be nice , end of story. I'm moving back to whoville

Millsboro Police Department is currently looking for a wanted sex offender

The Millsboro Police Department is currently looking for a wanted sex offender, GEORGE WRIGHT after he either failed to register or re-register his current address. If anyone knows the location of GEORGE WRIGHT, they are asked to call 302-934-8174. Information may also be provided by calling Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

Local Candidates Need To Run On Their Own Record

I see a disturbing trend with certain people running for Office in the next election. It seems some people don't think they can win an election without attaching themselves to others. Take note this is the dumbest damn thing you could ever do. People with integrity and the belief in their own abilities should not need to have someone else with them to win an election. I call that lame coat tail bs. The best people are the ones who run on their own with no promises made to others running. It all is good ol boy bs and watch closely those who can't help but name drop others who are running for office to make it a 1 and 2 punch. That tells you all you need to know..tied at the hip with no hope of integrity or having your own set of balls

Somerset County Wanted Sex Offenders

It's that time of year again! Seal time!

It's that time of year again! Seal time!
Our ACOs ask citizens to please call, 410-723-6600, if they see a seal on the beach. Most seals on the beach are perfectly healthy and are just resting, but are monitored by both our Animal Control Officers and the National Aquarium.
Please remember to view the animal from afar and do not attempt to touch or feed them. Seals can carry many diseases including, but not limited to, rabies and herpes.
If you see a seal that may be in need of medical attention, please call the National Aquarium’s Stranding Hotline at 410-373-0083, or Maryland’s Natural Resources Police at 1-800-628-9944.
Also, please check out the link below for more information or National Aquarium.
If interested in helping with the seals, please check out the Maryland Coastal Bays Program.

Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

On Friday, January 5, 2018 deputies from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office and members of the Cambridge Police Department teamed up to execute 2 Search & Seizure Warrants in the City of Cambridge. The two warrants were issued after an investigation was conducted by the Tactical Narcotics Team which is made up of a deputy and a Cambridge Officer. The target of the investigation was 47 year old Donte Thomas Holliday of 506 Glenburn Ave. Apt. 11, Cambridge, Md. sidence targeted was 422 Linden Ave. Cambridge, Md. The suspect alternated between the two addresses. The suspect was located at the Glenburn Ave. address along with 26 year old Laniya Nicole Pasley who also resides there. The search of the Glenburn Avenue residence revealed 12 baggies of Cocaine (11.7 grams), 34 Oxycodone Pills, 4650.00 in U.S.Currency, 3 cell phones, 13 used plastic baggies and 7 unused plastic baggies. The search at 422 Linden Ave. revealed 11 baggies of Cocaine (75 grams), 8 individual vials of Crack Cocaine, 3 bags of Heroin, 2 Electronic scales, 3 cell phones, 10 Oxycodone pills, $2,114.00 in U.S. Currency and 2 boxes of Plastic Baggies.Holliday was charged with 3 counts of Possession with Intent to Distribute Narcotics, Possession of Heroin, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Crack Cocaine, Possession of Oxycodone, 2 counts of Possession of Paraphernalia and 2 counts of maintaining a common nuisance. He was ordered Held without Bond. Pasley was arrested and charged with Possession with intent to distribute Cocaine, Possession with intent to distribute Oxycodone, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Oxycodone, Possession of Paraphernalia and maintaining a common Nuisance. She was also Held without Bond.

Talbot County Drug Task Force functions as an extension of all law enforcement agencies within the county

The Talbot County Drug Task Force functions as an extension of all law enforcement agencies within the county. It includes the Talbot County Sheriff's Office, Maryland State Police, St. Michaels Police Department, Oxford Police Department, Talbot County State's Attorney's Office, Talbot County Office of Law and the Maryland Natural Resources Police.
The Task Force uses the combined resources of local, state and federal agencies to actively pursue groups or individuals who manufacture, distribute or sell illegal drugs within the jurisdictional boundaries of Talbot County.
Anyone with information or TIPS are urged to contact the Task Force by calling the Task Force directly at 410-820-8940 or at You can remain anonymous during this process.

A Miracle For Mayor Bruce

Pocomoke Police Department Welcomes Newest K9 Zeke

Chief William Harden would like to welcome the newest member of our department, K9 Zeke. K9 Zeke's handler is CPL Matthew Conner. K9 Zeke is a 14 month old german shepard, they graduated K9 training today January 11, 2018. K9 Zeke is a dual purpose K9, trained in criminal apprehension, multiple suspect apprehension, recall, release on command, gunfire apprehension, handler protection, building search, area search, felony vehicle stops, narcotics detection, scent discrimination trailing, obedience, and practical agility. We would like to thank the trainer JC Richardson of Delmarva K9 LLC for all the work to get K9 Zeke ready. Congratulations CPL Conner.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Somerset County Sheriff Arrests

Andrew Craig Roberts Jr. of Westover, arrested 12-26-17 on warrants regarding possession of CDS with the intent to deliver, distribution of CDS within a school zone, firearms possession with felony conviction, illegal passion of a firearm, possession of marijuana less than 10 grams, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Roberts was later held without bond.

Ronald Morris Boulden of Pocomoke, arrested 12-30-17 for driving while under the influence of alcohol, driving while impaired by alcohol, reckless drivi9ng, and negligent driving. Boulden was later released on citations pending court actions. The arrest was the result of a traffic stop conducted by Deputies in the area of Market St. Pocomoke.

Aunshae Denise Cottman of Princess Anne, arrested 12-31-17 for violating a protective order. Cottman was later held without bond