Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Joe Albero Cries Like A Little Bitch

Crybaby Albero who loves posting anonymous comments about people and their loved ones, got his little feeling hurt this afternoon because someone wanted to exercise their freedom of speech regarding him and his laughable clan and emails the State's Attorney about it. Joe there is no agreement between us so stop using any of that as an excuse, you want to go after my wife and family you go ahead big boy you should know by know your attempts at threatening don't work on me.

Let's see what didn't you like? the fact your wife in court which is a document on the web bragged that a showerhead satisfied her better than a lover..that is a fact so nothing false there. If that person finds that to be "skanky" behavior that is their freedom of speech

Your Stepson Kyle Arthur stole the AC units for the copper coils from your old building downtown and has multiple drug arrests..again true. By all means everyone feel free go to Case Search and look up Kyle Arthur.

You are a little bitch Albero, I'm sure Mike Dunn, Barrie Tilghman, Gary Comegys, Laura Mitchell etc etc would love to laugh at your face talking about not mentioning loved ones. Be a man for once in your life little man because you will never get any Concession from me you POS.

And I don't care for 1 second if anyone thinks I shouldn't make this post because I'm sick of his bs..don't like it don't care

Somerset County Salvation Army Needs Your Help As Well

The Salvation Army here in Crisfield kicks off it Annual Red Kettle Fund Drive this weekend November 28th. The Salvation Army in Crisfield service’s the areas of Somerset and Lower Worcester Counties! So remember to support our kettles this Holiday Season! Thank you Dean Goldsborough Salvation Army Advisory Chairman! If anyone would like to help The salivation Army out of Crisfield we are in desperate need of bell ringers in the Crossfield, Princess Anne and Pocomoke area’s???? If you can help please call 443-235-6478 or 443-235-9088! Every penny you collect goes to help needed families in Somerset & Lower Worcester Counties!

Reported structure fire in the area of Woodbrooke Dr.

Units responding to a reported structure fire in the area of Woodbrooke Dr. Use caution in the area

Does Judge Leah Seaton Not Want Police Officers To Do Their Job??

Judge Seaton's ruling that it was an unlawful arrest of 15 year old Renaldo Mesadieu by Salisbury Police Officer Aita is a complete joke. Her ruling basically says don't do your job Law Enforcement.

The kid was riding a bike without a headlight and wearing both ear buds in his ears which is against the law, he asks the kid questions to which the kid admittedly gave false information and then as Aita is getting ready to handcuff him as he should of, the kid takes off and starts fighting Officer Aita.

What part of that does she not understand? He was violating the law when Aita stopped him, that and the false information where more than enough probable cause for the stop. Judge Seaton is an O'Malley appointee, the same Governor that has his AG Gansler trying to reverse a death penalty conviction.

I have to wonder how much of this is political and social pressure to clearly imho look the other way on a young black male breaking the law with all that is happening in Ferguson and around the Country.

You need to wake up Judge Seaton because what you did to Law Enforcement yesterday is only going to make things worse.

Congratulations To Mike Dunn The Jefferson Award Winner

Mike Dunn is your 2014 WBOC Jefferson Award Winner and it is a well deserved award. Mike has been a great community member helping relay for life, the winter wonderland of lights in the park and of course bringing fireworks back with red, white and boom. Mike is a great community leader and I thank him for helping keep our City looking brighter than ever.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gumboro Road and East Line Road in Pittsville Maryland Accident With Fatality

On Tuesday November 24th, 2014 at approximately 3:10pm, The Pittsville Fire Department was dispatched to the intersection of Gumboro Road and East Line Road in Pittsville Maryland. The initial dispatch was for a motor vehicle accident with reported vehicle on fire and possible occupants trapped. Upon arrival crews found a flat bed type tractor trailer and another unknown type of vehicle in the intersection with heavy fire showing. The bulk of the fire was extinguished and at least two patients were transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury with serious injuries. One occupant of the vehicle was pronounced dead at the scene.  The area remained closed at the time of this report. The cause of the accident is unknown at this time and the Maryland State Police are handling the accident investigation and reconstruction. Gumboro Fire Dept also assisted at the scene and with traffic control in the area.  Photos taken by Christopher Michael Casale. Any inquiries in regards to the photos taken can be made to Christopher Michael Casale (Freelance Photographer) at 443-614-8300

Ferguson Missouri The Very Epicenter Of What's Wrong In This Country

Like most I was anticipating the press conference on whether the grand jury felt there was enough evidence to charge Officer Wilson with anything last night, and sadly I knew what was going to happen before it even began.

I have a real problem when people like to Monday morning quarterback situations that happen in the blink of an eye, whether that is law enforcement or private parties. When you feel your life is at risk of being taken from you there is no time to think about anything except stopping the person or persons that are causing you distress.

Michael Brown was no Angel, you can like it or not. He wasn't a pillar of the community as he had just left a store after stealing smokes and shoving the attendant who tried to stop him. I have yet to hear any of the Black leaders address this, they only want to focus on white cop/black kid, by staying quiet on that subject they are letting other young black kids know that that is ok, what isn't ok is to have laws enforced against them.

I understand that you feel like police unfairly target you, but when you are the ones committing the crimes what do you expect them to do look the other way? Young black males are the #1 people creating the crime problems. I understand that is from lack of good paying jobs, and maybe educations, but many others in this world have less and don't break the law to make ends meet.

Multiple eyewitnesses backed up the version of Officer Wilson which is Brown being the aggressor. Brown assaulted the Officer while he was seated in the car and forensics proves there was a scuffle for the gun in that car. Brown gets shot starts running, Wilson pursues tells him stop and get on ground. Brown stops and turns around and as many witnesses have described does a "you gonna do something" motion with his arms then puts his head down and charges Wilson like a football player. The forensics yet again prove this to be the case. The shot trajectories show there were no shots to the back and the shots were all exactly like would happen with Brown charging Wilson head down.

The claims of he had his hands up surrendering are a lie. The thing that gets me is even with all the evidence showing what the truth is the people that want to commit crimes and stir up racial injustice keep the pot stirring. I am sorry Michael Brown died, I am also sorry he decided to live a life where he didn't feel laws applied to him which ultimately cost him his life.

Watching the "protesters" aka criminals loot mobile phone stores, walgreens, liquor stores and then burn multiple buildings to the ground showed to me personally this was not about justice but about having a free for all to break the law and steal things.

The Salvation Army Needs Your Help

I just got done talking to the Salvation Army and they are desperate for bell ringers this year and asked if I would spread the word. If you can find the time please call 410-749-RING and help them staff their locations.

Another Day Of Great Guests On WGMD

Bill Reddish is filling in today and will have Mary Beth Carozza, Charles Otto, Matt Maciarello and many others on from 9-12

Jackie Wellfonder Not To Continue As Republican Club President

Jackie Wellfonder announced last night at the Wicomico County Republican Club monthly meeting that she will not be seeking re-election as Club President.

It is likely that current Vice-President Shawn Jester will seek the Presidency of the Club.

Lower Eastern Shore News Editorial Committee

Monday, November 24, 2014

Ferguson Live

Salisbury City Council Approves Stormwater Utility

In a 4-0 vote, the Salisbury City Council approves the creation of Stormwater Utility Fee System for residents and commercial property in the City of Salisbury. The fee would eventually be added to the quarterly Water, Sewer & Trash bill at $5.00 per residence or house. A different cost for higher density residential complexes and commercial property.

Noticeably absent was new Council Member Jack Heath.

The council accepted comments from residents and answered several questions that had apparently been sent in last week from resident Matt Drew. They went to great lengths to explain and defend their support of the establishing the Fee System.

The creation of the fee system will be operated as an Enterprise Fund which requires that funds are to only be specifically used towards Stormwater Projects.

The Department of Public Works will manage the Enterprise Fund and there will not be the creation of a new City Department as recommended.

Like other fees and rates, it can be raised or lowered by legislation.

Please share your thoughts on this legislation.

Lower Eastern Shore News Editorial Committee

What Additions Would You Like To See In The Upcoming Year Here On Lowereasternshorenews.com?

It has been a long year and as we unwind and enjoy the Holiday season, I wanted to ask what would you like to see here on Lowereasternshorenews.com in the new year?

Salisbury Police Shoplifting Arrests

When Do You Start Putting Up Your Christmas Decorations?

Tune In To WGMD This Morning For Some Great Guests

Former Delmarva Talk Show host Bill Reddish is filling in for Jim Rash today and tomorrow from 9am-Noon...Today his guests are Maryland First District Congressman Andy Harris...former Secret Service Agent and Congressional Candidate Dan Bongino and newly elected MD Delegate Carl Anderton.

Salisbury City Council to Vote on Rain Tax Tonight

The Salisbury City Council has the Rain Tax on the agenda tonight, Ordinance No. 2306 for first reading. This would create a Stormwater Utility and create a Stormwater Utility Fee System.

One of the of most ridiculous pieces of crap to come out of the O'Malley Administration, the Salisbury CC seems bent on keeping it alive after voters in Maryland have clearly signified they are tired of the constant new taxes, fees and regulations.

How about this for helping the environment - quit doing raw sewage dumps in the River.

Or -- how about the areas of high population density on the Western Shore do their part and start riding bikes and oh, don't wash your jeans, freeze them as instructed by Levi's. Just saying.

Salisbury does not need this. What pollution flows into the storm drain is from the roads, not the square footage of ones property. Also, many retail shopping centers have storm water retention ponds/systems that effectively handle storm water without taxing the City's system.

So what is this new "Fee System" about - one more way to generate revenue. Elected officials as we stated above -- we are sick and tired of all these new ways to tax and fee us. 2015 is an election year and you just may get a surprise.

Lower Eastern Shore News Editorial Committee

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Delmar Weather Snow Predictions

NOAA's Weather Prediction Center currently has a majority of Delmarva with a Slight(At least 10%) risk of receiving at least 4 inches of snow on Wednesday while far northern sections have a Moderate(At least 40%) risk of seeing at least 4 inches of snow.

The Rising Star of Mary Beth Carrozza

As the sun rises over the Atlantic, a star just as bright is beginning to rise in that of Mary Beth Carrozza. Bringing her years of experience in Congress and the Department of Defense, Mary Beth is about to embark on a journey where her focus is representing her home as a Delegate in District 38C which encompasses parts of Worcester and Wicomico Counties.

A tireless campaigner, Mary Beth has a unique talent for listening to people and hearing their concerns. We are confident she will represent the Eastern Shore with dignity and integrity for many years to come.

We most certainly look forward to watching her star shine bright.

Lower Eastern Shore News Editorial Committee

Friday, November 21, 2014



Nov 21st   5-8pm.    

November 21st 2014 is the next 3rd Friday in Downtown Salisbury, and this month we are kicking off the holiday season with the Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, Santa and of course, shopping!  

Downtown Salisbury will be beautifully lit and filled with perfect locally made artwork and gifts for the holidays! 

The Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony will take place on the main Plaza stage, complete with special performances, Santa and an 18-foot Christmas Tree! 

The night will begin with Salisbury University’s Squawkappella followed by dance performances from Salisbury Dance Academyand Dancenter.   At 5:45, Anchor Light will get us in the holiday spirit with popular holiday songs until Santa arrives and the 18 foot Christmas tree is lit at 6:15! 
After the tree is lit, holiday music will continue on the Plaza as Santa heads down to First Shore Federal for pictures courtesy of SMDi Photography.  Feet of Fire Performance Troupe will present their holiday routine on Government Office Building Steps at 7pm, and the Salisbury Middle School Choir will close the evening with holiday songs on the Plaza at 7:30. 
This year’s Tree Lighting Ceremony was organized by the Malone Agency of Farmers Insurance, and made possible by donations from Gillis GilkersonDevrecoP & J Tree Farm and Rommel’s Ace Hardware.  
Local artisans and crafters will line the streets and three special holiday art sales will keep even the most veteran shoppers busy!  The 2014 CCART Foundation Art Show and Sale, and annual gathering of our areas most talented artisans, will take place in Powell Building.  
The CCART Foundation is a local non-profit that organizes this annual sale to raise money scholarship and stipend money for local high school students hoping to pursue higher education in the arts.  No buyer’s remorse here!  The Powell Buildings windows will showcase work from this year’s recipients, so be sure to check out our local talents’ work before you head over the Art Institute and Gallery’s 2014 Holiday Starving Artist Show and Sale right next door!

Salisbury University Gallery’s Downtown Campus will be another place to be sure to stop. The will be holding their annual Holiday Art Exhibition and Sale | Chrismahanukwanzakah! Participants of this show each provide their own hand-crafted works, varying from 2D mediums to the 3D works of glass. Each piece is as unique as individual snowflakes. Glass jewelry and ornaments, t-shirts, posters and 2D art will all be available.  
SU Galleries will also be presenting Nocturne by Kathleen Scott, a transformative installation that uses cut paper, moving images, sound and projection to create an environment that has both the eeriness of a forest at night, and the comfort of a nursery.  Nocturne is a perfect treat for the eye and the mind on a winters evening.  Be sure to stop by Cake Art next door for hot chocolate and holiday cookies!

The Tony Weeg Photography Studio & Gallery will have an open house featuring the Salisbury Rollergirls and the art work of their amazing graphic designer, Craig Williams aka BlitzKraig.  
The Rollergirls have not only wowed us with their athletic prowess over the years, but also with their amazing bout posters and promotional materials.  So stop in and meet the artist and the athletes, as they exhibit their full range of designs to date, and just plain hang out.

Inside Parker Place Building, Salisbury Salsa Social will be having a bachata lesson at 6:15, a salsa lesson at 7pm and an open dance from 8pm – 10:30pm, complete with a Hollywood theme.  Parker Place Garden Center will be catered by Sobo’s on the Road, the restaurant’s new food truck, offering another chance to grab an EVO brew and enjoy a bite outside!  
The Garden Center will also display the “Stash Your Trash” Heron Sculpture Contest.  Local contestants were asked to create three-foot heron sculptures out of found and recycled items, so vote on your favorite.  The winning sculpture will become the mascot to promote the City of Salisbury and Wicomico County’s “Stash Your Trash” anti-litter program. 
The Downtown Bars and Restaurants will have great specials for the dinner crowd, and plenty of entertainment planned for the night.   Roadie Joe’s has Audio Graffiti from 5-8, The Legend of Eddie from 8-11 and DJ Rusty Griswald from 10-close.  Mojo’s has music from DJ Dutch, Market Street has DJ B-Side and Cellar Door Tavern has the acoustic stylings of Ray Holiday.  The Brick Room will have happy hour specials and live music from Josh Bryant at 8pm.  Echelon Southern Bistro will have live music by Suzette Prichett and Brew Riveris having a RAR Brewing tasting with live music by Union Road from 6-10 and the Bo Dickerson Band with DJ Whisper late night.  Stay tuned with all the latest info on our Facebook Event!
3F is an all-volunteer effort, a downtown economic development initiative and a project of the Salisbury Arts & Entertainment District Committee.  There is no charge for local artists to set up, but online advance registration is required.   For Artist Registration Info:  Click HERE