Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Maryland State Police and Department of Transportation join forces with the Maryland Food Bank for 2015 Hunger Action Month Food Drive

Maryland State Police and Department of Transportation join forces with the Maryland Food Bank for 2015 Hunger Action Month Food Drive

The statewide effort will encourage Marylanders to “Be a Voice” to end hunger throughout September

SALISBURY, Md. – The Maryland State Police and Department of Transportation have once again teamed up with the Maryland Food Bank to host the third annual statewide Hunger Action Month food drive beginning today,Tuesday, September 1.

Throughout September, which is nationally known as Hunger Action Month, Marylanders will have the opportunity to donate nonperishable items at state police barracks and select Department of Transportation offices listed onwww.mdfoodbank.org/hunger-action-food-drive. Additionally, individuals who can’t make it out to these locations can use the food bank’s virtual food drive platform at https://fooddrive.mdfoodbank.org to donate food online.

At the end of the month, Maryland State Troopers and personnel from the State Highway Administration will caravan all donated food to one of three regional food bank locations, including the Maryland Food Bank – Eastern Shore, on Wednesday, September 30 to officially weigh the food donations collected.


Maryland Food Bank – Eastern Shore Managing Director Jennifer Small joins, from left to right, TPR Daniel Tilghman, Lt. Patrick Metzger, William “Bo” Moore, and Jack “Slim” Palmer at the Princess Anne State Police Barrack, one of many drop-off locations for this year’s food drive. 

All month long, Marylanders can also participate in the food bank’s Be a Voice Campaignan interactive, multimedia collaboration to learn more about the issue of hunger, share stories, and take an active role in fighting hunger. Individuals and groups are encouraged to share photos holding Be A Voice speech bubbles with personal messages about hunger and why they care about the issue. Speech bubbles and information about the Be A Voice Campaign are included in the official Hunger Action Toolkit, available online atwww.mdfoodbank.org/hunger-action-month.

Earl Starner Caught In Lie On Officer Morgan "Race Card" Incident

Remember this post here

Starner said there is nothing he could do about Morgan posting his race hating "race card" picture in general or while on duty. This is an outrage! Below is PCPD's actual Disciplinary Matrix from their Policy and Procedures Manual that every Officer and Supervisor has access to. When you read the applicable area you will see that Starner could have charged Morgan but chose not to. Additionally, Morgan had his probationary period as a corporal extended for integrity issues. This meant that ANY violation committed by Morgan, where he can be found guilty, would subject him to demotion from his Supervisory position. After this "race card" incident he should have been demoted with a view towards termination.

Since the picture shows Morgan's name and date/time of posting, we know he was on duty working day shift.

When this came to light Starner SHOULD have immediately conducted an investigation and charged Morgan with the following departmental charges under:

Section 6: Harassment and Discrimination sub section 6-1, 6-8.
Section 1: Conduct General sub section 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and 1-5.

The section 6 violations and the section 1-5 violation are category E and F and carry a penalty ranging from suspension, demotion and ultimately termination. The section 1-1,1-2 and 1-3 violations carry a penalty ranging from letter of reprimand to psychological counseling.

As you can see, there are a wide range of disciplinary options Starner had at his disposal, yet he chose to ignore all of them. This inaction on Starners part is a disgrace and Morgan's actions are a disgrace! Police are held to a higher standard than the general public. All police know this and need to always act accordingly.

Exclusive Pocomoke Story Coming Soon





REISTERSTOWN, Md. (September 1, 2015) — The Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) reminds Marylanders that September is a good time to review preparedness information for severe weather and other emergencies throughout the year. September is both National Preparedness and Maryland Preparedness Month and government agencies, businesses, community groups, schools, and families will be participating in events to help promote disaster preparedness and community resilience.


“This is the time for everyone who lives and works in Maryland to learn about potential hazards and what they can do to be prepared,” said Russ Strickland, Executive Director of MEMA. “And as we head into what is traditionally the most likely time of the year for a hurricane to hit our area, we need to remember that it takes just one storm making landfall in the mid-Atlantic region to cause a major disruption in Maryland.”


Making preparations when threats are not imminent can make communities more resilient. Hazards common to Maryland include flooding, high wind, severe thunderstorms, and winter storms. Several online sources provide good emergency preparedness information for these and additional threats:


• Federal Emergency Management Agency: www.ready.gov
• National Weather Service: www.weather.gov/safety


In addition to preparedness information, MEMA will be announcing events throughout September on our website, Twitter feed @MDMEMAFacebook page and Instagram.

Susie Stiltner Missing Now Missing 3 Years Please Help Find Her

Susie Stiltner's Family needs our help. Susie has not spoken to her family since the first week of August. I know from the other cases I have worked on and after speaking with her family this is not normal. Susie always checked in on her ailing Mother once a week. Susie picked up a new blue and white mountain bike from her family around the time she went missing. She also frequently went to the lower shore friends to get coffee and would stay at the HALO shelter occasionally. Susie frequented the Downtown area with the various homeless groups. Whatever Susie's problems may be she is loved by her family and they deserve to have answers as to her whereabouts.

The next Pocomoke Mayor & City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September the 8th at 7:30pm

The next Mayor & City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, September the 8th at 7:30pm inside City Hall. The location is 101 Clarke Avenue, Pocomoke City, Maryland

Key Pocomoke Councilwoman Says City Doesn't Speak for Her in Secret Meeting Controversy

Interviews With The Candidates With Keyvan Aarabi

Monday, August 31, 2015

Another Interview Will Be Posted Tomorrow

Interviews With The Candidates Roger Mazzullo

Vehicle Into A Creek Sharptown Road

Vehicle swerved to avoid a School Bus went into the creek

Everyone is out of car and safe

Stabbing On North Westover Drive In Salisbury

Anitis Smiley Is Suspect unsure if that's spelled correctly 

Bruce Morrison And The Chamber Of Secrets

Pocomoke can't answer any questions about secret meetings because according to Pocomoke they are secret. Yes they really said that. Government in the sunshine doesn't happen in Pocomoke. The Chamber of secrets shown below in this rare image is where all the backdoor politics happen in what used to be called the "friendliest town" on the Eastern Shore.

The citizens deserve answers to the legitimate concerns they have and for the local leaders to come up with a lame answer like this, it only adds to the long list of the strange and bizarre things to come out of the town now known as the "most secret" on the shore.

This also coincides with the meeting being pushed up a week with little to no notice given as to the reason or what is going to occur. Rumors are they are trying to force  new Chief of Police through before the AG and DOJ come slamming down on their heads and open the door once and for all.

Stay Tuned For A Pocomoke Post






                    PEACE DAY PLANNING COMMITTEE, 

                    410-546-1466 / sowpeace@verizon.net






Salisbury …. Faith and community action groups will cosponsor the 7th annual, local 


observance of the U.N. International Day of PeacePEACE IN THE PARK,


chaired by Louis Rimbach. It will be held 2:00-6:00 P.M., Saturday, September


19, 2015, at Salisbury City Park, across from Ben’s Red Swings.  The theme is “Peace In 


Our Community. Peace In Our World.”


At 4:00 P.M., the celebration will feature the installation of a Peace Pole with a message


of peace in eight languages.  It will be dedicated by Mayor Jim Ireton.  There will be 


children’s activities, origami peace crane-making, a peace-themed children’s art exhibit,


live music, drummingdance and more.


All are invited to join in the festivities, bring a canned good for the Maryland Food Bank,


meet new and old neighbors, and enjoy peace-related activities.  


For further information, call 410-370-6561 or 410-546-1466 and see 


Facebook.com/sbypeaceinthe park and Peaceoneday.org /.





Salisbury New Water Services

New Water Services


On Monday, August 31st, 2015, as part of the City of Salisbury’s efforts to improve water collection services, the Department of Public Works will be repairing a sewer main pipe located on Lemon Hill Lane.  Lemon Hill Lane from Mill Street to High Street will be non-passable to emergency vehicles.  The work will be performed starting at 8:30 a.m., and is expected to conclude by 4:00 p.m. today.


All locators and Central Alarm will be notified of this event.  We appreciate your patience and consideration.  Please contact the Public Works Water & Sewer Branch at 410-548-3105 for more information if needed.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

First Of My Interviews With The Candidates With Air Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will upload the first of the interviews with the candidates . Look for it around 9am

Friday, August 28, 2015

Cold case featuring former Salisbury Police chief Stephen Tabeling

Cold case featuring former Salisbury Police chief Stephen Tabeling.  It tells the story of secret group called Black October, who allegedly killed drug dealers to defend the community.  

Mass Exodus From Wicomico County Because Of Culver

Bob Culver continues to alienate employees In Wicomico County as a mass exodus has occurred again today. Director of Purchasing and Parks And Rec resigned today. The list grows on the good hard working employees that have fled because of Bobs unprofessional behavior. Wicomico County made the biggest mistake in its history voting for this clown and we can only hope time passes quickly by so we can be rid of one term Bob. When you have a guy who has multiple failed business ventures playing executive this is what happens

Kenny Vickers Drops Out Of Council Race

I would like to thank all of you for your dedication and support of Salisbury in the upcoming city elections. However, after recent family developments I must regretfully back out of the race.  I do not see this as a negative though, during this short time I have become better acquainted with some of the issues in Salisbury. I hope to run again in the next election and speak to you all again in the future.

Sincerely Kenneth R. Vickers III

Community BBQ Tomorrow Doverdale Playground

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Alice Bavis Simply The Best

Alice Bavis is saying goodbye to WBOC this week, so she can spend more time with her beautiful family. Alice was simply one of the best things about WBOC, a true professional who will be missed by all. Thank you Alice

Pocomoke Officials Trying To Fast Track Hiring New Chief To Beat AG Ruling

The shady Pocomoke dealings continue. The Mayor and Council are fast tracking the hiring process for a new Chief in an effort to beat the Attorney General's Office and The Department of Justice rulings on the firing of Kelvin Sewell. Several names have interviewed including Scott Keller and former Pocomoke officer Aaron Perkins

Busy Day And More The Same Tomorrow

It has been a busy day today as I have been interviewing candidates running for City Council. These will be in video form and once I edit them they will be posted.